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THE RETURN OF THE ALBATROSS by spiritofalbatross
Can Divit, the wandering Albatross has returned and moored his boat on the jetty as per his father's instructions. Sanem is still struggling to comprehend life without h...
The Wedding Night... by nerioska
The Wedding Night...by nerioska
A fanfiction inspired on the turkish dizi Kan Çiçekleri. The story is about a blood feud between two families. To prevent more blood from spilling, the head of the Karab...
A Dream of Little Robots and Fairies by SLynx19
A Dream of Little Robots and Fairi...by Sarah Lynx
What happens when a few symptoms and a lot of misunderstandings lead to Eda and Serkan discovering that they are going to become parents? - What would happen if Eda real...
The Dreams That You Wish by nickym96
The Dreams That You Wishby nickym96
The divorce seems so unreal. And when Ceylin's stress induced night terrors continue to get worse and worse, Ilgaz realizes he has to do something else to help her, or r...
With Every Gaze And Touch... by SLynx19
With Every Gaze And Touch...by Sarah Lynx
"With Every Gaze and Touch..." they impacted each other, hated each other, grew close then apart... But one thing was certain, with every gaze and every touch...
The Hate Game by olaw12341234
The Hate Gameby ola1234
Two broken souls and closed-off hearts. When they meet, will they heal each other or destroy what was left inside them? Eda is a young university student who just transf...
Erkenci Kuş: Broken Promises by TheWordsmythe
Erkenci Kuş: Broken Promisesby Anokachro
Snippets of alternate outcomes in the lives and enduring love story of Can Divit and Sanem Aydin. When I started out with this story, I only intended to loosely base the...
Erkenci Kus Episode Recaps 1-51 by ChayaLevy
Erkenci Kus Episode Recaps 1-51by Chaya Levy
The series has ended. Every week we would come together chat watching the episodes, theorize, and obsess over this amazing love story. After watching Erkenci Kus over a...
Caught Up In You by TAS_130
Caught Up In Youby Tracy
Can and Sanem are crazy about each other. Sanem's lies catch up to her. Can disappears. Sanem is heartbroken. Will these two be able to trust again? Will their love be e...
Love and Pride  by Pajarito1978
Love and Pride by Pajarito1978
A gender flipped mash up of Erkenci Kus and Pride and Prejudice.
Tell Me You Hate Me by olaw12341234
Tell Me You Hate Meby ola1234
She broke his heart, but he can't stop loving her even if she is the evilest woman in the world. He destroyed her every dream, but even if he has no heart, she can't sto...
Unarranged Love by yemin_lover
Unarranged Loveby yemin_lover
This is a fanfiction of Turkish series "Yemin", starts from the point where Reyhan went missing from the mansion, for whole night. Next day when Emir asked her...
Erkenci Kuş | Keşke by ChayaLevy
Erkenci Kuş | Keşkeby Chaya Levy
The story was special. The legend was powerful. There were moments or story lines I desperately wished for, and moments that at times seemed small but were so important...
Remorse- Yaman realises all his sins. by Bookhaven_100
Remorse- Yaman realises all his si...by Bookhaven_100
"You fell in love with a storm. Did you really think you would get out unscathed?" -Nikita Gill What happens when Yaman discovers the extent of his wrongdoings...
SANEMS REVENGE: IN YOUR FACE by spiritofalbatross
SANEMS REVENGE: IN YOUR FACEby Spirit of Albatross
This is a collection of one chapter stories about the IT girls who thought that they could steal away Can Divit, Sanems Albatross from right under her nose. They were du...
Closed Doors and a Guitar Pick - Sen Cal Kapimi by Dhoopa2017
Closed Doors and a Guitar Pick - S...by Dhoopa
This is a series of stories about Eda and Serkan, the protagonists of Sen Cal Kapimi. The story line follows that SCK story and adds my interpretations or subplots. Thes...
THE CIRCLE OF LIFE- Happy Ending/Just the beginning by spiritofalbatross
THE CIRCLE OF LIFE- Happy Ending/J...by Spirit of Albatross
Wedding Day follow on. What's happens to newly weds Can and Sanem as they walk down the Jetty and into their first night as a married couple.
It happened suddenly! by yemin_lover
It happened suddenly!by yemin_lover
Prologue: "Please Reyhan, for God sake! don't leave me." "I am ready to do whatever you want, but please, don't go.." "Reyhan no... please no...
The Price of Pride by nickym96
The Price of Prideby nickym96
Events leading up to and following the tragic beach dinner date (episodes 39-41) still haunt both Emir and Reyhan. Reyhan has no idea why Emir is so angry, but she refus...
Because they fell in love... by yemin_lover
Because they fell in love...by yemin_lover
It was love at first sight for both of them. Though they never accepted this, but it was there. They felt that spark when the very first time their eyes met. This is my...