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All Mine (Completed) (Being Edited) by werwolf12345
All Mine (Completed) (Being Edited)by Werwolf12345
Hello Everyone! Just a quick note to say that I am editing this book and I am making the chapters a little bit longer. If some chapters don't make sense just bare with m...
Life on the Run - Book 2 of the Time to Run Series by Deelark
Life on the Run - Book 2 of the Denise
The second book from the Time to Run series: The Gathering Tim and Lydia along with the others encounter a group of people. Who are they? Will they be good or bad? Will...
Blurred Souls (Editing) #Wattys2019 by Deethewriter
Blurred Souls (Editing) #Wattys2019by H a d e e l
{ #1 in teenfiction and featured on What's hot list Previously entitled as I Am His PunchingBag} "Fake happiness is the worse sadness." * She's got the eyes o...
ghost / hs by __criminalminds___
ghost / hsby rose
On December 19th, 2014, Harry Styles was involved in a hit and run. Now, his presence lurks the vintage house of Arkendale; a small town in England, trying to find the...
My Reward; His Punishment. [COMPLETED] by letmeeewrite
My Reward; His Punishment. [ letmeeewrite
Jane's life has become even more tragic after marrying the hottest and sexiest person of her town, because Adam is yet into the death of his previous wife, much of a ste...
Saving Grace✔️ by Wimbug
Saving Grace✔️by Stef
For Grace, eternal life isn't all it's cracked up to be, not when her skin gets so itchy when she messes up, she's afraid she might scratch herself to death. As much as...
THOMESA's daughter by writingfanfictionns
THOMESA's daughterby BIANCA
After the immunes were sent to paradise, they lived a happy life. Thomas and Teresa got married and had a daughter named Isabella. The immunes remained happy until the p...
Darkness by Deelark
Darknessby Denise
Lindsey Dylan is a journalist who is always going out of her way to get a great story. She fears nothing until one night on Halloween she meets a strange guy called Kale...
The Under Cover Footballer by perksofpurple
The Under Cover Footballerby holly
Football / Soccer COMPLETED AND BEING EDITED This is how it all started: "I dare you Skye Chance to join the boys Soccer team in disguise as a boy for a whole sea...
Hooded Wolves by Gotisch
Hooded Wolvesby Gicele Adria
I was carefree but he turned me into a beast. I had a clear path but he painted my world red. I trusted him to protect me. He returned my trust with betrayal. I died fr...
Souviendra de Nous [Lesbian Story] by InZanity_R
Souviendra de Nous [Lesbian Story]by InZanity_R
[FLEURMIONE] [Harry Potter in Hunger Games universe] What would it take to bring back what's lost? To crave for someone that's been long gone? Hermione Jean Granger, vic...
Dimitri (NaNoWriMo15) by Jemmaleena
Dimitri (NaNoWriMo15)by Jemma
The sequel to Anya. Now that they have been torn apart from each other. Anya and Dimitri have to figure out life without each other. With his family now safe, Dimitri a...
I'm the emo lesbian by phoesrules
I'm the emo lesbianby Phoebe
Cover photo does not belong to me 18 year old Katie had a normal life, almost perfect until 18 year old Alice came into the picture. she was hot sexy and irresistible t...
Taking the Long Way Home by kky_claud
Taking the Long Way Homeby Claudia
Claudia Hampton is a social misfit. She was born into a family where she was taught from young that money was everything and parents had to fight in order to get it. She...
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The Ailing Heart by Vindhyaa
The Ailing Heartby Vindhyaa
The story revolves around an Indian girl born and brought up in London. Things are all in place until she crosses paths with the spoilt British brat, Liam. The guy with...
The Chair by Deelark
The Chairby Denise
The story is set in a fictional New York City and is about a chair that has been invented by a scientist who believes he can transport peoples' minds to a different plac...
One Hell Of A Summer by xXForever_LoveXx
One Hell Of A Summerby holly :)
Three months before Thea Walsh is set to begin her perfect life at an Ivy League college, she realises something is wrong. That is, that she's forgotten to actually live...
If Trouble Could Talk by MorganLHunter
If Trouble Could Talkby Morgan
WARNING: Mild drug references. -Troublemaker (Noun)- 1. A person who habitually causes problems and/or dysfunction. Even unintentionally. Synonyms: agitator, ringleader...
The Maze Escaper (Thomesa) by writingfanfictionns
The Maze Escaper (Thomesa)by BIANCA
Years after the escape from the maze, Teresa and Thomas was made to return to the glade. With their memories erased again. This time, a new evil plan has struck, there i...
#ILoveYou #YouLoveHer by itsmichellekelly
#ILoveYou #YouLoveHerby itsmichellekelly
Michelle is back home from her move-out assert-independence stint. Some things are still the same- like she's still-single since-birth, while some things have changed...