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Tolkien Elf Imagines by coffeeconsumer37
Tolkien Elf Imaginesby Erin runs on coffee
Love The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, or The Lord of the Rings? Send in a request for your favourite elves! All characters mentioned unless specified, belong to Tolkien.
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Return of the Eldar by Ranelwen
Return of the Eldarby Ránëlwen
{Present Day} Heartache follows Estela like a shadow. When an uncanny accident enables her to see into an invisible realm of warfare, she learns a mysterious secret abou...
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300 Prompts About Lord Elrond by Elrond_Earendillion
300 Prompts About Lord Elrondby Megan
Join me as I venture into writing 300 short stories about my favorite Elven Lord and his adventures ranging from the 1st Age to the 4th. With guest appearances from his...
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Oneshots (Silmarillion) by xxWinterCloudxx
Oneshots (Silmarillion)by xxWinterCloudxx
Oneshots referring to J.R.R. Tolkien's Silmarillion and time around that (Like different wars, the first age or the time before). Some gay ships, but nothing too 'hard'...
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Beyond the Forest of Mirkwood by theelvenvalkyrie
Beyond the Forest of Mirkwoodby Nívariel
~COMPLETED~ Having lived in Mirkwood for her entire life, Natalya yearned to see the outside world. She had never gotten the chance until a group of thirteen Dwarves and...
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A Drowned Flame by deeperperception
A Drowned Flameby deeperperception
Based on the events of JRR Tolkien's The Silmarillion. In the aftermath of a war that shattered Middle-Earth, two brothers find themselves exiled after stealing their fa...
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Agarwaen by EcthelionofGondolin
Agarwaenby Beth
A tragic/narrative poem for Galadriel about the sea crossing from Valinor and the slaying at the Alaquendi (not sure if that's how you spell it. I have the Silmarillion...
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Siren Song~~A Silmarillion Fanfiction by AmdirethGoldleaf
Siren Song~~A Silmarillion Amdireth Goldleaf
A wailing cry. A cursed prince. A mystical pool. Fingon may have rescued Meadhros from Angbad, but the young King now grapples with himself, desperately trying to fre...
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The War of Jewels (The Lord of the Rings) by arwen_galadriel
The War of Jewels (The Lord of
The story of Thranduil's wife and Legolas' mother. Do I need to say more?
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The Silmarillion RP by Ruffruff18
The Silmarillion RPby - claire -
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The Forgotten Valar (The Silmarillion) by theimitationgame
The Forgotten Valar (The theimitationgame
Marquincia is one the Forgotten Ainur. She was forgotten after created by Ilûvatar but she wasn't finished. She didn't know she was one on the Vala until she was strande...
Stress Relief- A Silmarillion Office Parody by punkrockalphys
Stress Relief- A Silmarillion Faust
the cold open from Stress Relief part one from The Office but with Silmarillion characters.
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Middle Earth Oneshots by The_Owlery
Middle Earth Oneshotsby Helena
A collection of oneshots from Middle Earth, anything from The Hobbit to The Silmarillion. Now taking requests!
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Bloody Cross Roads by EcthelionofGondolin
Bloody Cross Roadsby Beth
A poem for Maedhros and his struggles about the choices he had to make. About the how he had to choose between the Oath and his morals.
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The Dragons of Arda(Originally The Dragons of Doriath) by ChocolateWriter605
The Dragons of Arda(Originally ChocolateWriter605
What if Morgoth wasn't the creator of all dragons? What if there were dragons that were free of Morgoths control? And what if there were elves that were not immortal...
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What Not to Say to a Fangirl by Hetalian_Hobbit
What Not to Say to a Fangirlby Hetalian_Hobbit
This is an awful book. It will probably make you want to tear out your hair. Or gouge out your eyes. Or something else violent like that. Yes. But, I feel the need to pu...
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The Sparkly Notebook by Silivrennial
The Sparkly Notebookby The Stuff of Glorious Nightma...
Sparkleh :D This is the sequel to Random Me, in which is continued my reports about life and strangeness.
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TOLKIEN || Candy's Collection by -hawkwing
TOLKIEN || Candy's Collectionby #justiceforjohnnydepp
To help me keep track of potentially the largest collection that I own, and to feed your curiosity about what Tolkien related items I own.
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SEAFOAM by rachelanne017
SEAFOAMby rachelanne017
In this short series, you are one of the First Children of Iluvatar, an elf living in the midst of Arda's awakening. You meet Ulmo, Lord of Waters, a powerful Vala who l...
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