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Stardew Valley Shorts by JunimoLover
Stardew Valley Shortsby madhatter
I see these a lot and decided to try it for myself! Just some short, fun stories on the bachelors (and now, bachelorettes!) of the game! I will take suggestions for stor...
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Stardew Valley Sebastian x Reader by AsinineK9
Stardew Valley Sebastian x Readerby AsinineK9
Fem!Reader You are just starting to get a feel for this strange new town. It's not easy, but it sure is easier than learning how to farm. Through all the meeting people...
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Intoxicated (Stardew Valley) by deceiviing
Intoxicated (Stardew Valley)by eisha
Moving into your late grandfather's farm in Pelican Town, you didn't expect to be drawn to the town's drunk, much less be intoxicated by him. ⋆ These characters and set...
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Inspiration (Elliott x Female Reader) by CTTheSeaWing
Inspiration (Elliott x Female #IHAVEWAYTOOMANYOTPS
A Character x Reader story for everyone's favourite writer, Elliott. Highest rank: #1 in #stardewvalley
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Stardew Valley - Harvey Imagines by DanaDay8
Stardew Valley - Harvey Imaginesby Dana Day
A collection of imagines with Harvey. Female Reader based. Some imagines will have drawings done by me at the beginning. Please enjoy, and feel free to leave suggestion...
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Will You Save Me? (A Stardew Valley FanFiction) by KiaKill
Will You Save Me? (A Stardew Kia
When young city girl Kyra Ray moves to Stardew valley she catches the eye of a young freelance programmer named Sebastian. Sebastian is a young man who longs to leave hi...
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*a totally cool fan fiction about shane from stardew valley (Reader x Shane) by YummySalad
*a totally cool fan fiction YummySalad
LOVE *dont read this please*
Shane(Stardew Valley) x Reader shots by MyLifeAsAPygmyPuff
Shane(Stardew Valley) x Reader MyLifeAsAPygmyPuff
There is just not enough Shane x Reader stuff. I've looked. I figure doing shots is a little more doable than trying to have a plot because I take those way seriously. T...
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Stardew Valley - Sebastian X Fem!Reader by Natsunokoya
Stardew Valley - Sebastian X Fem! Natsunokoya
So i know i haven't updatede this in a long time, but i'm really trying my best so i dont write some half heartede shit no one would want to read . so it migth take a w...
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Stardew Valley Zodiacs [ENG] by ZuaaBestia
Stardew Valley Zodiacs [ENG]by ZuaaBestia
Yeah, in english, because why not? ;) Picture not mine. All copyrights belong to ConcernedApe!
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Open-Hearted by gingerbradbi
Open-Heartedby rae
Laughter, video games and secrets are shared and kept in this friend group. Olivia, a new farmer, nearly drowns at the beach before she is saved by someone who will soon...
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Stardew valley storries by ellinoninen
Stardew valley storriesby Elin Olsson
I am in love with this game and now when I have joined a community where we talk a lot about this and it makes me think a lot more around the world of Stardew then just...
10 hearts - A Stardew Valley (Sebastian) imagine  by egogrumps
10 hearts - A Stardew Valley ( Ego
A little imagine I decided to write based off of the cut scene that happens when you reach 10 hearts with Sebastian in Stardew Valley! I never see any stories about this...
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Stardew Valley: Shane x OC by Kaleber19
Stardew Valley: Shane x OCby Patricia Ann Fuller
Willow is a girl who feels like she could do so much more in her life than what her parents want her to do. So she moved to Stardew valley in hopes of finding life there...
Stones Skipping Over Water by saturn-and-stars
Stones Skipping Over Waterby lily
pizza, sashimi, and a whole lotta joja cola sam and sebastian's goal is figuring out their band. but is that the only thing they could find?
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Sebastian's Heart Events - Stardew Valley - Sebastian x OC by Pinosilky
Sebastian's Heart Events - Pinosilky
*10 heart event included!* Prepare for cursing, children. Long story short, Sebastian is my favorite character and of the opposite gender, therefore, my insert will love...
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Stardew Valley Reader x Morris by SupposedlyDead
Stardew Valley Reader x Morrisby E
Thirteen years after the events of the game Stardew Valley you, a new citizen come to find a once lovely community under heavy joja influence. You attempt to turn this o...
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~ON HOLD~ Distracted Farming - Alex - Stardew Valley by BlueBlackRose182
~ON HOLD~ Distracted Farming - BlueBlackRose182
You move to Pelican Town to start a new life. Before you know it, you have become distracted from your farming by a certain athlete. ***Note*** I do not own Stardew Vall...
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The Better Shane Fanfiction  (Shane x reader) by YummySalad
The Better Shane Fanfiction ( YummySalad
Hey guess what I wrote a garbage fanfiction awhile ago and i'm fixing it because it was garbage so enjoy also coverart credit to me thanks love you too
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Memories Forgotten. A Stardew Valley Fanfiction by Lanx12
Memories Forgotten. A Stardew Lanx12
Meet Marcus Highhope. His life was stale, his heart not in the game, his only escape a ran down farm in dire need of repair. Follow the life of a simple man who truly fo...
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