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Apartment 23 & 24 (Dramione) by MarryPotterrr
Apartment 23 & 24 (Dramione)by MC
The war hero, Hermione Granger, breaks up with her long term boyfriend, Ron Weasley after learning that he cheated on her after a long night of drinking. Hermione grew t...
STICKY FINGERS » peter parker by maybemarvel
STICKY FINGERS » peter parkerby dee(vil)
Peter Parker gets his backpack and suit lifted by a broke girl with sticky fingers. 【 peter parker x fem!OC 】 ©maybemarvel 2022.
Kingdom Hearts 3.5: Passions of Light by ArenKayler
Kingdom Hearts 3.5: Passions of Aren Kayler
Its been three years, irl, since the release of Kingdom Hearts 3. We saw how "Darkness prevailed and the light expired" and how Sora's actions lead to the conc...
Atlantis by DarkadaJones
Atlantisby Dakota
A young brilliant treasure hunter has to learn who to trust as the hunt for a ancient treasure leads him to places he never expected to go.
Wild Magic (Sequel) by MarryPotterrr
Wild Magic (Sequel)by MC
⚡️This is a sequel to my story Apartment 23 & 24⚡️ Three unlikely friends step into the unknown on a treacherous mission. Will they come back with the prize or watch the...
Having always been a huge mongus fan of Shakespeare's brilliant work, I took it upon myself to create what I believe to be the grand final act he always envisioned, but...
Journey West 5000 by rhysmakainer
Journey West 5000by Rhys Makainer
Based on the classic story "Journey to the West", set in an alternate post-apocalyptic future. With her parents murdered and her brother abducted, a trainee Mo...
The Magical Sleepover?? (StanxKyle) by dongle1029
The Magical Sleepover?? (StanxKyle)by Autumn J
Stan and Kyle have sleepover. No sus happens. I promise. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Class 1-S (a discord collaboration) by SouthernStriker
Class 1-S (a discord collaboration)by SouthernStriker
This story has all OC's This will take place when Deku is the Number 1 Hero. Every character is based off The Idiots Discord members. All Characters will be Semi/Very OP...
Naruto & HQ!! Fan-Comic Translations/Story Pictures by Yuanichie
Naruto & HQ!! Fan-Comic Yuanichie
READ Please ⚠️Unfortunately seems like got taken down so I'm not going to update here again. Translations are made by me, I have a limited Japanese knowledge so some tra...
ART BUUK (discontinued) by kcanation
ART BUUK (discontinued)by Kamder
hey i have some drawings to share UwU so enjoy meh crap.
Miss Popularity (Marcel Styles Fanfiction) by CryMeARiverOverLou
Miss Popularity (Marcel Styles Jessie
Marcel Styles has no friends. He doesn't know why they liked to bully him- they just do. Marcel gets bullied on a daily basis, until one day he meets the new girl, Dakot...
Battle of Wits (Fred Weasley) by MarryPotterrr
Battle of Wits (Fred Weasley)by MC
Evelyn Rymmer thought of herself as a rather ordinary witch. she had her parents, her brother, her friends, the whole nine-yards. But when her family picked up and moved...
RWBY Crack X Male Reader by Spark-rose
RWBY Crack X Male Readerby Sparky-Kun
This is a book full of RWBY Crack, and the male reader is there to experience the meme mish mash. Enjoy~
the end of this world, the end of his cure by Mafia_Ink
the end of this world, the end MafiaInk_studios
as if 2020 wasn't bad enough, now his cure is missing. on September 12th, 2020, the omega k end of world scenario has been unleashed upon this world. and now, he can do...
Fandoms I'm in by Ines_3579
Fandoms I'm inby Ines_Ivy
This is a book where i store the things i like and where i will mention the fandoms i belong in. This is just my opinion on them, so it's not really that important, but...
Temporary Demon Lord by AlainDucret
Temporary Demon Lordby AlainDucret
What do you do when you find yourself summoned as the Demon lord of an alternate universe on the whim of a bored God? Well you laugh your way out of it, somehow! This is...
Masked by MarCafeWrites
Maskedby Mar Café
Meanwhile, back in the Batcave... "Masked" is an ongoing collection of short stories featuring my own satirical vigilante heroes and villains! PAINT THE TOWN R...
A Glimpse of Heaven by ButternuttSquash
A Glimpse of Heavenby Wolverines Man Boobs
THE QUEST FOR NIGHTCRAWLER PART 4 (LoganxKurt) (WolverinexNightcrawler) • Wolverine and North Star get thrown into Purgatory and try to find their way out while also loo...
Random Anime Oneshots ( X Reader ) by thatsumsitup
Random Anime Oneshots ( X Reader )by \ ( ~ ^ ) /