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Vegito x hotel Transylvania  by kenshir0_kazumi
Vegito x hotel Transylvania by Kenshiro_kazumi
Why are u looking at the description. Go on-y-ye g-go on Click on the godayum story. Go on give it a read
DBS: Story of Vegito  by Ravenray167
DBS: Story of Vegito by Ravenray
When Vegeta and Goku fused to fight Buu they became by far the most powerful force in dragon ball z. What if that force stayed forever? No retcon this time, Vegito is he...
Male Saiyan Reader X Kefla by Silver_B657
Male Saiyan Reader X Keflaby Silver_B657
+He has always wanted to become stronger, just to make his father proud ... or rather to survive the great challenge that was going to be put in front of him +Dragon Bal...
Dragon ball Super: Muliverse (DbM x male saiyan reader) by Matiplayerspl
Dragon ball Super: Muliverse ( matiplayers pl
Universe 7 or more exactly timeline 21. Age 790. It's been 4 years since final defeat of frieza and things are back as it were with z fighters. But a new tournament is a...
God Killer Vegito Male Reader x Date a live by Confate
God Killer Vegito Male Reader x MkCr
Y/n is a Fan of ArJ's Fan fiction series Ultra Vegito the God Killer But He has died and isekaied to the world of Date a Live. -Disclaimer I do not own Date a live or Ar...
Permanent..? by Outersnas
Permanent..?by Nahbroitsaplane
Goku, Vegeta And Trunks are on their last legs against Fused Zamazu. Gowasu gives up and accepts his fate. Vegeta quickly snatches Gowasu's Potara earings and gives one...
A Saiyan and a Fusion by Amendy18
A Saiyan and a Fusionby Amendy Yeager
A life of a saiyan girl, who's focusing on school and training to get stronger. It would last like that forever until a male saiyan, Vegito, came into her life. What wil...
Male Saiyan Reader x Female Vegito X Female Gogeta by Silver_B657
Male Saiyan Reader x Female Silver_B657
+After being Frieza's right hand for a long time being the target of blows, insults and much more,(Y/N) sees the opportunity to destroy all of Frieza's plans with the he...
Dragon Ball Image Reactions/memes (COMPLETE!) by shadowisprimewolf
Dragon Ball Image Reactions/ shadowisprimewolf
In this book there will be different Dragon Ball images that I'll And the gang will be resting to. I've seen a lot of people doing these so I thought I'd try it ok and s...
Dragon Ball- Two Saiyan Lovers Vegeta X Chrissie by YuGiOhfan1999
Dragon Ball- Two Saiyan Lovers Katherine Isherwood
Vegeta and Chrissie met on Earth for the first time (but the second time in their lives) when Vegeta first came to destroy Earth with Nappa. But somehow, the two Saiyans...
The Reincarnated Teen Saiyan!! (Teen OC X Fem Gogeta X Fem Vegito) by JackDroid
The Reincarnated Teen Saiyan!! ( HaremMasterJack
Jackson Is just your average Teen with a normal life until he runs into one of the universes mightest Warriors! A Woman by the Name of Vegitti who had fallen smitten for...
Fusion Love(GogetaxVegito) by _DBLOVE_
Fusion Love(GogetaxVegito)by _DBLOVE_
Gogeta(22) just got out of a relationship so he and a few friends have a sleepover to celebrate but a few days later he begins to get stalker and threatening like texts...
Dragon Ball z/Super oneshots by 3motional_B1tch
Dragon Ball z/Super oneshotsby ❤️Eris❤️
Just trying to pass the time, because I'm bored out of my mind 🙃
Potara love by Dabiisfanservice
Potara loveby Blackakarot.
What if whenn Goku and Vegeta fused against Zamasu the fusion was Pernament and no Dragon Balls could undo the Potara Fusion and as a result both Bulma and Chi Chi Leave...
Vegito's unOrdinary Adventure by MaybeAKoala
Vegito's unOrdinary Adventureby MaybeAKoala
Instead of using the turn into candy technique. Buu decided to send Vegito to another world! How will Vegito handle this unOrdinary world? Will he be able to get home? O...
The saiyan of young justice  by Duke913
The saiyan of young justice by SpiderKnight
My name is Cornell McKnight and I just watched all of dragon ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, and Dragon Ball GT. As I was walking to the store I got hit by truck that ran a r...
The Strongest Hybrid ( male reader x Cheelai ) by Smokey_Saiyan
The Strongest Hybrid ( male Memes
Vegito, the Potara fusion of Goku and Vegeta, has faced the fearsome Majin Buu in combat and now, years later, he faces the challenge of fatherhood.
my roommate (vegitoxgogeta) by isutii
my roommate (vegitoxgogeta)by **✿❀ ❀✿**
this is my first story and I hope u like it ( '・ω・) Sorry for my bad English ;-;
Vegito X Blake Belladonna by SykonSSR
Vegito X Blake Belladonnaby SykonSSR
Welcome to my second fan fiction, this one I created because a close friend of mine wanted me to, so please sit back and enjoy, Vegito X Blake