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Random Stuff by __Team-_-Leo__
Random Stuffby *squints*
Tom Tom Tom Tom Tom Tom Tom Tom!! From Tom Felton and Tom Riddle to Tom Hiddleston and Tom fromTom and Jerry and . . . that's pretty much all the Tom's I know. Oh, and T...
Why Harry Potter Is Better Than Twilight by jjjensenackles666
Why Harry Potter Is Better Than Mohana
There are so many reasons. This is one of my favorite ranting subjects! One more thing... Potterhead 4 LIFE!!
Book Memes by NightFalcon99
Book Memesby Ψ Hµñ†êr ±
Just a collection of book memes every book lover can relate to. Will include memes from Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Twilight, The Hunger Games, Divergent, Lord of the R...
Harry Potter vs Twilight - Obviously Harry Potter Wins!!! by Grace_the_Gryffindor
Harry Potter vs Twilight - Grace_the_Gryffindor
Harry Potter is a series about a boy who had to save the world. Twilight is about a girl who fell in love with a fairy. These two series are compared have been competing...
THE FANDOM WAR! by softiesdnp
THE FANDOM WAR!by connor
Harry Potter VS Twilight VS Percy Jackson C'mon, we all know who wins! HARRY POTTER!!
Random things I think/Question  by HOTHEAD69
Random things I think/Question by RAT KING
Just some shower thoughts and things I think about before I sleep you know?
Wizards, Witches and Vampires by MistyOceans
Wizards, Witches and Vampiresby MistyOceans
Harry Potter vs Twilight This is a battle between the two worlds that have been feuding since forever....the wizards and witches versus the vampires. Buckle up for a rid...
Why Harry Potter is better then Twilight by softiesdnp
Why Harry Potter is better then connor
For who do i write this? Everyone knows Harry Potter is better! OH YEAH! FOR THE 'TWIHARDS' THAT DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!
Why Twilight SUCKS by taylor_swifts_bitch
Why Twilight SUCKSby insert funny name
One, what I'm trying to do is build up the Twilight-Hating-Fandom. So thats m' title! So just come here to crap on Twilight. Okay, I will name reasons why Twilight sucks...
Edwardo and the Chimpanzees by Taco_Playz
Edwardo and the Chimpanzeesby Taco Playz
Edwardo Cullen thinks his family is a group of savage monsters!🌯🧊🥑 He likes to think of his past life, his crappy short-lived life, and his girlfriend 🤡🥺🥳🤓☠👾🤬�...
Why Harry Potter is better then Twilight by Hp_Generation
Why Harry Potter is better then HarryPotterGeneration
The Twihards say that WE insult THEM! But THEY are insulting US!
Helsing by JoshuaKuhlmann
Helsingby Citadel16
a paranormal monster Hunter series that I might actually do.
The No. 1 Reason Why Twilight Is Better Than Harry Potter by Griffyndorlovegood25
The No. 1 Reason Why Twilight Is Griffyndorlovegood25
Okay so there's a secret I have got to keep until the end. Hope you will be surprised. Potterheads please I am by your side.