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GT goku in dragon ball super by jac-joe
GT goku in dragon ball superby Red-jac
Gt goku new adventure in super meeting himself and vegeta and the other's
The light in the darkness (Dragon Ball X My Hero Acadamia) by BannTheMann
The light in the darkness ( BannTheMann
Son Goku had defeated the Demon King Piccolo and during the time between the 22nd and 23rd world martial arts tournament Goku ends up meeting the number one hero and end...
My Saiyan Academia Son Izumi And Son Gohan Origin by capzica28
My Saiyan Academia Son Izumi And Blake Foye
Son gohan and gran trino finds a strange pod and finds a boy with a tail as the grew up and became the number two hero and father to izumi and gohan and husband to inko...
A Young Saiyan in a Wonderful World by SoraTempezt
A Young Saiyan in a Wonderful Worldby Sora Tempest
Son Goku was a young Martial Arts Prodigy, He's boy filled Determination,Courage,Purity,Kindness and Promise He was in a fight with a Powerful Demon and their battle sho...
A new life in....Where!? by NavyZero8449
A new life in....Where!?by NavyZero8449
A Dragon Ball fic with a inexperienced writer at the helm so be ready for anything and a cannon divergence.
Goku X Reader  by Conner_Kent
Goku X Reader by Conner_Kent
Random Pov A long time ago an ancient and forgotten enemy of Gohan managed to get his hands on the dragon balls and he made his wish, and that was to he wished for...
The Pride, The Glory: Vegeta's Destiny!  by 2SavviJ
The Pride, The Glory: Vegeta's SavvijSuperSaiyanSchmitt
As a young teenager, Prince Vegeta inquires about Kakarot and is sent to track him down and retrieve, or kill, him. But Vegeta underestimated the strength of earth's def...
Reliving Childhood Memories by liveitup101
Reliving Childhood Memoriesby liveitup101
Goku is sent back in time after Namek's explosion to meet... Goku? There will be tonnes of adventures and lots of secrets that Goku is hiding. Will the young Z Fighters...
Ask Goku! by SetoKaibasGirl3
This is an ask book for Goku! Mainly when he is a kid in Dragon Ball. Please no inappropriate asks, keep it PG please. Thank you. Why you may ask? Well, Goku is too naiv...
Another cliche dragon ball/DBZ fanfic. by pc3ddog
Another cliche dragon ball/DBZ pc3ddog
The last thing that I expected when I woke up was to see a HUGE old man looking at me with pity and amusement. Reader insert. I do NOT own dragonball/dbz/dbs or any othe...
Dragon ball by Lagunapiper
Dragon ballby Laguna lance piper
based off the real Dragonball when Goku was a child but with an extra sayian. I don't own Dragonball or it's characters
Ice demon X dragon ball  by jac-joe
Ice demon X dragon ball by Red-jac
What if ice demon was in dragon ball. Ice demon crash down with a another alien and found a nice old man, but first they need to learn master Arts
The Brutal saiyan warriors by LvlXbro
The Brutal saiyan warriorsby SVF20
it's been 2 years since frieza's father, fescon killed king vegeta. Frieza and his brother, cooler are approaching planet vegeta bent on making the saiyans suffer then l...
Dragon Ball What if..? by BannTheMann
Dragon Ball What if..?by BannTheMann
-What if Goku and Gohan fused in the Buu saga? -What if Cell won the Cell games? -What if Kid Goku went Super Saiyan? All these questions and more will be answered in...