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Youre mine  by niki_jiminlmao
Youre mine by Mochi_niki
You had broken up with your toxic boyfriend since you couldn't take it anymore. He begged for you to stay but you refused, he never left you alone and wanted you back W...
These Battle Scars-Teen Wolf 🐺  by BuckysDoll24
These Battle Scars-Teen Wolf 🐺 by None of your business
A teen wolf fanfic where Stiles has a twin sister who was born very different from Stiles. She was born with a red diamond mark on her forehead and it's unknown what cau...
Broken hearts and Crushes (SakuAtsu)(IwaOi) Omegaverse [COMPLETED] by Some_iwaoi_fan
Broken hearts and Crushes ( Iwaizumi Yuki✨
After having a toxic boyfriend and what happens to Atsumu, Atsumu swears to himself to never love again. Can he really do that? Will he never fall in love again? On th...
Coffee and Aspirin  by theMarauderswriter
Coffee and Aspirin by 𝓢.𝓡.𝓢
Henry Blanks works at a seven to five job at Dunkin Donuts then arrives home to his apartment to relieve the stress of the day with onesies, bottled milk, a bit of baby...
Toxic Boyfriend x Reader by Auburn_loser
Toxic Boyfriend x Readerby Auburn_Loser
"Talk about him one more time!" he says with his hand become tighter around your neck -------- Forced to move out of your childhood town with your mom, you fin...
MY SOULMATE  by ShreyaRoy188
MY SOULMATE by ShreyaRoy188
•Knock Knock• Y/n: wh-who's there? (Scared) •No response• Y/n: I said who's there? (Yelled) •bang bang bang, someone started banging at the door continuously. You sta...
You Were Always the One by eloraandrosw27_3
You Were Always the Oneby eloraandrose27_3
Venessa Hart is making her way into senior year with her bestfriend's and to make her best cheerleading season yet she might not be the popular cheerleader like some oth...
Defying Gravity by GimmeaJarr
Defying Gravityby Jar
Quackity works at a Florist Shop trying to save up money to move out and break up with his toxic boyfriend Jschlatt, he doesn't have anywhere else to go since he doesn't...
Death of a Sun - Losing Love by starligh17
Death of a Sun - Losing Loveby M.Y.A
Losing Love follows sixteen year old Luna Chambers after the tragic loss of her older sister under unique circumstances, which lead to secrets being uncovered which migh...
A Love Without Betrayal by OceaniaLily24
A Love Without Betrayalby Lily Mesinor
Melia, a teenage girl with an adventurous spirit, found herself captivated by the enigmatic charm of a wealthy bad boy named Colt. It wasduring a chance encounter on the...
All to myself... (Bakugo x Y/n story) by monicorns
All to myself... (Bakugo x Y/n monicorns
You and you boyfriend have a toxic relationship. Your friends tell him to leave him but you don't want to, you love him. You met a boy at a bar and you two became friend...
The scares of lies (Tom imagine) by BadKarmerJK
The scares of lies (Tom imagine)by BadKarmerJK
"...What..." "I'm sorry okay, it was not how i wanted this to go, but she is carrying my child, i have to be there for her." "I..i know it's jus...
Second time's a charm by Chuii_boba
Second time's a charmby Chuii_Teaa
You got out from a toxic relationship, you're happy that you're finally free yet the wounds stay the same, well...until you met...him
The Bus Ride  by Foripaddontforget
The Bus Ride by Maya No Last Name
No one can see color until they kiss 'the one' everyone knows that and it's always been that way. Her current boyfriend can't let riley leave but doesn't want her around...
that boy  by lovelyLandon_101
that boy by Landon Davis
sweet lillie is in a toxic relationship. lillie has hoped it will get better but the truth is it only gets worse but the boy that she met online when she was 12 moves to...
Broken Hearted by PeachyDais
Broken Heartedby Daisie
Delaney Deville had what looked to be the perfect relationship, but behind closed doors, Will was manipulative and controlling. Blinded by the memories and laughter they...
The love i need. by izlvrss
The love i Emyy
spicy daddy issues Story cause i keep having Sex-daydreams 😀 (they disgust me LMAOO) /// Cw: Abuse, Sa, Violence Kalea is in a toxic relationship and has been for 2 yea...
Draco Malfoy x Alexandra Cullen by Alexandra093839
Draco Malfoy x Alexandra Cullenby alex;)
Imagine we are the typical bad bitch and that we are Edward and Bella's daughter and domboldore put a new rule that we sont have to wear robes I use "I" "...