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The Lost One: Legolas x OC by ErulisseGreenleaf133
The Lost One: Legolas x OCby Elleth of the Greenwoods
The line of Fëanor. a line of problems. A line, of blood. A line that ended. Or so they thought. Lillian was raised in a small village set in the wilds of Middle Ear...
Middle-Earth Oneshots | ✎ by celebrimbro
Middle-Earth Oneshots | ✎by Dínloth
Requests: Closed (Temporarily) Requests in line: 0 These are some oneshots for any of your favorite characters in Middle-earth. From The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, a...
Elf Imagines and my one shots/Daydreams: Tolkien Edition by ErulisseGreenleaf133
Elf Imagines and my one shots/ Elleth of the Greenwoods
For everyone who dreams of a life far, far away in Middle Earth. Settling down with one of the fine Elves Tolkien created. This is a collection of fluffy love stuff for...
Tolkien Elf Imagines by coffeeconsumer37
Tolkien Elf Imaginesby Erin runs on coffee
Love The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, or The Lord of the Rings? Send in a request for your favourite elves! All characters mentioned unless specified, belong to Tolkien.
Lord of the Rings Oneshots by DaydreamsDaisies
Lord of the Rings Oneshotsby Sami
Here's some of my oneshots that I've posted on my Tumblr, Elfy-Elf-Imagines. Feel free to send any requests for oneshots you might have! I write for all the elves in the...
Middle Earth Incorrect Quotes by Seal-Warden
Middle Earth Incorrect Quotesby I'm A Legend
Dude I have been reading and rereading SO MANY of J.R.R. Tolkien's lovely works and this stuff needs to be made, it just does. This may upload at least once a day, if I'...
SEAFOAM by rachelanne017
SEAFOAMby rachelanne017
In this short series, you are one of the First Children of Iluvatar, an elf living in the midst of Arda's awakening. You meet Ulmo, Lord of Waters, a powerful Vala who l...
SEA, SWALLOW ME                                               ✶ The Silmarillion by cavalrylads
SEA, SWALLOW 𝓬𝓵𝔂𝓭𝓮 ☕️
❛ and if i'm dead to you, why are you at the wake . . . ❜ | ✶ | 𝕴n which, Círamë, the ...
Tolkien oneshots, imagines, memes, and more! by Eldacala
Tolkien oneshots, imagines, Elf Light
A collection of headcanons, oneshots, imagines, poems, memes and art, ranging from the raging Feanorians to gentle hobbits of the shire.
Oneshots (Silmarillion) by xxWinterCloudxx
Oneshots (Silmarillion)by xxWinterCloudxx
Oneshots referring to J.R.R. Tolkien's Silmarillion and time around that (Like different wars, the first age or the time before). Some gay ships, but nothing too 'hard'...
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Starwards |The silmarillion fanfiction (Ar-Pharazôn/Amandil) by Ting-Ting-Ling
Starwards |The silmarillion TingW
Ar-Pharazôn was so bad at relationships and it led to the destruction of his kingdom - Based on Akallabêth, but there will be some time compression
The Silmarillion RP by Ruffruff18
The Silmarillion RPby - claire -
The 2020-2021 Film Journal Entry #10: "1917" by XavierEPalacios
The 2020-2021 Film Journal Entry XavierEPalacios
The tenth entry of the 2020-2021 Film Journal is "1917". First, I discuss my highly unique experience of seeing this film which broke my hiatus from movie thea...
TOLKIEN || Candy's Artwork by killingkilgrave
TOLKIEN || Candy's Artworkby Moved to Ao3 *read bio*
A book of Candy's artwork for the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, the Silmarillion, etc. *updates are very slow in this*
Oneshots by Soggy_spoon
Oneshotsby Soggy_spoon
Some one shots from some of my favourite worlds.
Middle Earth Oneshots by The_Owlery
Middle Earth Oneshotsby Helena
A collection of oneshots from Middle Earth, anything from The Hobbit to The Silmarillion. Now taking requests!
Agarwaen by EcthelionofGondolin
Agarwaenby Beth
A tragic/narrative poem for Galadriel about the sea crossing from Valinor and the slaying at the Alaquendi (not sure if that's how you spell it. I have the Silmarillion...
Reality Of The Elves: From Arda's Genesis to First Age of the Eldar (Vol. 1) by ElenaireMarione
Reality Of The Elves: From Arda' Elenairë Marioné Montes
The Tale of the Early Age of Arda from the Perspectives of Anár Venyelentári from Genesis to the First Age of the Eldar (People of the Stars) *** The forgotten and oldes...
The Forgotten Valar (The Silmarillion) by theimitationgame
The Forgotten Valar (The theimitationgame
Marquincia is one the Forgotten Ainur. She was forgotten after created by Ilûvatar but she wasn't finished. She didn't know she was one on the Vala until she was strande...