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Left in the Flames (nick valentine x reader) by Nani_is_Nani
Left in the Flames (nick valentine...by 🍒⚜️🐬
You're the Commonwealths murder, and an detective has been on you for years, and for years you haven't been caught but the detective suspected you and all he needs is ev...
  • fallout
  • xreader
  • romance
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The Nameless Boy by cutelikepandas
The Nameless Boyby cutelikepandas
"The voices." He simply said. "Voices? In your head?" I asked remembering he's schizophrenic. "Yeah. They tear me down, they rip me apart. They'...
  • self
  • funny
  • nameless
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Likely Valentine And Other One Shots by ScarlettMariaRose
Likely Valentine And Other One Sho...by Scarlett Rose
Likely Valentine and other One Shots. If you want one of these one shots to be made into a small fic, please let me know!
  • preston
  • prestongarvey
  • solesurvivor
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Braedey, Thomas, and the Magic Railroad by BraedimusSupreme
Braedey, Thomas, and the Magic Rai...by Braedey95 2.0
A/N: this story is in honour of Kieron0103 and his 'Beacon Railway' book. I enjoy his books, along with the 'Thomas and Friends' TV series and some films, so I think cre...
  • friends
  • hero
  • diesel-10
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The Railway Series by MidlandsEngine
The Railway Seriesby MidlandsEngine
Continuing what Awdry left off... These are the stories of what happened on Sodor between 1914, to modern day. Stories of engines coming together as a family to survive...
  • edwardtheblueengine
  • thomasthetankengine
  • jamestheredengine
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Fallout 4 X Reader •Imagines•  by ImJokersGirl
Fallout 4 X Reader •Imagines• by L.Richtofen
Any character from the Fallout 4 game. Imagines, where the impossible can happen. Just give a writer a starting point and they can build up a world of their own. But g...
  • railroad
  • maccready
  • action
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Huntsmen of the Wasteland by BattleDroid1106
Huntsmen of the Wastelandby BattleDroid1106
(This takes place after Volume 2) War... war never changes... The Great War in Remnant proves this, the Terrorism of White Fang proves this... and with increasing tensi...
  • piper
  • sun
  • rwby
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Railroad Panthers || Apply Fic. by PastelTomboy
Railroad Panthers || Apply Fic.by ★彡 кυzυ 彡★
A railroad worker and her ragtag group of friends find themselves on the wrong side of the tracks when they decide to ambush a heavily armed military train filled with d...
  • family
  • girlgroup
  • chaotic
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The Railway Children (1906) by lanternhill268
The Railway Children (1906)by lanternhill268
*Disclaimer: This story belongs to Edith Nesbit* After their father's mysterious disappearance, three children had to leave London to live in the countryside, where they...
  • children
  • enesbit
  • classic
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Slavery Sun by tenneesseewalker
Slavery Sunby Samantha
Hi! My name is Lou. I am a slave and I am as dark as a slave can be. I am 6 ft. tall and 16 years old. I work on a plantation in Alabama with my momma. We cut wood a...
  • tubman
  • slavery
  • harriet
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Where Hearts Cross by JadeLoverxD
Where Hearts Crossby 🔱QueenOfPsychopaths🔱
"He smiles and holds out his hands and cups them together-his hands seeming a bit darker as he does, and then motions for me to look into his hands. "Promise I...
  • railroad
  • joseph
  • brotherhood-of-steel
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Sodor high school (Human Thomas and friends) by Trains4Days
Sodor high school (Human Thomas an...by Trains4Days
This is a human Thomas the tank engine story. It takes place at Sodor high school. All the kids go by their train names. Some OC's will be used in this story(Maybe)
  • tatmr
  • railroad
  • percy
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Race On by ETBlack333
Race Onby ETBlack333
The Steam Team all decide not to go to the Great Railway Show. So instead they all decide to have their own big race of their own, which turned out to be a bad idea.
  • steamteam
  • racing
  • thomas
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Synthetic Hearts by Vicar_Amelia
Synthetic Heartsby Vicar Amelia
In the year 2077 heavily pregnant Reese Grey and her husband Ryan were at their family home in Sanctuary Hills, living peaceful next to their neighbours Nate and Nora. N...
  • kidnapping
  • isolated
  • weapons
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Who am I? (Fallout 4) by Murcx04
Who am I? (Fallout 4)by Murcx04
Matilda Garcia Collins, AKA Matilda, is a Railroad agent from the commonwealth. She's unaware about what her story is or who she really was. She doesn't know how she'd g...
  • fallout4character
  • fallout4
  • matilda
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The Wheels on the Train go Round and Round by shansfos
The Wheels on the Train go Round a...by Pessimistic Writer
The Heaven Express is a haunted irony. It is said that the train takes a trip to hell and introduces the passengers to a night of fright, terror and death. The only way...
  • devil
  • torture
  • express
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Thomas and the Great War by JakeRutigliano
Thomas and the Great Warby Jake Rutigliano
Based on the World War II movie "The Adventures of Thomas" directed by Shane Acker. I like to thank NorthWester1 on Deviantart for this concept. In the days fo...
  • feels
  • movie
  • cars
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Anyone but you //MacCready x reader// by MEOWSMEWOS
Anyone but you //MacCready x reade...by *~DevilishKLP~*
After spending a few months traveling alone, you stop at the 3rd rail, and pay a visit to the VIP room. The room contained your companion; MacCready.
  • robertjosephmaccready
  • brotherhood
  • institutione
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BoyxBoy one shots by pumpkin_piie
BoyxBoy one shotsby ♚Moe♚
Here I'll upload my one shots and, oh, did I mention they're boyxboy (slash) ones?lol I won't update this too often, but it'll happen from time to time. I hope you'll e...
  • cosy
  • asylum
  • teen
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'My Railway, My Reason'|| Saida Fanfic by NoJamPotatoAuthor
'My Railway, My Reason'|| Saida Fa...by Zagreus Hades
"Train stops when it was lost and dislocated with its railway. It began to halt and founded itself no more chance to continue. But then, there is this rail that mad...
  • jihyo
  • jeongyeon
  • tzuyu
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