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Who Made Me A Princess Reactions! 🌸 🌼 🌺 by Immortal-Divinity
Who Made Me A Princess 🍒• Cherry •🍒
🌼 Some characters from the famous webcomic/novel react to their story "Who made me a princess"/"Suddenly I became a princess" 🌼 🌸 Featured In This...
The Princess With a Future Set in Stone by Adivonna
The Princess With a Future Set Villainous Empress
"You will be killed at the hands of your father. You will never have the family you desire. Your future has been set in stone" After Anthanasia's hears these w...
𝐒𝐈𝐋𝐊'𝐒 𝐒𝐂𝐄𝐍𝐓 .°* | vol i. by Whothefuckisvideo
ㅤ ♔。:*•.─────    𑁍̤ ❛ HAUNTING ―― LINGERS BEHIND . . . 𝘈 𝘚𝘔𝘌𝘓𝘓 𝘖𝘍 𝘚𝘐𝘓𝘒 * a fanfiction based on a crossover between 'who made me a p...
A million worth of fate (wmmap And Lucathy fanfiction) by Theiaplays
A million worth of fate (wmmap Theiaplays
this is only a fanfiction of wmmap since it is my favourite original by Plutus,spoon I do not own anything here except the fanfiction story itself '~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wh...
Ambrosine de Alger Obelia {WMMAP} [REPOST] by blahblahblehbooo
Ambrosine de Alger Obelia {WMMAP} blahblahblehbooo
A/N: I wrote this book on my previous account that had the same username and instead of deleting it, I logged out of it and can't log back in so I'm reposting all of my...
𝗖𝗿𝗲𝘀𝘁𝗳𝗮𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗻 [WMMAP x M! Prince] by SocietyMenace
𝗖𝗿𝗲𝘀𝘁𝗳𝗮𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗻 [WMMAP x Mᴇɴᴀᴄᴇ
"Atanas de Alger Obelia, the future sun of the Obelian Empire." When Athanasia reincarnated into the world of a Novel, 'The Lovely Princess', she immediately...
Another Princess ( LOVELY PRINCESS)  by Athanasia201
Another Princess ( LOVELY Athanasia201
#1 Highest ranking in Lovely Princess 23/11/20 Treasure of Obelia? or a Psychopath? Jenette De Alger Obelia the real treasure of Emperor Claude steals everything from p...
Reacting to ' Who Made me a Princess ? " by mxrasmith
Reacting to ' Who Made me a S.A. Ritz
Some of the characters from the famous webcomic ' Who Made me a Princess ' were suddenly teleported into a large room to watch the future of the young princess Athanasia...
Fate of the Cursed (WMMAP / Who made Me A Princess Fanfic) by IzumiIre
Fate of the Cursed (WMMAP / Who 和泉アイレ(Izumi Ire)
Claude feels no regret of killing his own daughter, as time goes by he suffers from terrible headache, one night due to unbearable pain he suddenly collapsed in the hall...
The Emperor's Visit to Another World (WMMAP / Who Made Me a Princess? Fanfic) by tokku96
The Emperor's Visit to Another tokku96
What if Claude was transported into the world of "The Lovely Princess"?
The Forgotten Descendants  by YuiMizu1412
The Forgotten Descendants by YuiMizu1412
Set in The Lovely Princess universe.Its been two decades after Princess Athanasia's death.Or so the Obelian Empire thought.The royal family live in peace until corruptio...
Eternal Solar Eclipse by Sylver_Drawer
Eternal Solar Eclipseby Creator
"A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes in front of the sun, blocking it out partially or completely." ... Claude de Alger Obelia, the sun of the kingdom...
A Different Beginning  //  WMMAP by Diamaker
A Different Beginning // WMMAPby fanfic writer
What if, Athanasia and Jennette, had different lives? What if, Jennette was born in the woods but raised in the palace? What if, Athanasia was born in the palace but rai...
" Do You Remember When " - Lucathy Fanfiction [ Completed ] by attheiajazlyn
" Do You Remember When " - theia🍀
Athanasia suddenly got teleported back in the modern world and lives in a very modern life with her family and friends. But there's this emptiness inside her. What it c...
Obelia's Pizza (wmmap) {1} [COMPLETE] by yooni_im
Obelia's Pizza (wmmap) {1} [ yoonie~
"Hello this is Obelia's Pizza. What can I get for you?"-athanasia- "why there's still have Obelia's Pizza since we have a Pizza Hut and Domino's Pizza?&qu...
Ambition & Ambiguity || Who Made Me A Princess (HIATUS) by destinytion
Ambition & Ambiguity || Who Made ➽─solaris.atelier─❥
At the age of four, a 'cursed' boy with rampant magic was sought out by the Obelian Empire's greatest knight. Upon doing so, Felix Robane meets Emrys-the rightful heir t...
Who Made Me A Princess {~One Shots~} by JustBitchingAround
Who Made Me A Princess {~One JustBitchingAround
About/Related to the story/stories(?)~ These are just casual one shots of the manhwa "Who Made Me A Princess" by illustrator Spoon @spoin_1122 (on Instagram)...
Obelia's Burger (wmmap) {2} [COMPLETE] by yooni_im
Obelia's Burger (wmmap) {2} [ yoonie~
"thank you for calling Obelia's Burger. How may I help you?"-Athanasia- "I want 1 set of Chicken Wings, and 1 pepperoni pizza"-Lucas- Started: 14 Apr...
He's Blossoming, because of Her by LeviAndErenAreMine
He's Blossoming, because of Herby LeviAndErenAreMine
(WMMAP FF) The Cold Hearted Emperor, Claude De Alger Obelia of the Obelia Empire, smiled loving to the baby held in his arms. A massacre had just happened a moment ago y...
A different outcome (Who made me a princess) by bro-idek
A different outcome (Who made me bro-idek
What if Jenette was introduced to Claude as his daughter at the Debutante shortly after Athy danced with him. How would he react? What will happen to Athanasia? (Also th...