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Hunter ❁ N. Sorrentino by _asiwicki
Hunter ❁ N. Sorrentinoby Dani
❝ we protect those who cannot protect themselves ❞ Throughout her life, Cami and her brothers were taught to hold their own. From learning how to cook and sustain themse...
Emily. - A Bitten Fanfiction  by alphashewolf90
Emily. - A Bitten Fanfiction by alphashewolf90
The borders of Stone Haven was surrounded, with no way of escaping. The woodland that filled and spread throughout the land was crawling with the creatures that owned th...
A hunt for Hope by Elizabethisntedgy
A hunt for Hopeby Lilibet/Liz
Winnie has been with Nicky for a good two years now and they finally have to visit his pack. You see, the alpha Jeremy has called him back for a hunt for a new mutt who...
Changes by Corinder
Changesby Corinder
Honeymoons for werewolves aren't easy. You've got to worry about the changes, about food, about privacy, about the extensive damage bills caused during rough 'cuddles'...
My Crush My Love My Summer by Elizabeth_Hamm
My Crush My Love My Summerby Elizabeth Faith Hamm
I didn't want it to happen- - wait why am I lying of course I wanted the man in my nightmares to die. I'm glad he's dead after what he did to me and my sister. I should...
Periwinkle Den. The Jig-saws by Charles Thomson. by CharlesThomson
Periwinkle Den. The Jig-saws by Charles Thomson
Periwinke Den. Introduction. Periwinkle Den is situated in the heart of Dunnottar Woods, roughly 1 mile from the Market Square in Stonehaven. A walk through the paths of...
BRUISES to ASH ― bitten by ws04816
BRUISES to ASH ― bittenby ws04816
Yara Faraday would give her last breath to avenge her father and the missing. She arrives at the steps of Stonehaven prepared to die. The last thing she expects to find...
Beautiful Beasts ❈ Bitten by SimplyDreaming28
Beautiful Beasts ❈ Bittenby ☾alexis☽
He left, my father left along with my brother before I was born. It was easier to leave us; me and my mother. He didn't have to stay for me, my gender made that decision...
Hunted by Corinder
Huntedby Corinder
Book 1 Elizabeth, a twenty six year old Australian, had no idea such things as 'werewolves' existed before she came to America. Captured by a mad man who claimed he was...
The Daughter || WTS by DoritoKiller
The Daughter || WTSby Ðørïtõ
In which people are brought together to watch the life of Jeremy Danvers daughter and see the changes one person can have in their lives while also seeing what could hav...