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It's all because of you by mardi89
It's all because of youby mardi89/stydiastartoftime
"But I would rather feel the sting Than never to have felt a thing I'll always know you were the one To rip me from the ground"
Holding On To A Promise by grannydew
Holding On To A Promiseby grannydew
Can had told her he would always listen to her and would always be there for her. He had failed her on both promises, so now he had to convince her he was here to stay...
Aşk ve Gurur~ Love and Pride  by Pajarito1978
Aşk ve Gurur~ Love and Pride by Pajarito1978
A gender flipped mash up of Erkenci Kus and Pride and Prejudice.
Indian Turkish love  by crazzzylover
Indian Turkish love by crazzzylover
About an Indian girl. And a turkish man. Family drama included. Animal involvement.
Can has lost all memory of Sanem and the love they had. He longs for his old life. It seems that Sanem doesn't fit in his life now..The struggle of moving on when her...
Anywhere Can Be Our Galapagos by Veli1917
Anywhere Can Be Our Galapagosby Veli1917
Can Divit is a freelance journalist, who has established a name for himself by reporting from hotspots of humanitarian crisis around the world. His family owns a New Yor...
canem ♡ by erkencialbatross
canem ♡by ♡
Sanem is always shy in most of their scenes. She is always trying to ignore Can's hot hints and actions. But what would happen if Sanem was not that shy? What would hap...
i know. by FarahAbouzaid
i Farah Abouzaid
And finally they were together nothing can come between them, but will that thought last for long? this is my first time writing anything, i hope you guys like it
I'm Stronger Than Ever:  The Phoenix by grannydew
I'm Stronger Than Ever: The grannydew
This is my version of what would happen after episode 39. Can's unwillingness to fight for her and the reveal of what a mother is capable of in the name of a demented lo...
Phoenix and Albatross by fayesarrow
Phoenix and Albatrossby Sophie 🦋
A fairytale happening in real life
Can Yaman International Presents: Memories... Some Last A Lifetime by CYInternational
Can Yaman International CYInternational
This storyline by Wattpad writer @grannydew is inspired by the 2018-2019 "Erkenci Kus" series starring Turkish actor, Can Yaman, as world-class photographer Ca...
Whether you like it or not Sanem by Dreamerinlove1
Whether you like it or not Sanemby Dreamerinlove1
(A prediction about the way Can and Sanem will end up going to the ski resort alone) He didn't know what had possessed him really and made him, in a moment of passionate...
Finding Our Way Back Home Can/Sanem by 3read003
Finding Our Way Back Home Can/Sanemby 3read003
Book 2 (Completed) Continuation of 'Heartbreak'.....After leaving Istanbul. Sanem's life takes a dramatic change...success comes in her writing and her perfume and cream...
Erkenci Kus - Not just your average love story ❤️❤️Canem Forever ❤️❤️ by katerinapapas
Erkenci Kus - Not just your katerinapapas
The Real Story: Episode analysis, commentaries and point-of-view scene narratives for Erkenci Kus romantics. Dive into this critically acclaimed modern-day fairytale lov...
Moonstone by Pajarito1978
Moonstoneby Pajarito1978
An Erkenci Kuş /Hades & Persephone alternative retelling with wolves 🐺. AU, PNR
This is my take on episodes 29, 30, etc. and the Fabri, perfume, Can in jail farce. I could not stand Can's attitude at the hut, his attitude was that of a spoiled brat...
Erkenci Kus- Remember Love by MOKenyan
Erkenci Kus- Remember Loveby Marita Paulina
Following a terrible accident, Can Divit loses his memory. He wakes up and there is a stranger beside his bed, Sanem, her eyes full of love and hope. Hope that he crushe...
THE STORMS WITHIN by JoannaKurczak
THE STORMS WITHINby Joanna Kurczak
I invite You to the world of Can Divit and his beloved Sanem Aydin. This tale is inspired by their everlasting and transcending love. A journey along time with two souls...
Flying....On the Wings of My Albatross by grannydew
Flying....On the Wings of My grannydew
She had returned to him, back to his small cottage on the sea. She finally gave in to her heart and listened. She loved him and that was that, so here she was, ready to...