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Brallon Oneshots  by sirweekes
Brallon Oneshots by dallons sweetheart
random brallon smuts and fluff !! <3
Notorious Emo Fanfics - Role Reversed by oomf_kaspbrak
Notorious Emo Fanfics - Role ultimate despair
Includes the Milk Fic, the Forest Fic, the Lung Fic, the Hat Fic, the Cherry Fic, and many others. Feel free to request #1 in thehatfic on June 15th, 2019 #69 in milk on...
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The Oreo Fic (Frerard) by buckobarnez
The Oreo Fic (Frerard)by 😉
It's like a parody of The Milk Fic. (Btw it is nothing like The Milk Fic) Me and a couple of friends wrote this in a group chat. I know it's bad. (I DONT SHIP WAYCEST...
Bed Bugs: A Bee Movie fanfic by PoppySaphire
Bed Bugs: A Bee Movie fanficby PoppySaphire
Barry x Venessa----WARNING: SMUT #1 TheBeeMovie Barry and Venessa have been together for a while now and they are ready to take their relationship to the next level. Tog...
The milk fic | Logan x Oscar  by froggybbyxx
The milk fic | Logan x Oscar by Ren
The milk fic but with my friends
The Banana Fic by TheSpookyKidz
The Banana Ficby TheSpookyKidz
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
The Milk Fic except it's Queen and the ship is Breaky by bruhmoment____
The Milk Fic except it's Queen some garbage is ok.
i'm so sorry all credit to the original author of the original milk fic. I don't own any of it except the changes i made. please help.
Mareo 30 day smut chalenge by mareosmutislife
Mareo 30 day smut chalengeby mareosmutislife
The title If you don't get it now don't ask me
the milk fic - gangsta style by iernoo
the milk fic - gangsta styleby gods gay side
yo fam this shit was rem0v3d by watTPAD BUT ITS BACK ENJOY THUGZ
the pretzel fic by phanicfromthehiatus
the pretzel ficby oof
Grace was kneeling in the bathtub. She just finished getting high with her side hoe brendon which is of course drinking milk in the middle of all this. oh dear here we g...
The Butter Fic (Part 2 of The Milk Fic) by mychemicalratman
The Butter Fic (Part 2 of The mychemicalratman
This is a cursed fic. I'm sorry that i made this, read it if you want✨✨
The Milk Fic  by yeemo_dnp_trash
The Milk Fic by Despina
WARNING: No holy water required
Kaleidoscope Destination (Brendon Urie Fanfiction) by CrybabyFears
Kaleidoscope Destination ( They call me crybaby
This is about a boy who is 17 years old. There are multiple plot twists and he wants to meet his internet friends because he has none in real life. He is considered many...
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