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Golden Boy (EDITING) by L0veLikeHate
Golden Boy (EDITING)by L0veLikeHate
He arrived in my Uncle's Diner at midnight with fresh bruises, cuts and blood all over his face. He was carrying a young toddler and a old rucksack on his back. It was t...
His Heart Bonus Scenes by darkcharisma
His Heart Bonus Scenesby darkcharisma
His Heart extra scenes about Lizzie and Charlie's family.
Rimaru x fem veldanava by Austin992585
Rimaru x fem veldanavaby Skip226
This is a little side story to the big protects
Run Boy Run (HOLD) by littlen23
Run Boy Run (HOLD)by littlen23
Sometimes trauma never goes away you just make room for it. Nobody ever wants to relive or remember their trauma but it never leaves you. When old friends who are always...
The Spring Musical by pinkphonecasegirl
The Spring Musicalby pinkphonecasegirl
In her sophomore year, theatre kid Jane finds herself cast in the lead of her school's musical! The excitement of her thrilling situation o only grows when she learns sh...
Rywan by maddyluvs555
Rywanby Maddy
Baby y/n is Sebastian and Oliver's little sister!! Both of the boy wanted you to meet the boys, did you meet the boy or stay home with Mrs. Moy? Started: 2/16/23 Ended:...
Find me when you Love me (on hold)  by DEADFUCKINGACCOUNT
Find me when you Love me (on hold) by Tiffing Bird
5 year old Iris never thought that her Mother would bring home an abusive man and ignore everything that happened. now she is 16 and has finally found some friends. with...
Club Houses And Coffee Shops by seasea1011
Club Houses And Coffee Shopsby seasea1011
In the midst of Tennessee there were two friends. Gabe and Layla. They might not have been friends at first, but eventually they became inseparable. Layla's feelings gro...
THE COMIC TWINS by PrincessLizzy8
Born on the same day but to different parents; Ashleigh Bell and Makena Chillo are polar opposites. Makena is a red head, tomboy, has a cool, daring and wild personality...
Scars remain by The_Huntress_01
Scars remainby Yukiko
The twins have not had it easy, their life has left them with a few scars, and now they have moved to a new town where they can leave their past behind. When they meet p...
It's all about miracles by calartian
It's all about miraclesby Calartian Koh
Two women entered my family for my father's wealth as soon as my mother disappeared. Her disappearance was somehow convinced as murdered but I knew she was still alive l...
Me x your mom by mitsukiOxo
Me x your momby mitsukI♥️
A story about me sleeping with your mom . How will you react when you find out ?read to find out :)also this will probably have cussing in it so don't be surprised if yo...
Our Journey by JenniferJohnson8302
Our Journeyby JenniferJohnson8302
Poetry of a Step-mother and her Step-daughters My name is Jennifer Johnson and I am from a small town in Indiana. I began writing at an early age and the passion has stu...
Lost in You by taylor_storrs
Lost in Youby Taylor
Hey, I'm Alexa and I'm only 16 years old. Me and my friends were going out when all of a sudden it hit us yet guys where looking at us. When we got back home we were tal...
The Sethember Case by DraconisSolutus
The Sethember Caseby Alexander
In a world where flickers from the sun are occasionally sending the world into darkness, problems occur such as; strange anomalies; a toddler gone missing; angry step pa...
Breaking Free by depressedviolinist
Breaking Freeby Just a Sad Violinist
My name is Jasmine Miller And this is my story -----------------------------(***)----------------------------- Jasmine Miller is just like you and me. She goes to school...
Stay Strong <3 (helpful tips for everyday life) by musicismylife2004
Stay Strong <3 (helpful tips for I'm a girl, that's all you ne...
this i guess you could call it story? not really sure. In this 'story' i will have some tips on handling everyday problems in life. i love to help people and make them f...
Paralegal Truth by RedFeatherNina
Paralegal Truthby Rebecca "RedFeather" Ridout
Deaf Ducks, Blind Sheep. Language Barrier's and Healing Motivation. Culture and Life styles. Christian Content Quoted. The description here is an autobiography. Copyrigh...
Randomness by HiddenTroll20
Randomnessby HiddenTroll20
Random writing. Bits of poetry or other things that pop into my head.
The Vampiress's Affair by CailinGeorge4
The Vampiress's Affairby Cailin George
This started as a thought while I was at work... She was a human once, forced to marry a man well known for being cruel, however, the night before the wedding, she ran...