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back together || violetta by allyouneedistinix
back together || violettaby allyouneedistinix
It has been five years since Violetta and the others were students at Studio On Beat. © 2015 allyouneedistinix
Germangie- a violetta story by izzy2091
Germangie- a violetta storyby Izzy
The beautiful romance of angie and German from violetta . What happens after angie leaves for France ? Will she leave ? Will the to lovers ever be together ? Find out he...
the nanny || jortini by allyouneedistinix
the nanny || jortiniby allyouneedistinix
Jorge Blanco is a single father of three and owner of Blanco Records. He hires a nanny: Tini. © 2015 allyouneedistinix
one-shots ||  bughead + sprousehart by tiniftlili
one-shots || bughead + sprousehartby tiniftlili
one shots, varied stories. for your fluffy bughead hearts and your loving sprousehart souls. sprousehart & bughead <3 (they get better while you read on lmao)
her ex husband (leonetta) by -starrywriting
her ex husband (leonetta)by 𝐬𝐚𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐡𝐚
Violetta and León were young sweethearts, who married each other at nineteen. At the age of twenty-three they are divorced. Five years later, Violetta is happy with Dieg...
drowning in tears | leon & violetta ✓ by tiniftlili
drowning in tears | leon & tiniftlili
COMPLETED violetta and leon, a happy couple with a bright future in front of them. violetta is a shiny girl who is famous because of her incredible voice. she gives sho...
Germangie, one shots; kisses that should've been. by lisawestman24
Germangie, one shots; kisses lisawestman24
Hi there fellow readers! I have created a folder with various one shots from Violetta with my favorite couple German and Angie. I have created the stories from differ...
A New World (A Violetta Fanfiction) by TinistaFromTheUk
A New World (A Violetta Fanfiction)by Sabrina❤️
Hey Everyone. This is a new book that is about Violetta. It is about twins Federico&Violetta who join Studio On Beat after living in Madrid. Will they find Love? Friends...
Adoption 3 by violettalove5
Adoption 3by Daisy
This is my 3 book to the adoption trilogy so please read but read the other ones first!:)
The One and Only by KaylieB1D
The One and Onlyby Kaylie Bennett
It's been a few months since everyone graduated from Studio On Beat. Everyone is happy with their lives. Violetta got a job in a record label and a new artist is joining...
My best frenemy *Editing* by kieraM1999
My best frenemy *Editing*by ....
Being edited "You do realise that even though you fight 24/7, you can't live without each other" "No fran I can live without this jerk" "And I c...
Destined To Be With You | LeoNetta FanFic by leonettafangirlx
Destined To Be With You | Vylette
He left me. Just here. All by myself. Tomas Heredia, my first love. Left me. I'm all alone. My best friends are here and everything that I wished for are all here. But a...
Leonetta's Forevermore 3: The Next Generation 🥰❤️ by leonetta_stories
Leonetta's Forevermore 3: The leonetta_stories
The gang grows apart, but reunites 10 years later when all their kids finally join the studio. Violetta and Leon's love continues to grow, with of course their twins, Li...
Gets better or gets worse - Violetta by zarah18ss
Gets better or gets worse - Zarah
(It's many sad and tarible chapters but i hope it's interesting for you to read.) Violetta's, Angie's and everyone's world is going crazy. The only question is do it get...
Secret love- Leonetta by laur_juh
Secret love- Leonettaby laur_juh
Violetta is moving with her father back to Buenos Aires. They are moving back,because her dad and Angie are going to get married. Violetta is happy, but she must go to n...
Life After Studio On Beat  by tacolover213
Life After Studio On Beat by Rose
This is a story about after Violetta and the guys finished their projects at the studio and some secrets might be revealed, read the story to find out.
Violetta Preferences! by alotstf
Violetta Preferences!by #ineedalife
Sup! Here's some preferences for you all! Marco, Fede, Diego, and Leon! Enjoy and comment stuff you guys would like me to cover!
Violetta Golden by violettafanforever
Violetta Goldenby violettafanforever
A lot has changed within 3 years of leaving the studio, but when old faces re appear and new secrets revealed what will happen?
A love story by parkjimins_thighs
A love storyby parkjimins_thighs
Violetta and Leon finish there last year at the studio. What will happen when Leon and his band are offered a once and a life time deal??? Is this the end of their rela...