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Away From the Sun by wheadee
Away From the Sunby W H I T N E Y
A teen relocating in the aftermath of her father's overdose finds herself wrapped up in the disappearance of a missing girl, and possibly falling for the number one susp...
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L O S T  by Queen_Jenesis
L O S T by Q U E E N ✨
"Girl you know you're lost... lost in the thrill of it all." - Frank Ocean
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Lucie's Lust by XxJxliexX
Lucie's Lustby XxJxliexX
*A lot of smut included* Little Lucie, a insanely rich 17 year old girl who fancies her married neighbour. Jonathon a 32 year old married man who comes across Lucie one...
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Forever Alina [Student/Teacher] by Anasa17
Forever Alina [Student/Teacher]by Anasa
Alina Ortega lives a sheltered but simple life with her negligent mother. The girl has never been to school in the 17 years that she's been alive and has never had the m...
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Simple by Max_24
Simpleby Maximus Maximilian
At 14, Elena's life was going downhill. She had been in and out of foster homes when she had finally decided that enough was enough and ran away. Barely scrapping food i...
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A Lesbian, a Hard-Head, and a Knight by 1-800-justdie
A Lesbian, a Hard-Head, and a Knig...by 𝘔𝘢𝘤
Allisa is not the lesbian, by the way. ** Welcome to the dark ages. Science hasn't advanced for a while and royalty reigns over everyone else. The lesbian: Clarise Biks...
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Square øne // Finn Wolfhard Løve Story by finnw0lfhard0fficial
Square øne // Finn Wolfhard Løve S...by finnw0lfhard0fficial
'Square Øne' is a story about Y/n and she is a girl from Atlanta and she signed a contract since she was evicted from her home. Finn Wolfhard offers a sketchy contract f...
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Every Last Word by getgroovy
Every Last Wordby rebecca
In which Ellis Hollington returns to Kensington Academy with towering Prada heels and cruel intentions longer synopsis inside!
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Pirates by Gwen_HXx
Piratesby Gwen_HXx
When an upper-class girl is kidnapped by pirates in order for her very rich father to pay for her freedom, she discovers everyone she knows has a different side to them...
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The Importance of Rain by returnto-sender
The Importance of Rainby returnto-sender
When Hana Čermakova happened to meet a somber scientist on a train speeding through the Czech countryside, the las thing she expected was that not only would see see thi...
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Étoile: The Star by JacksonTerrance
Étoile: The Starby Jackson Terrance
When the world turns into a dark, bleak, gray place, people tend to turn to a hero to help save them. Growing up, it was difficult for Aella to find one. Watching her ne...
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a world without butterflies | ongoing by wispalou
a world without butterflies | ongo...by lara🐇
Abiona-Yvette is an irrelevant. A twin born without magic, with no importance of her own and no easy way to change her mundane fate gifted to her at birth. Life is repet...
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Don't Stereotype The New Girl by DivergentandWWEfan59
Don't Stereotype The New Girlby Megan Mackenzie
Hailey Decker never grew up with a lot of money. She lost her mum when she was 6 and has been raised by her Mechanic father for the past 10 years, but now that is all ab...
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Gossip no. 1 (Gossip Girl, Book One) by QueenLittleWolf
Gossip no. 1 (Gossip Girl, Book On...by QueenLittleWolf
XOXO Gosspi Girl Season 1
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Broken Murder by Confused_Homosapien
Broken Murderby Confused Homo sapien
I was about to turn away when the familiar sound of a gun being loaded sounded behind me. I turned to the direction only to find a series of bullets shot past my head hi...
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Angel Dust. by hiwelcometotianas
Angel Dust.by ## tia ♡
In which Arlo Smith and Weston Brooks discover that their pretty, elite private school didn't just hold controversial and conservative rules induced from overly wealthy...
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Little Flower by CassieVenik
Little Flowerby Cassie Venik
Emma's life had always revolved around her perfect brother. His compassion, kindness, and affection was all she ever wanted. When she meets a potential new friend, her e...
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Worth  by benny32s
Worth by Aubert
A Story based on how a middle class girl without family name falls in love with an upper class elite family boy. Will their love last ? Who or what will break them? Can...
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