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LOVE at First Sight with DA-GAY? by shyinggirl26
LOVE at First Sight with DA-GAY?by Gremarie06
Naranasan mo na bang mainlove sa Isang LALAKI at worst sa Isang BAKLA? Yong Hindi mo sinasadyang makita Siya ng magaganda mong mga mata ay Hindi mo na mapigilang tingnan...
The Book Of Gacha Cringe,Gacha Stereotypes,Gacha Logic Etc by StarEclipse_YT
The Book Of Gacha Cringe,Gacha Ste...by ✨ It meh, Star✨
Hello All The Pics in this Book are mine and Hope U enjoy This Book
The help me program by Cat2014
The help me programby Cataleeee
Ryan Myers is a 15 year old girl going through her years of high school. Ryan is use to controlling everyone around her and always gets what she wants. She has no regar...
The Bitch's Point of View by charitells
The Bitch's Point of Viewby Charity Laluna
Faye is the youngest among the Seas quadroplets. Spolied with everything and almost has anything a daughter could wish for including the love and attention of her brothe...
The female intersex bodyguard g×g by rmsunholybro
The female intersex bodyguard g×gby Rm'sleftnamtiddie
this story is about a fearless and savage bodyguard named Stephanie who is appointed as the body guard of the bratty and flirty daughter(Miley) of the mafia king let's s...
Spoiled Brat | Taekook by BAEKTANNED
Spoiled Brat | Taekookby b
Taehyung is a spoiled brat. He gets whatever he wants, including that hit raven haired man named Jeon Jungkook. Taekook Fanfiction [This book was already finished at 1M...
Until When by MissyBrokenx
Until Whenby MissyBroken
The Fierce and Spoiled Cliodhna Feyra Castanieda run away from his father's wrath. She thought that leaving her old life will solve everything. Pinili niyang pumunta sa...
I'm Sorry Daddy (Short Story) by ErineDyosa
I'm Sorry Daddy (Short Story)by ErineDyosa
Hindi ko inaasahan na ganito pala ang mangyayari pagkatapos ng lahat. Puro sarili ko lang ang iniisip ko di ko man lang pinahalagahan ang mga ginawa niya para sakin. Kay...
-soraxx-sweet little love story- by BuilderChxck
-soraxx-sweet little love story-by BuilderChxck
Fanart from Builder Chxck in instagram No desc
The Hated Child by please-leave
The Hated Childby no
The story of the hated child
a lil' tease won't hurt || Drarry by switchersxs
a lil' tease won't hurt || Drarryby nova
-they hate eachother, they hate eachother. or.. do they?- *Hi! This is is a story I wrote a looooong time ago, which was back in 2014, and I'm rewriting some parts! I h...
Love series#2: Continually Love [On-going] by Stacii874
Love series#2: Continually Love [O...by Imlouisajoy
She's a Spoiled brat she can get whatever she wants not until she forced to live with her long time yaya everything's change Started date: 06/16/2022 Finished Date: On-g...
holographics  [joshler] by larrryjoshler
holographics [joshler]by <3
josh just wants to make his baby boy happy, but it's hard when his angel is a spoiled brat.
Stop// Narry Smut by stillines
Stop// Narry Smutby iz
Niall is a spoiled brat and Harry is really annoyed so he punished his baby
Ms. Spoiled Brat meets Mr. Popular by laveeeeeeee01
Ms. Spoiled Brat meets Mr. Popularby Lave
"I want it, I got it" Sapphire always believes that when she wants it, she gots it not until she met Timothy, the popular student at her school. She wants him...
Mine Forever by Reebharate
Mine Foreverby Ree🥂
When we are forced to hate our heart turned it into love.
His Slut(ON HOLD) by 1-800-SUCK-YOUR-CUM
His Slut(ON HOLD)by Ning Ning 宁宁😘
This story has age gaps so please don't come for me at the gaps of the ages if they make you uncomfortable you can change there age closer in your mind idc
The Spoiles Brat meets The Spoiled Brat  by jstn_queen
The Spoiles Brat meets The Spoiled...by jstn_queen
The girl named Eudora was a certifide Spoiled Brats meets Ashe known as a certifide Spoiled Brat too .Let us witness their story . Possible nga bang mag ka inlovan ang d...