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SANEMS REVENGE: IN YOUR FACE by spiritofalbatross
SANEMS REVENGE: IN YOUR FACEby Spirit of Albatross
This is a collection of one chapter stories about the IT girls who thought that they could steal away Can Divit, Sanems Albatross from right under her nose. They were du...
Unarranged Love by yemin_lover
Unarranged Loveby yemin_lover
This is a fanfiction of Turkish series "Yemin", starts from the point where Reyhan went missing from the mansion, for whole night. Next day when Emir asked her...
The Road to Forgiveness by madidizi
The Road to Forgivenessby madidizi
Can tells Sanem that he is leaving and she accepts his decision, but not before she gives him a dose of reality. But certain events later unfold and put Can and Sanem ba...
THE RETURN OF THE ALBATROSS by spiritofalbatross
Can Divit, the wandering Albatross has returned and moored his boat on the jetty as per his father's instructions. Sanem is still struggling to comprehend life without h...
Erkenci Kus Episode Recaps 1-51 by ChayaLevy
Erkenci Kus Episode Recaps 1-51by Chaya Levy
The series has ended. Every week we would come together chat watching the episodes, theorize, and obsess over this amazing love story. After watching Erkenci Kus over a...
HalSer - Fight For Me by MRSdramaaddict
HalSer - Fight For Meby Me, Myself & Drama
- I wanted you to fight for me... I wanted you to fight for us - I did! Because you are worth the fight Halide Halide Gürkan and Serhat Demirkan in a parallel world ___...
HalSer: In Another World  by MusingsofAmna
HalSer: In Another World by A
Life started reopening the deep buried wounds right when none of them expected it. Will Serhat Demirkan and Halide Gürkan be able to survive the shadows of their past? _...
Aşk ve Gurur~ Love and Pride  by Pajarito1978
Aşk ve Gurur~ Love and Pride by Pajarito1978
A gender flipped mash up of Erkenci Kus and Pride and Prejudice.
With Every Gaze And Touch... by SLynx19
With Every Gaze And Touch...by Sarah Lynx
"With Every Gaze and Touch..." they impacted each other, hated each other, grew close then apart... But one thing was certain, with every gaze and every touch...
Caught Up In You by TAS_130
Caught Up In Youby Tracy
Can and Sanem are crazy about each other. Sanem's lies catch up to her. Can disappears. Sanem is heartbroken. Will these two be able to trust again? Will their love be e...
Closed Doors and a Guitar Pick - Sen Cal Kapimi by Dhoopa2017
Closed Doors and a Guitar Pick - S...by Dhoopa
This is a series of stories about Eda and Serkan, the protagonists of Sen Cal Kapimi. The story line follows that SCK story and adds my interpretations or subplots. Thes...
Cingene Kiz(Gypsy Girl) by SarinShahi
Cingene Kiz(Gypsy Girl)by Sarin Shahi
New beginnings. Same beloved characters Let's switch things around a bit. Let's reverse the order of the story. Let's begin their story with love instead of hatred. W...
Eszan - one shots  by Aye_Kidrauhl
Eszan - one shots by Efyam_a
Heyy folks! It's me again with another one shots, this time it's about our Ozan and Esra from the series "ask mantik intikam" who's gone through a lot and ther...
Mingling under the Mistletoe -Compilation of Edser Oneshots by grimorgray
Mingling under the Mistletoe -Comp...by grimorgray
I couldn't figure out whether to post the next one-shot in a separate story or continue with this thread. Lowkey awful with understanding these things on Wattpad. Howeve...
Mine only....  by dan21writer
Mine only.... by Dan21
Eda yildrim is a secret detective named (197 star )confidential) works with police , but she is known in the community as the famous model *Eda yildiz *to hide her re...
Our journey together by Rm_Gurl
Our journey togetherby Amnna's Husband
His life was set until she stepped in...
THE CIRCLE OF LIFE- Happy Ending/Just the beginning by spiritofalbatross
THE CIRCLE OF LIFE- Happy Ending/J...by Spirit of Albatross
Wedding Day follow on. What's happens to newly weds Can and Sanem as they walk down the Jetty and into their first night as a married couple.
Seher's Penitence by Bookhaven_100
Seher's Penitenceby Bookhaven_100
There is a an old adage that Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.❤️ This is an altern...
It happened suddenly! by yemin_lover
It happened suddenly!by yemin_lover
Prologue: "Please Reyhan, for God sake! don't leave me." "I am ready to do whatever you want, but please, don't go.." "Reyhan no... please no...
Erased love by EllieBolat
Erased loveby Ellie1
The love of her life forgot about her...what will happen now? Eda is a young beautiful woman and Serkan is a handsome architect. She was studying architecture when her s...