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IFLY (jschlatt x reader) by ashesnotfound
IFLY (jschlatt x reader)by Grayson <3
"I fuckin' love ya, babe." He told you. !!COMPLETED!! IF SCHLATT ASKS TO TAKE THIS DOWN, I WILL. #1 in lunch club (06/10/21), #1 in Jawsh (06/10/21), #1 in Sl...
Gamble into my heart by Caffeen4Kittens
Gamble into my heartby Caffeen4Kittens
Just Slimecicle and Quackity developing their friendship. I am using the Charectors from the Dream SMP, not the people themselves. I may just make my own storyline. Le...
Tommyinnit Oneshots by JellyBean6540
Tommyinnit Oneshotsby Jelly Bean
Oneshots of Tommyinnit, the Wife Haver himself. There's a combination of angst and fluff, but mostly angst. Hope you enjoy!
Cigarettes and Whiskey. (Chuckle Sandwich x Reader) by winkywonker
Cigarettes and Whiskey. (Chuckle Emma
Y/N's father is not a very clean man. His record isn't the most innocent, considering he's a gambler, a money launderer, an abuser, and a downright criminal. On differen...
°Learn How To Love° by Sxnshine_Gorxre
°Learn How To Love°by Sxnshine_Gorxre
A ship I've never seen before, rare ship collection lol, Eret and Charlie. Eret finds Charlie abandoned in a place no one would've checked. He needed to gain the small...
Run The World!!! | dream smp + reader | by -me_gusta-
Run The World!!! | dream smp + Jane
In which, Y/n, Slimecicle's little sister, is a faceless streamer and collabs with ranboo, little did she know that she would meet the best people she could ever ask for...
Tubbo X Fem~Reader by IvyWrites101
Tubbo X Fem~Readerby Ivy
This takes place in a realistic origin smp Minecraft gameplay, where you only have 5Lives and once those five lives are gone your gone. -Curse Warning -No Smut -Will ta...
My god, be mine by Mallory_Abi_Moriarty
My god, be mineby Mallory_Abi_Moriarty
Nobody knows how you actually arrived at the Dream Kingdom. It was as if one night, the planes were empty and the next day, a small cathedral appeared, with a very... ec...
jschlatt imagines by ruralhey
jschlatt imaginesby lil dweeb
some random things that i've written in my notes app at like 3 am lol. no nsfw or smut!! i'm v weirded out by that stuff x readers lowercase intended! if anyone written...
Quackcicle Oneshots!┆[Requests Open!] by Slimecicle_Kinnie
Quackcicle Oneshots!┆[Requests 🎲Winged!🎲
🎲.⁺ ⸝⸝. ✦ .⁺ ⸝⸝. ✦ .𐡘 𐡘♡𐡘 𐡘 ︰【𝘞𝘩𝘢𝘵'𝘴 𝘈𝘭𝘭𝘰𝘸𝘦𝘥!】 ⇢ ⋆ Tops and Bottoms. ୨୧ ⇢ ⋆ Fluff [ 🍭 ] ୨୧ ⇢ ⋆ Smut [🌹 ] ୨୧ ⇢ ⋆ Slight Angst [ 💔 ] (omg so brocken😢...
Romance is Boring || Wilbur Soot x Reader by Femeulous
Romance is Boring || Wilbur Soot Femeulous
You recently moved to California with your mom and had to leave your friends and everything else behind. When you started attending your new school, you've suddenly met...
Dream smp as Warrior cats by Fletchingclaws
Dream smp as Warrior catsby Fletchlingclaws
Just me making the whole dream smp as warrior cats, while making a whole story, Timeline, fractions, etc. You know the usual Cover by: Idk sorry
MCYT Agere One-Shots!~ by eli_still_exists
MCYT Agere One-Shots!~by ||ειi ιsητ нεгε||
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Hi!! Ple...
MELLOHI  ,  mcyt imagines  by axeofpeace
MELLOHI , mcyt imagines by zhongli kinnie
𝐈𝐍 𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐂𝐇 i write imagines and preferences with your favorite mcyts and dream smp members! or... 𝐖𝐇𝐄𝐑𝐄...
Valley of the Damned by Alphanightrunner
Valley of the Damnedby Alphanightrunner
TechnobladexReader This takes place in the origin smp.
Love at First Fight - SMPlive - Jschlatt x reader by smplive-smpearth-fan
Love at First Fight - SMPlive - Rox <3
A little over a month into streaming on Twitch, you get invited to join a PVP tournament. Little do you know that game of Minecraft would change your life forever.
schlatt (+lunch club) : babysitter by bluemoononi
schlatt (+lunch club) : babysitterby bluemoononi
being sick all the time sucks when it comes to getting out much so the first time you travel, it's a pretty big deal. who knows, maybe you'll make some friends, maybe yo...
string bean pt. 2 | wilbur soot by 1MM0VING0N
string bean pt. 2 | wilbur sootby HE/HIM!!
THIS IS A SEQUEL. READ BOOK ONE BEFORE THIS ONE; IT'LL MAKE A LOT MORE SENSE :) a string bean sequel written by yours truly. VEE & WILBUR... your favorite fictional cou...
* Lunch Club + Friends Imagines * DISCONTINUED by queenbeeaches
* Lunch Club + Friends Imagines * queenbeeaches
No longer writing due to change in opinion of the group but still here for people to read if you want to! Does include other youtubers (e.g Jawsh, Kryoz, Smii7y) JANUARY...