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Shared Spaces by IWriteByNight
Shared Spacesby Sarah
Because a shared hotel room is my favorite trope😊 Can has decided that they should just be Arkadaş, and Sanem agrees, albeit unwillingly. She knows that she would rathe...
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Can and Sanem by MagicRay
Can and Sanemby MagicRay
Part 1 of story is from Sanem's point of view, telling us what happens after she gives Can her letter confessing everything. I have also added a scene which they should...
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If Only by MagicRay
If Onlyby MagicRay
This is my wish for Can and Sanem. Right now on the show, they are going through a rough patch. But here is my hope for their future. This story happens a few years fro...
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A dreamer and a traveler  by MagicRay
A dreamer and a traveler by MagicRay
This my *AU* version of Can and Sanem's story. It might not stay true to the show but will definitely have some story themes of EK. I love how in earlier episodes Sanem...
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Uncertain  Unity Can/Sanem by 3read003
Uncertain Unity Can/Sanemby 3read003
Can had have never given a thought to getting married. Always avoiding the subject , even though he was being pushed by his mother at ever chance she got. Sanem's sister...
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Find me by Newab3057
Find meby Newabstories
A bit of a different story as I currently have lost my mojo for the serie EK. I am super upset about the cheap soap opera plot of Can losing his memory; well Sanem only...
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A leap of the early bird... by JoannaKurczak
A leap of the early JoannaKurczak
A leap of the early bird...
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Anywhere Can Be Our Galapagos by Veli1917
Anywhere Can Be Our Galapagosby Veli1917
Can Divit is a freelance journalist, who has established a name for himself by reporting from hotspots of humanitarian crisis around the world. His family owns a New Yor...
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Caught Up In You by TAS_130
Caught Up In Youby TAS_130
Can and Sanem are crazy about each other. Sanem's lies catch up to her. Can disappears. Sanem is heartbroken. Will these two be able to trust again? Will their love be e...
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A man's sorrow cuts deeper by JoannaKurczak
A man's sorrow cuts deeperby JoannaKurczak
Healing through pain...
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Can and Sanem, a love story by meandme75
Can and Sanem, a love storyby NotAWriter
Can and Sanem are in love and so are we. Here are some small one-shots about this beautiful couple.
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Aşk Ve Gurur by Pajarito1978
Aşk Ve Gururby Pajarito1978
A gender flipped mash up of Erkenci Kus and Pride and Prejudice.
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BLUE MOON: LONE WOLF by spiritofalbatross
BLUE MOON: LONE WOLFby Spirit of Albatross
Based on characters from the Turkish TV show Erkenci Kus. Can Divit is a Lone Wolf, living a lonely life in a cabin in the woods. His dreams are full of a mystery woma...
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On The Wings Of An Albatross by Adertily-Blue
On The Wings Of An Albatrossby Adertily-Blue
"It was pure luck, really, that this hadn't happened sooner. Two years of keeping out of his reach had really been testing the limits of fate, and the sane voice in...
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Heartbreak Can/Sanem by 3read003
Heartbreak Can/Sanemby 3read003
Can break's up with Sanem after finding out she gave Fabri the perfume and also her involvement his licence being revoked. Heartbroken she decides to leave Istanbul. Wil...
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Erkenci kus - Uccello mattiniero by stefaniamichieletto_
Erkenci kus - Uccello mattinieroby Stefania Michieletto
Sanem, una giovane ragazza, cresciuta in una famiglia umile in un quartiere di Istanbul, passa il suo tempo a scrivere e a lavorare nel negozio di alimentari del papà, f...
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Erkenci Kus - Not just your average love story ❤️❤️Canem Forever ❤️❤️ by katerinapapas
Erkenci Kus - Not just your katerinapapas
Episode analysis, commentaries and point-of-view scene descriptions for Erkenci Kus romantics. Dive into this critically acclaimed modern-day fairytale love story for a...
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The Storms Within... by JoannaKurczak
The Storms JoannaKurczak
I invite You to the world of Can Divit and his beloved Sanem Aydin. This tale is a pure work of fiction, inspired by their everlasting and transcendingn love. A journey...
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The consequences of falling by TaleNeverTold1
The consequences of fallingby Ksana
Let's assume Can did leave for Balkans... and then came back. How much growing one needs to do to get to their happy ending? But then there is Emre also... And how much...
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Is our love strong enough? by Marumi2
Is our love strong enough?by Masumi
Hi Erkenci Kuş fandom! What happens when Can finds out that Sanem gave her perfume and the ingredients away? Will he be able to listen to her this time or will he go bac...
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