Diarrhea Stories

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Toilet Girls by CillianChamp
Toilet Girlsby Cillian M. Darcy
This is the story about girls using the toilet
Mr. Sergey Balmer by fetish2
Mr. Sergey Balmerby fetish2
A young girl, 17 Years old Taylor who meets a mysterious handsome man in a bar, Sergey Balmer, a sex addict who has diarrhea fetish. On their first date, Sergey put som...
Discovery of a Fetish by Fetishes101
Discovery of a Fetishby Fetishes101
Discovering your fetish is always funny. You might be single, in a relationship or even married. You might be 13 or 18 or older. But its always funny because you always...
Original Sick Fics by writergirl0406
Original Sick Ficsby writergirl0406
These are a bunch of original sickfics. Please leave any request for sickfics tailored to your taste. I hope ya'll enjoy
The Diarrhea. by kotosghost
The Diarrhea.by
A story, of the worst diarrhea someone could have. MY story, MY STORY TO TELL! I survived that day..and I wanna share it.
my poop experience by Toadkan
my poop experienceby narancia? yes.
the night of my shit..
SEGS by radicalandcool4ever
SEGSby sharktalefanaccount
the poop, sans eating poop.
Humiliated in front of friends by LocalAdrift
Humiliated in front of friendsby LocalAdrift
A girl is at her friends house with friends and then she gets a load of laxative and has a messy ending.
The Fart That Ruined My Life by BOSSgirl17
The Fart That Ruined My Lifeby BOSSgirl17
Torisania is a high school student. She's a friendly person and enjoys life but one day her life changes when she makes the worst decision of her life. At the time it ju...
Poop Stories by jackofalltrades162
Poop Storiesby jackofalltrades162
Here are some poop stories. Please comment some topics so that I can make more of the stories. Enjoy! #1 in Diarrhea as of June 18, 2020
Poop/diarrhea stories ( Home alone ) by brattybrat8
Poop/diarrhea stories ( Home alone...by HIHI
This is for all you poop/diarrhea fetish or kink people
My Little Big Baby by justcrappedmypants
My Little Big Babyby justcrappedmypants
My little big baby came at such a surprising time that it was too quick to react. I knew it was coming, but I had no where to go. The stalls were full and I was far from...
Pooping and Peeing Stories by Poopypants7
Pooping and Peeing Storiesby Poopypants7
A collection of fictional stories about some poop and pee related stuff like pooping and peeing pants!
Bakugou's Belly Bobbles by Azzzzzzzzzzzza233
Bakugou's Belly Bobblesby RainOnYourCharade
Bakugou is walking with you, as his tummy rumbles horribly. He heads to a public bathroom, right in front of you. What'll happen now.?
Worst Day Ever by Sallycat2004
Worst Day Everby Sallycat2004
Grace is a 14 year old girl who had a horrible case of diarrhea at school.
Jonna and Katie by Odnetnin-blog
Jonna and Katieby Odnetnin-blog
Katie, 18, remembers and old trick she played on her older sister Jonna, 18, and is wondering if it would work again...
The Abnormal Adventures of Taylor by pastel-pink-baby
The Abnormal Adventures of Taylorby <3
Our sweet, beautiful and abdl protagonist, Taylor Miller, goes on many adventures that indulge her love for abdl-ism. And it all begins with one weird "dream"...
farting oneshots by nayalovefart
farting oneshotsby nayalovefart
some farting oneshots. girl oneshots only, I'm not that into boys farting.
Mark Zuckerberg x Reader by ZuccLoveMeBack
Mark Zuckerberg x Readerby Fart
Mark Zuckerberg x Reader will take you on an emotional journey through loving Zuck and fending off Elon Musk.
DIARY of a MASTERMIND😈😈 by 3m0ho3
Rodrick steals a diary and shoves it under his bed with all the mould and who knows what else and after an incident down at the lake with the rest of his band loaded dip...