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The Lewd house by otakujalen2
The Lewd houseby otakujalen2
Old count got deleted, you might remember this story from otakujalen, i hope it will continue to get support
Lincoln vs the dead S1 by loudhouseonly
Lincoln vs the dead S1by loud house fan
Lincoln needs to suvive this apocolypse but will he make it. Also this is my first fan fic. Also thank u to cartoonFF for the inspiration.
A Loud and a Goddess by YamiYugiUnity
A Loud and a Goddessby YamiYugiUnity
What happens if Lincoln never went to the baseball game of Lynn's but instead he runs away only to be helped by a strange woman. Shall he stay with the woman or go back...
Lori Loud x male reader  (COMPLETE)  by Theboywonder4
Lori Loud x male reader (COMPLETE...by The Boy Wonder lV
Hi everyone this is my first story on here so I decided to do Loud house x reader idk why I just did this story is about lori I made it long but I hope you enjoy it also...
Every one needs a payday - loud house cross over  by RiflemanJackCooper
Every one needs a payday - loud ho...by RiflemanJackCooper
This is a cross over between the loud house and payday 2 I thought it would be cool, there will be violence, profane words and jokes as well as drug reference viewer dis...
Race to Linka Loud by NBabieX
Race to Linka Loudby NBAbieX
Genderbend Loud house boys X abused adopted sister by Zemultifangurl
Genderbend Loud house boys X abuse...by May the Kawaii Potato
Azula Shidé originally came from an abusive family.She was taken from her parents due to her mom physically and mentally abusing her and her father sexually and physical...
LOUD HOUSE TRUTH OR DARE // Q&A by unicornbookworm97
hehehe lets see da family admit the truth and be dared. and Q&Ad
Cold Hearted (Yandere Lucy Loud) | ✔ by MysteriousMakayla
Cold Hearted (Yandere Lucy Loud) |...by Queen Makayla
|I'm a huge fan of Loud House and I roleplayed as Yandere Lucy one time. Yeah, I'm morbid... I enjoyed murdering her family. But then Luan kicked her ass...so yeah. On w...
the weakest linc by ticktockboom77
the weakest lincby ticktockboom77
the mystery to the odd loud kid
I'm not just Lincoln WE ARE VENOM by Kage_fireDemon
I'm not just Lincoln WE ARE VENOMby ShadowWolfGamer
Venom after a fight with Spider-Man, was send to a new world when he found a nearly dead Lincoln
Cronicas Hentai: Una antologia centrada en el sexo. by Buenasvibras1998
Cronicas Hentai: Una antologia cen...by Buenasvibras1998
Una serie de historias cortas ubicadas en el mismo universo. Un universo donde la humanidad es libre para hacer que sus fantasias mas oscuras y morbosas se vuelvan reali...
A new family (Loud house NSL fanfic) by Red16dragon
A new family (Loud house NSL fanfi...by Red16dragon
Lincoln Loud getting adopted into another family along with his new siblings who all have to fight off strange and magical creatures to protect royal woods while trying...
💔Easliy Broken💔 by FB5430
💔Easliy Broken💔by FB54300
After all the hate and mistreat at Ronnie Anne's Party, The family mistreat him at The Loud House Disrespectful, Irresponsible, Hateful, Hypocritical, Ignorance, Unfair...
Wolver-loud (A loud house/X-men crossover) by omegacrow-nexus
Wolver-loud (A loud house/X-men cr...by omegacrow-nexus
During a fight with his older sister lori, lincoln's claws come out and he brutally injures her. He runs away but was caught by lynn and luna, who were born with these p...
Hazbin louds by Lane667
Hazbin loudsby Lane667
Lincoln has ran away from home, while the IMP have a job on earth in a certain city, what will the story of Lincoln loud and the IMP and what part will the louds play in...
The Loud House Zodiac! by VikingMetalToby
The Loud House Zodiac!by ⦻a freaking muppet
Which Loud house character are you? Which Loud house character would be your best friend? Which Loud house character envies you? Here's a random book on a Zodiac match-u...
Son of a ghost (Loud house x Danny Phantom) by Red16dragon
Son of a ghost (Loud house x Danny...by Red16dragon
After the events of nsl Lincoln leaves home in hopes of starting a new life, but instead he meets teen idol Ember McLain and Lincoln finds out that Ember is his real mot...