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Splatoon 3 x Human Male  by chromehearts0
Splatoon 3 x Human Male by chromehearts0
What happens when a human unintentionally crosses over into the world of Splatoon? Rise to the top as you traverse Splatsville, forge relationships with idols, and even...
•|Splatoon Manga Headcanons|• by Lazy_Eli
•|Splatoon Manga Headcanons|•by Lazy_Eli
It's okay if you don't agree with these, they're headcanons for a reason. So I decided to make a book about them uwu I publish a new chapter like every 2 months so pleas...
Splatoon: Humanity's Second Chance by RadGamer14
Splatoon: Humanity's Second Chanceby RadGamer14
Dan and his little sister Daisy wake up in a world that's completely different to their own, it appears that humanity has been replaced by new inhabitants. How do they s...
I reincarnated into Splatoon?! (Manga Splatoon Boys x Octo!Fem!Reader) by Tailsfan2015
I reincarnated into Splatoon?! (Ma...by Tailsfan2015
Splatoon is one of your most favorite games from Nintendo and Splatoon 2 and 3 is your most favorite for the fact you can play as an Octoling, even to the fact you had a...
sm ⟿ emperor by -_TomuraShigaraki_-
sm ⟿ emperorby 笑み子
THE COMPLETE STORY GETS REWRITTEN BEFORE CONTINUATION! This is a story based on the game splatoon and the manga coroika. I do not own the game or manga and any of the in...
𝙄𝘿𝙊𝙇 𝙄𝙉 𝘿𝙄𝙎𝙂𝙐𝙄𝙎𝙀 by fairy-duxt
𝙄𝘿𝙊𝙇 𝙍𝙀𝘼𝘿𝙀𝙍 ──── [splatoon manga x gn. reader] - 𝐖𝐇𝐎 knew gaining this much popularity would cause you to disguise yourself during your vacation published:...
Anonymity by Shupdalup
Anonymityby Shupdalup
Agent 3 didn't really like the spotlight too much, He liked to have his privacy intact, but with a picture accidentally shared by Callie goes on her blog. He can kiss hi...
Splatoon  Oneshots by Lyricalily
Splatoon Oneshotsby Dreamcatcher
Ummm... read the title
Splatoon x Male Reader by DForrester
Splatoon x Male Readerby DForrester
You are just an average inkling in Inkopolis Square, when you notice a strange person who changes your life. This story begins in Splatoon 2, but I will mark in the chap...
An Octarian Princess by alexsismindina
An Octarian Princessby alexsismindina
Cody Park AKA, Agent 4, was recruited into the Squidbeak Splatoon by Agent 2, AKA, Marie Cuttlefish. As Cody collected all the Zap Fish, he made it to DJ Octavio himself...
Unwanted Colour by MissLoserLover
Unwanted Colourby Ms. Loser
A lot of People Like my Splatton X Rwby Harem. So Why not make a regular Splatton Harem Don't worry I'll make a Rwby Harem and it doesn't have to anything with my oth...
Alone In A Brand New World (Splatoon x Reader) by AlanBall22
Alone In A Brand New World (Splato...by Alan
Humans. A species that died out centuries ago. Now replaced by new life forms on Earth. With tentacles for hair, and ink filling their weapons, they are called Inklings...
Bleached Of The Curse (Splatoon x Male reader) by yangg1no
Bleached Of The Curse (Splatoon x...by [Yang]gino
(Y/N) is a victim of an experiment on an island near Inkopolis. The goal of the experiment was to create an Inkling resistant to ink. Many test subjects died because of...
A World Once Familiar (Splatoon/Subnautica x Male Reader) by ASnazzyGuy
A World Once Familiar (Splatoon/Su...by Only The Snazziest
Cover designed by @Imitoni A world of water is the worst an inkling can ask for. Then again, so is being kidnapped by a species long thought extinct. Many misfortunes...
Splatoon Manga Boyfriend Scenarios by Say_Shibexie
Splatoon Manga Boyfriend Scenariosby Dead account ^^
Here are some boyfriend scenarios. The characters that will be included are as followed. Goggles Rider Army Aloha Mask Skull Emperor Characters I might add later on are...
Splatoon Manga Oneshots ♪ by Northvieu
Splatoon Manga Oneshots ♪by Northview
Well well well... What do we have here? Ah.. you must be the reader. Hi. I'm North, and I'll be writing oneshots of your favorite squiddos and octos~! ** More will be l...
Renewed In The Water by dingle_bringus
Renewed In The Waterby dumbfuck mcnuts
Join Gabe a 18 year old human who was put into hydrosleep (a different type of sleep then Judd's). As Gabe wakes up he realizes not only is that he is the last human ali...
My Knight in Shining Ink Armor | Splatoon 2 Fanfiction (Marie X Male Agent 4) by NathanInkling
My Knight in Shining Ink Armor | S...by Nathan Levy
Marie once said that "The path of a hero is a lonely one". Well in this story, she can forget that. Heroes deserve rewards as well and Agent 4 is quite in for...
Coroika x Demon Slayer by littlemommysb1tch
Coroika x Demon Slayerby littlemommysb1tch
What will happen when some of our coroika characters wake up in different bodies? Some being males in female bodies, viceversa, but most importantly... THEY'RE ALL HUMAN...