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Flowers Of The Sun by journaloff
Flowers Of The Sunby Journaloff
Fine and Rein are the twin princesses of the Sunny Kingdom. However, when sent to Royal Wonder Academy, they discovered that they walked upon different paths and soon re...
[ Fanfiction CCSĐ ] Hoàng tử, chàng yêu ai? by _-Pg-_
[ Fanfiction CCSĐ ] Hoàng tử, chà 28 điểm KA
"Tại sao người có được hạnh phúc không phải là em?"
White Eyes and a Hurt Heart [Herobrine × Reader] by Deoderant_eating_boi
White Eyes and a Hurt Heart [ Remus trash rat
[Cover by: Alex_The_Fanboy. Co-Author: Alex_The_Fanboy] [Bio Under Construction]
The Pretend Relationship (A Shein Fanfic) by xSecretPersonLOLx
The Pretend Relationship (A SecretLoL
[The Pretend Relationship By: Me Myself and Bunny in] A Shade x Rein (Shein) Fanfiction Disclaimer: I don't own Fushigiboshi No Futagohime!
[Rein*Shade/ Fine*Bright] Đạp cửa! Xông vào trái tim em!!! by 5453hatsune_asuna
[Rein*Shade/ Fine*Bright] Đạp cử 💥Aiyumi Hanasaki💥
Sumary: Đơn giản chỉ là một câu chuyện tình tay ba, tay tư rắc rối của tuổi 18 giữa một cô nàng cứng đầu hám zai( Rein) và một chàng trai chuẩn soái ca kun ngầu( Shade)...
The Hero of the Village (Herobrine Series, Book #1) by JamTheDemon
The Hero of the Village ( JamTheDemon
How does an innocent man become the most feared and known in all the realms? How does one who never experienced battle, become a leader of it? Brine has never questione...
(Oneshot - Chuyển Ver) Chuyện Tình Hai Cô Công Chúa by Fine-Princess
(Oneshot - Chuyển Ver) Chuyện Tì Fine
Các oneshot về ShadeXRein, ShadeXFine, BrightXFine, BrightXRein,... đều được chuyển ver hoặc tự viết. Nguồn đa phần lấy chuyển ver: kenhsinhvien *Notes: Nếu tác giả khi...
[ReinxShade] Tao...yêu...mày Bạn Thân !! by Hien_zuki
[ReinxShade] Tao...yêu...mày Bạn Ngô ♥ DH
Đọc rùi bt. Lần đầu viết mong mọi người góp ý và sửa lỗi :))
Minecraft Rebels - A Team Brine vs. Team 303 story by rainthenetherking
Minecraft Rebels - A Team Brine It's Regan-ing Rain!
Six powerful beings. Five allied armies. Four years of conflict. Three human children. Two unstable personalities. One battle for Minecraftia. Will it ever end? Largest...
Help me choose what to do for my books by Brine_Twins
Help me choose what to do for my RubyBrine
I need.Help with all my stories so I rely on you guys for help so read this if you want to help me. I guess
Christian minecraft server  by moonlightmagma
Christian minecraft server by moonlightmagma
So.... I'm bored.... wElL wHy NoT mAkE a StOrY? This is moonlightmagma having a mental breakdown. Enjoy.
Chiller Manufacturers by anujairtech
Chiller Manufacturersby Anuj singh
Our consistency in delivering durable and reliable range of refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation systems at competitive prices has helped us to make many clie...
Crash Landing On Pluto With My Cousin by The_Butter_Butch
Crash Landing On Pluto With My The_Butter_Butch
Shadowbrine and his cousin soundaxis crash landed on pluto and find out they can never go back home. How will they adapt to this new plant full of new mobs, weapons,a...
Earth Kid [Adopted By Ashwhisker] by rustiiiii
Earth Kid [Adopted By Ashwhisker]by rustiiiii
Living in Callis is simple work: Wake up, eat, work in the fields, go to the market and come back to the orphanage for an evening meal then back to bed. Like a record on...
Bullied by team crafted by shipsaremeanttofly
Bullied by team craftedby shipsaremeanttofly
Bailey hasn't had the best life. Her father is in jail. Her mother is never at home. Her brother is a world famous youtuber. He's Skydoesminecraft. The only problem. He...
Is herobrine in Minecraft? by Wafa123456
Is herobrine in Minecraft?by Tarek Almustafa
Herobrine is not in Minecraft. By Tarek Almustafa. There are no references to him at all in the source code,and there is no code to allow for any entity to act like hero...