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Date A Fate (Date A Live fanfiction) by gogeta0702
Date A Fate (Date A Live Gogeta Saiyan
(Date A Live X OC) "You think being a Spirit is not a good thing? Think again, because I have my best life on Earth. Sure, being a Spirit also means you're being hu...
Highschool dxd x Male reader by jasonmakoni54321
Highschool dxd x Male readerby Jason Makoni
You died and were reincarnated into Dxd with a few perks.
Camp buddy x seme male reader by NightmareDragon14
Camp buddy x seme male readerby NightmareDragon14
You were one of those teens that really liked to make new friends. You were always a bundle of joy! Until one day all of that changed. You then became a sad and distant...
Date A Live The Modern Chronos X Male Reader by Surge_Zadgi
Date A Live The Modern Chronos X KATSURAGI CHRIS
In the world of technology, a boy named Y/n who is a high school boy got a strange thing and that thing changed his life and this is his new life story I will add some n...
Rebirth1(Male OP Reader X Date A Live) by 21Katerasaur
Rebirth1(Male OP Reader X Date A Yes
Y/N was happy with his life until he died due to an accident. He wakes up and sees a God who gives him a choice. Be an angel and serve under him or be reincarnated into...
Camp Buddy Boyfriend Scenarios (Discontinued) by Ilovefanficstoomuch
Camp Buddy Boyfriend Scenarios ( Ilovefanficstoomuch
Here is another fanfic of Camp Buddy. Where you lucky guy or gal get to date one (or all) the scouts Of Camp Buddy. This is an X Male!reader
A sealer's true potential (Date a live x male reader). by Zestraks
A sealer's true potential (Date Zestraks
(Y/N) Itsuka, a normal student who lives alone with his foster sister, Kotori. Despite having lost his memory 5 years ago, he lives a normal life. Until he had a strange...
ultimate swordsman kokichi pekoyama  by cloverleaf777
ultimate swordsman kokichi cloverleaf
Kokichi was adopted into the kuzuryu clan and was trained by peko who soon became like a big sister to him. The two became bodyguards to the kuzuryu children and would d...
The Masked Girl (Naruto Story) by Bloody_Moon
The Masked Girl (Naruto Story)by Kuro Neko
Meet Kumiko Neko, a somewhat smart yet strange eleven year old girl. She remembers absolutely nothing from when she was seven or younger, and wears a cat mask that her p...
Sir Goro X Keitaro by AnimeLovar20
Sir Goro X Keitaroby AnimeLover
I haven't been able to find any Goro X Keitaro fanfics (I'm sure they're out there) so I'm making one :) Enjoy! Also only for +18 Keitaro is having a blast at Camp Buddy...
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The Bad Girl And The Lucky Boy by CloudDoesGaming238
The Bad Girl And The Lucky Boyby Cloudofwar
Non-Despair AU Natusumi Kazuryu Sister of The Ultimate Yakuza also A Reserve Course student meets a Certain Lucky Student Makoto Naegi he calls himself just an average p...
Date a live:Shido the dark gamer by thebigbangcat69
Date a live:Shido the dark gamerby King
Shido have the system but it more dark
The King of Babylon: Caster Gilgamesh X Date A Live X High school DXD by resdas323
The King of Babylon: Caster King Gilgamesh
This book is separated from Date a Live: Super Soldier from Dead World, and I don't own Fate Grand Order, Date a Live, photos and videos After the Fall of Uruk (or The F...
Doragonzu no ō (Naruto various x OC) by sky_billiee
Doragonzu no ō (Naruto various x Billy
Meet Natsumi Dragneel. A bright, cheery girl with a unique sense of humor. She's powerful and smart in her own quirky way. But due to her blunt and oblivious personaliti...
Unnoticed Yet Still Living {Date A Live} by Phanzure
Unnoticed Yet Still Living {Date Phanzuru
"I want to be noticed. I want to be praised. I want to be liked." With self loathing thoughts, she couldn't be satisfied with herself. Alone, miserable, and h...
The neglected Senju by Thedarkwolf7491
The neglected Senjuby Uchiha Madara
Naruto son of the yondaime hokage Uchiha Minato and Senju kushina neglected by both until villagers go to far knocking him out he meets 3 people who forced themselves to...
Heroes!? Villains!? School!? and... my daughter? by Zdsd_18
Heroes!? Villains!? School!? Zdsd_18
2 years after Kaguya's defeat. the Rokudaime Hokage went missing. 1 year after the war. Naruto was made Hokage for his accomplishments in the 4th Great Ninja War. duri...
The Osiria Rose [The GazettE fanfiction] by bambicado
The Osiria Rose [The GazettE yumi
Aizawa Natsumi is more or less a workaholic who one day has to face her biggest fear in life, the past, when she gets a joboffer she cannot refuse. Her everyday life bec...
Hear me by moonbaby27
Hear meby Moon baby
Laxus hasn't fought Natsumi since the Harvest Festival, and after his reinstatement and conclusion of the GMG, he's content to keep it that way.Natsumi would do anything...
"Love Café"[Inazuma Eleven x Reader] by eFoxzy
"Love Café"[Inazuma Eleven x Foxy
"Hello! Welcome to 'Pavo Cafe', please come!" What do you want? Sweets? Cakes? Cookies? Muffins? Or Love? 'Pavo Cafe' is right for you! Cover by @KWAITAN Ba...