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Project 0-9-8 | • | Tordtom by twlxle_975_
Project 0-9-8 | • | Tordtomby twlxle_975_
5 years ago, they were happy, constantly going on adventures having fun, who knew how that would change within 5 years. What happens when he wants his project back? when...
Eddsworld        Future AU by Starry_Eyed_Starboy
Eddsworld Future AUby ★彡( ɆĐ₲Ɏ Ɽ₳₴₱฿ɆⱤⱤɎ )彡★
This is just a story adaptation of a rp that me and my best friend created. Updates are very slow. @lunar_kittyboy
Ancient Ruin. ( Wtfuture Tordtom ) by CallMe_Ray_
Ancient Ruin. ( Wtfuture Tordtom )by ✨Ray✨
Dragons, Mermaids, Were wolves, unicorns, all those creatures have one thing in common. they're mythical, they're not real... or is it? dødsgangs on the other hand are...
a child's wish by IsabellaDreemurr
a child's wishby IsabellaDreemurr
what could motivate a mastermind to turn on his friends, kill thousands, and try to take over the world? who could possibly turn him so cold? why does he stay up so late...
Dear Daughter [TomTord] by BlueCipher0
Dear Daughter [TomTord]by Blue Leader
It's been 16 years since Tom's fateful decision. Tika is in the care of the Rebellion Base with her two favorite, awesome uncles. She grew up not knowing who her real pa...
you again? | tord x reader by kauhle
you again? | tord x readerby shark
Death and fear was all that surrounded you while you were in the blue army, as their leader, you had all the hopes and dreams of your soldiers on your back. You couldn't...
No Fear by Reactier
No Fearby If You're Straight, You're Not
Growing up Tord always tried to make Tom cower in fear, but Tom was never afraid of Tord to even show a response to his attempts to scare him. It started when they were...
time running out~ (Red leader X reader) by Lem0nsga10recentra1
time running out~ (Red leader X Child of darkness
You lived with Edd, Matt and Tom but one day you over hear them arguing about someone you had no idea of. His name was Tord and from what you knew he was not liked among...
Love Can Kill / TordTom / Ghost AU by Supercali1253
Love Can Kill / TordTom / Ghost AUby Da_Strange_Child
A month ago, Tom "moves away to another country" and nobody has been able to contact him since. Meanwhile, his friends still live their lives like normal teena...
His Defence [TomTord] by sourvincent
His Defence [TomTord]by Vincentonio
⚠️A/N WARNING⚠️: This story will contain; Gore, strong use of words, possible drugs, NSFW and of course, some smut so please read with caution. thank you and I hope you...
We're Family [On Hiatus for the time being] by BlueCipher0
We're Family [On Hiatus for the Blue Leader
We may be odd We may live in a base We may be the combination of ice and fire But that doesn't change anything my dear children • • • We are family Forever and Always...
I'm not a fighter (Tom x reader)  by Fan_girl76
I'm not a fighter (Tom x reader) by Fan_girl76
Imagine hiding your terrible past life at home and running away when you turn 18. If you stayed home and never ran away, you would be a solder. From trying to run and hi...
Possession(TomTord Future Au) by DrunkenTomyBoi
Possession(TomTord Future Au)by DrunkenTomyBoi
Tom sat in the darkness coughing up blood, the taste of it metallic and bitter his tounge... [Conitue reading for more~]
Led to you | TomTord by immasksy
Led to you | TomTordby dead_never_die
(ONGOING - NOT ENDED) "I hate my life. I hate him." Tom had been feeling upset lately, but he didn't want to upset Edd or Matt. England's currency had been fal...
Unwanted Comunication | TomTord - EddsWorld by lost_ext
Unwanted Comunication | Lost
After long years of hardship, Tom wants to have nothing to do with the red devil horned bastard who started the war, but after somehow getting in contact with him, unwil...
TomTord / TordTom Stories (Requests Open!) by AshlandCoffee
TomTord / TordTom Stories ( AshlandCoffee
Some OneShots perhaps. I will be writing little mini stories or maybe do a story. I would love suggestions from anyone. I may do some EllsWorld Stories in here too Mainl...
The Devil with a Rose [Tord x Reader] by LB5538
The Devil with a Rose [Tord x LB5538
Y/n was a strong soldier. She was all about herself improvement and hard work. She was the top soldier of her section, but it came at a cost most of her social life. Her...
Eddsworld: Stuck with their biggest enemy (Torm Fusion) by LucifertheDevilDemon
Eddsworld: Stuck with their SurprisinglyAlive
There are times when even the biggest enemies have to work together. When Tom stays instead of leaving, causing him and Tord to have an argument that ultimately leads to...
Cut Ties (Paultryck Mpreg) by Colatum
Cut Ties (Paultryck Mpreg)by Colatum
Patryck knew the rules of Tord's army. He knew that no one could let love get in the way of work, but here he was - His relationship with Paul threatening to ruin his ca...
TomTord:My little Neko! by TheCyanDragon
TomTord:My little Neko!by [DISCONTINUED]
[#8 in Tomtord- august 6, 2018] Tom is a neko that works for red leader, tord. he was dragged into this job because tord needed some company so he asked two of his most...