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Born to die (The Fosters Brallie AU) by PercyFosterMellark
Born to die (The Fosters Brallie PercyFosterMellark
Brandon and Callie have been best friends since they were kids. When Callie is diagnosed with Brain Cancer, she has Brandon help her complete her bucket list.
The Fosters: Jude & Declan Smut  by snapers
The Fosters: Jude & Declan Smut by snapers
A Fosters Smut where Jude and Declan get it on
Maybe this is where I belong... by siobhanm515
Maybe this is where I siobhan
In this story, Callie and Jude were never adopted because their mother never died and their father never went to prison. The Foster's decide to foster a 13 year old gir...
Mariana's best friend | Jesus foster by FanFictionsMS
Mariana's best friend | Jesus MS
Evelyn is Mariana's new best friend since she moved to Anchor Beach and catches Jesus's eye (Season 3-5) I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS. ONLY EVELYN. I WILL BE FO...
Shattered|The Fosters by beigefleurs
Shattered|The Fostersby beigefleurs
Her bloodcurdling shriek rattled the world, setting off a never ending riot. ❝︎ She falls limp into my arms, head tipping back. I turn back to Callie, but the sparkle...
Please Keep Me... by TheofficialSav
Please Keep TheofficialSav
Callie (16) and her little sister Taylor (12) are in an awful situation.... All they need is love. But once they find it, can they accept it? Is Callie to scared to let...
The Bad and the Unsure Of. (A Fosters / brallie Fanfiction) by faithmichael333
The Bad and the Unsure Of. (A faithmichael333
Brandon Jacob is a foster kid who just got out of juvie. And comes to live with the fosters, home to Stef, Lena, Mariana, Jesus, Jude, and Callie. As Callie gets to know...
She Needed You by StationGleeFosters
She Needed Youby StationGleeFosters
Based on Season five of the TV show The Fosters
The Fosters (x reader) by LifeIsRand0m
The Fosters (x reader)by LifeOfAFangirl
Y/N Adams Foster, you were adopted by stef and Lena when you were really little, about six. Now you're fourteen. You're on the volleyball team, your best friends with th...
My New Family? by caitbow42
My New Family?by C
Jordan Lancaster is 15 years old when she's taken out of yet another abusive foster home. She's place with the Adams Foster's and finds it hard to not get attached when...
Never feel alone  by LibbyT89
Never feel alone by LibbyT89
this story is exploring how The Fosters might have been different if it were Callie and Sophia, instead of Callie and Jude. Enjoy! I do not own The Fosters or any of the...
The Fosters- Room for one more by thefostersfan20
The Fosters- Room for one moreby Toni Marie
the story includes Stefanie Adams Foster, whose married to Lena Adams Foster, and their children Callie Adams Foster 16, Brandon Foster 16, Jesus Adams Foster 15, Mari...
The Fosters: Turn by bubblegum865
The Fosters: Turnby AK
Callie and Wyatt return from a party but Callie gets caught drunk and high by Stef and Lena. As they talk about to lecture her, something Stef says ticks Callie off. Enj...
The original Foster daughter  by haleyalexis72301
The original Foster daughter by haleyAlexis
What happens if Stef had a daughter with mike and the daughter ends up with a life altering decision and her mom is to busy with the rest of the family to even notice. W...
lost - the fosters  by hoaismylife
lost - the fosters by rachel adams-foster
riley olmstead is a 16 year old who struggles with a lot. she comes in contact with lena and is brought into the adams-fosters home. she quickly realizes that she knows...
The Truth Behind Callie and Jude (Brother and Sister) by 10DaysOfYoutube
The Truth Behind Callie and Jude ( Gabi™
Callie and Jude (From The Fosters) are running away far away but will they find somewhere to stay will they continue on? We'll find out in the book
Love Is Enough by lovethefostersx
Love Is Enoughby lovethefostersx
Callie Adams Foster is now 9 months pregnant with Aj Hensdale's baby. The couple had gotten pregnant unexpectedly only 2 months after dating and were now soon to be teen...
LUCKY STRIKE ,  noah centineo  by rennervtae
LUCKY STRIKE , noah centineo by 𝐠.
☆。*。☆。 in which a girl jokingly posts that she wants a cuddle session with a movie star and ends up catching his attention. ❝ i thought you just...
Something About You by merderola
Something About Youby merderola
Stef and Lena AU: Stef is a journalist and Lena is an English professor. They've been together for 5 months now, and just bought an apartment. Brandon is not in the pict...