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Jschlatt x Reader  by ur_m0ms_left_t0e
Jschlatt x Reader by emma :)
This is a jschlatt x reader and like idk i hope you enjoy. lowercase intended somehow this got #1 in #tednivison also #1 in #thelunchclub at a point
Adopted by Chuckle Sandwich by pineapples_on_soup
Adopted by Chuckle Sandwichby pineapples
What is this, 2014? Anyway. I was bored. Don't question what this is. Also just wanted to say that I'm sorry for using she/her pronouns in the story, I'm usually used to...
~Business at its finest~ •All requests are open and feedback is appreciated😊• { disclaimer: if Mr business man himself ever appears on Wattpad again, and asks to delete...
Tomorrow  by DeadliestDead
Tomorrow by BoxScreams
In which where Ted Nivison ends his life, and Charlie and Schlatt find out.
- goop cast // one shots x reader - by lavxnd
- goop cast // one shots x reader -by @goopycast
any content you desire, (don't take that literally)
Our Thing - Wilbur Soot x Reader by maracinocherry
Our Thing - Wilbur Soot x Readerby Cherry
Y/N, a big fan of technology, never thought that she'd see the day where her slightly-above-average skillset would ever be used. Never in her life did she think that she...
Secrets Of The Three || Chuckle Sandwich  by Quackschlack
Secrets Of The Three || Chuckle Sa...by Balls
Charlie pulled away from the scope and looked to Ted's notes. Mostly scribbles but a good bit of helpful and important info they could use. "Keep a hold of these pr...
Cigarettes and Whiskey. || Chuckle Sandwich x Reader by winkywonker
Cigarettes and Whiskey. || Chuckle...by Emma
1/3 Y/N's father is not a very clean man. His record isn't the most innocent, considering he's a gambler, a money launderer, an abuser, and a downright criminal. On diff...
jschlatt imagines by ruralhey
jschlatt imaginesby lil dweeb
some random things that i've written in my notes app at like 3 am lol. no nsfw or smut!! i'm v weirded out by that stuff x readers lowercase intended! if anyone written...
Love at First Fight - SMPlive - Jschlatt x reader by smplive-smpearth-fan
Love at First Fight - SMPlive - Js...by Rox <3
A little over a month into streaming on Twitch, you get invited to join a PVP tournament. Little do you know that game of Minecraft would change your life forever.
Moonlit Cityscapes (Ranboo x Male!Reader) by PrinceTragedy
Moonlit Cityscapes (Ranboo x Male...by Aᴛᴛɪᴄᴜs
"Your Coming Back. And it's the end of the world, we're starting over and I love you darling, and I am done, dear." Cameron is a highschool drop-out. A lowlif...
Pogs n Shit (a oneshot book) by lonely-dancing
Pogs n Shit (a oneshot book)by bruhmoment
"Sorry, what? I couldn't hear you over the sound of my crippling debt." Platonic and sometimes satirical or angsty oneshots that will either make you sad or ha...
lover of mine by comanache
lover of mineby ♱ 𝑠𝑎𝑏
{ smplive , misfits , lunch club imagines ! } my love, my love, is more than enough.
Schlattbur oneshots 2 by Forgotten_Author_
Schlattbur oneshots 2by writer
welcome to part 2, it is basically what it says in the title. feel free to request anything :) cover art by me, just a random sketch from a chapter in book 1 note- shipp...
As It Was - Jschlatt x Reader by maracinocherry
As It Was - Jschlatt x Readerby Cherry
Y/N, stuck in a boring desk job, remembers the long past days of college. One day, they get a call from old friends, forcing them into a get-together. Seeing everyone ha...
Nightcrawler (A Slimecicle FF) by Nim_SDMN
Nightcrawler (A Slimecicle FF)by Nim_SDMN
Hi! This is part of a new series I'm doing, with three books. Each book is a continuation of the previous one, but they also each have their own love interest (the other...
Roommates ; Ted Nivison by TheQueenOPower
Roommates ; Ted Nivisonby TheQueenOPower
"And they were roommates." "Oh my god, they were roommates." A reserved girl is pared with an outgoing guy. How will they ever survive?
Aᴘᴏᴄᴀʟʏᴘsᴇ|Jsᴄʜʟᴀᴛᴛ × Rᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ by gaywvresident
Aᴘᴏᴄᴀʟʏᴘsᴇ|Jsᴄʜʟᴀᴛᴛ × Rᴇᴀᴅᴇʀby Chris
[Book also available on Ao3, username is the same] The world goes into a state of panic as a virus starts turning humans into flesh eating monsters. You are rescued by a...
LIE DETECTOR by beezuses
LIE DETECTORby beezuses
a joke, a snitch, a threat.