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Regency Romance: The Earl's Obsession (Historical Romance) (COMPLETED) by charlottestonebooks
Regency Romance: The Earl's Charlotte Stone
(COMPLETED) It's 1817 and there is nothing more a woman wants than to marry a rich man and live a life of comfort. But not Nancy Brooks. Having spent half her life hel...
Regency Romance: A Race Against The Lord (A Historical Romance Book) (COMPLETED) by charlottestonebooks
Regency Romance: A Race Against Charlotte Stone
Love is in the air Regency style. You will love this wonderful story because it will leave you filled with love. Dashing dukes, lavish ladies and enough romance to fill...
Carols & Courtship by AdelynAnn
Carols & Courtshipby Adelyn Sterling
When Christmas comes to the sleepy town of Hillbury, so does a love letter for Holly Ambrose - a love letter from a secret admirer. Amidst the yuletide balls and Christm...
Regency Romance: The Lords of Love (A Prequel to Wardington Park) (COMPLETED) by Eleanormeyers
Regency Romance: The Lords of Eleanor Meyers
(COMPLETED) Before the Duke of Wardington, before marriage, and before the games of marrying off his three sons and their friends, there was simply Lord Martin... There'...
Never Land the First Fish by JudeKnight
Never Land the First Fishby Jude Knight
Lord Maddox feels old before his time-but not old enough to marry, for the last time he tried that, he was hooked by Lady Sarah Grenford, then thrown back when she marri...
Regency Romance: Lady Lorena's Spinster's Society ( #1, The Spinster's Society) by charlottestonebooks
Regency Romance: Lady Lorena's Charlotte Stone
Lady Lorena Cullip is the definition in Mr. Samuel Johnson's English Dictionary for the word: curious. One might also find her name under 1- scandalous 2- disastrous, ...
Hellfire by MaskedRomantic
Hellfireby RB
A marriage of 10 years is altered when Erik Destler, The Phantom of the Opera, finds a new Muse. Jeanne Cayette is the loving wife and the only one to love Erik for hims...
Never Land the First Fish by marianagabrielle
Never Land the First Fishby Mariana Gabrielle
Lord Maddox feels old before his time--but not old enough to marry, for the last time he tried that, he was hooked by Lady Sarah Grenford, then thrown back when she marr...
Maid for the Earl: Book 2 Victorian Romance Novella Series by LisaHiggins3
Maid for the Earl: Book 2 Lisa Higgins
SAMPLE CHAPTERS ONLY: Published in edited edition on Amazon *Trigger warning: small amount of physical and mental abuse in this otherwise loving and humorous story. Af...
Regency Romance: The Perfect Lady (#1, The Valiant Love Historical Romance) by deborahwilsonbooks
Regency Romance: The Perfect Deborah Wilson
She is willing to give up her love for his honor ... He is willing to give up his honor for her love ... Lady Beatrix Gillingham ran from her duty years ago... Giving up...
Struggle for pleasure by Satine012
Struggle for pleasureby Satine012
In the early '900 in an orphanage in Scotland, four boys and a girl grow up together as siblings, but as young adults they decide to flee and to travel in France, so the...
Bliss' town by alisabamford11
Bliss' townby Alisa Bamford
After a sixteen year old girl revels her deepest secret to her family, things don't go too well and it leads to her grandmother talking her out of her actions through h...
What We Left Unsaid  by Velvetsky-
What We Left Unsaid by »Velvie«
" maybe in another world, at another time we could be us " Elsie does not know heartache. She does not know what it is like to have your soul torn from another...
When We Meet Again by kaykebreh
When We Meet Againby Kay Kebreh
Diana is a very shy, yet intelligent debutant in 1860's New York. She has spent the last few years of her life focusing on her studies, but is now thrown into the grasp...
Trapped in Silk| Victorian Romance by MoonJigsaw
Trapped in Silk| Victorian Romanceby MJ
Ottoilie Rosenburg is an young Victorian lady, wanting to change the world. Although her family, especially her Great Aunt Agatha, are determined for her to live a perfe...
The Undoing by Vivian_Hart
The Undoingby Vivian Hart
The year was 1848, just 11 years since Queen Victoria began her reign. Lady Evelyn Georgiana Louise, daughter of the Duke of Sutherland, was at the precipice of the rest...
House of Shadows by ChasityBowlin
House of Shadowsby Chasity Bowlin
After losing her father and nearly losing her life when their ship sank off the coast of Cornwall, Adelaide Hampton Parke is faced with a terrible dilemma. Her stepmothe...
The Loving Dead: A Journey Beyond [HIATUS] by A_Rey_Of_Light
The Loving Dead: A Journey Reyansh
Written by:- @A_Rey_Of_Light and a whole lot of people. ----------- In the gaslit streets of Victorian London, where societal norms dance with the supernatural, "Th...
when we were soulmates | Tewkesbury by luvlezlie
when we were soulmates | Tewkesburyby ˏˋ°•*⁀➷
Mid 1800's, a young lady falls in love with their enemies son. The universe forcing them to fall out of love. But they refuse. Trying their hardest to escape the tragedy...