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Wounded Beacon by LLSanders
Wounded Beaconby Leslie Lee Sanders
LGBT/DYSTOPIA: Luke and Aiden escape the small community they helped build years after an apocalyptic event devastated the world, leaving the survivors to endure the wra...
Tattoo (Sci-Fi - LGBT) by elveloy
Tattoo (Sci-Fi - LGBT)by L.V. Lloyd
Tom loved his master, his job and the wonderful society he lived in - until one day, somebody hacked his tattoo and his world changed forever. Cyberpunk / LGBT short sto...
Lost Worlds (my sci-fi short collection) by elveloy
Lost Worlds (my sci-fi short L.V. Lloyd
Aliens, steampunk and zombies ... A series of sci-fi short stories, written mainly for Ooorah's Sci-fi Smackdowns. I shuffle these around from time to time! 1. Lost...
Janus 02.Redemption #Wattys2018 by IoannaKoliofoti
Janus 02.Redemption #Wattys2018by Spark D' Ark
The sequel of Janus Quadrifrons. Disclaimer. The story contains triggers on violence, sex, drugs, religion and possibly on every subject that could trigger...
At Our End  by AelinHallows
At Our End by -Aelin-
"The first to go was our sanity, the next our kin, and now our lives." The water that humans have relied on for hundreds of years has finally been contam...
Derelict by indyjohn
Derelictby J. M. Ford
Aliens... they came, they saw, they conquered. Our world was was nothing to them but an asset to be stripped of resources. Even 600 years after the majority of them dep...
The Ooorahs! [CLOSED] by The_Ooorahs
The Ooorahs! [CLOSED]by Team Ooorah Presents...The Oo...
All sci-fi is welcome. Peek inside to nominate your favorite stories and writers...
Critique and Review by The_Ooorahs
Critique and Reviewby Team Ooorah Presents...The Oo...
Feel like your story needs less of that and more of this, but you're not sure of the exact that or this? That's where we come in! Submit your work, and we'll get started...
Star Clash by VeraLoy
Star Clashby Vera Loy
"Perfectly happy in our tertiary star system, its thirteen life sustaining worlds more than sufficient to house our modest population of almost eighty billion, we t...
Stasis by stardustcharade
Stasisby stardustcharade
Hazel MacMillan knows her perfect life is a simulation, an artificial reality. She wants to return to the real world- but is it worth giving up everything she loves? Why...
Project 14 (BEING REWRITTEN) by forest898
Project 14 (BEING REWRITTEN)by 𝘐'𝘮 𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘮�...
In 2126, the Government plays a big role in society. The Government created a project called "Experiments". The Experiments range from ages six months to sixte...