The Noble House Of Black

The Noble House Of Black

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ᴍ :ᴅ (ᴏʀ ᴍᴇʟ) By sheXfanciesXhim Updated Apr 09, 2012

(Taking place in the Order of the Phoenix) 

Regulus Black married a young girl named Violetta Nous.

They had a baby girl named Miriella.

Regulus died while trying to destroy Salazar Slytherin's locket.

End of story right? Well what happened to Violetta and her daughter?

Miriella Black, preferred to be called Miri, grew up not knowing she was adopted. She always referred to herself as Miri Wetherford, the name of her adopted parents. But what happens when the Wetherfords decide to tell her she is adopted?

Aside from finding out she's been living with strangers, she decided to find out more about her family. So of course, she asks her teacher, Mrs. Prewitt. But then she finds out she is related to the murderer and escapee of Azkaban, Sirius Black. Even though she is shaken, she is still determined to find her parents and more information of her family, not knowing her father is already dead.

So she sets out to Number 12 Grimmauld Place, the house of her ancesters. But what happens when she finds some unsuspecting guests?

Love is guaranteed.

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XxCatDragonxX XxCatDragonxX Dec 12, 2017
I can see why she's getting upset but I feel like this is a bit of an overreaction, they still raised her.
devil_child_art devil_child_art May 02, 2016
Actually it's not hung or hanged. It's more correct to say 'Plants were hanging'.
DuskwingDragon DuskwingDragon Sep 15, 2016
Wow! Seems like I've run in to the wrong type of people! You guys do know how to spell, unlike me. (*whispers* I believe it's hung though, and hanged does exist, I think.)
devil_child_art devil_child_art May 02, 2016
OMG you don't not tell a kid she's adopted. Everyone knows that.
eclecticvogue eclecticvogue Sep 20, 2014
but 12 grimmauld place is unplottable so how could she have figured out the location?
Death_Skies Death_Skies Jul 27, 2014
I feel like she's being really rude and overreacting. I want to smack her.