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South park online || South Park Chatfic || by auz_666
South park online || South Park Ch...by Katie ✨️❤️
This is a chatfic with characters from South park in!! Woooow because yes. A/n: small thing, they will be 15 to 16 in this since its easier to write at that age. Loads o...
Dark Skies and Bright Stars by cantsoell
Dark Skies and Bright Starsby i EMBARRASS myself
My name is Craig Tucker. Fuck you. This book needs a description, and since this is mostly about me, and Tweek but it'd probably be too much pressure for him, I suppose...
Biting Back Harder ||Creek|| by vilebou
Biting Back Harder ||Creek||by Noot.
Biting back isn't encouraged, but no ones gonna stop you. [Boys are 17+] Chapter titles are song names!
Gone and followed. \ \ \Creek/ Craig X Tweek mpreg./ / / by Underpants_gnomes
Gone and followed. \ \ \Creek/ Cra...by Stripe
Craig and Tweek were dumb young kids, fucking at any chance they got. . .without protection, Tweek got pregnant and Tweeks parents moved him out to New York to live with...
Truth or Dare by JustPlainTrash
Truth or Dareby I'm The Gayest Pineapple You'...
Craig and Tweekers are having a sleepover and decide to play the classic game of Truth or Dare. One shot. A bit OOC because writing is hard, m'kay. Enjoy. Or don't. You...
"Boyfrenemies" by teambroflovski
"Boyfrenemies"by brooke
You've heard of frenemies...but boyfrenemies? Tweek Tweak and Craig Tucker aren't the best of friends. But suddenly their rage and anger towards each other turns to comp...
"Boyfrenemies" Vol. 2 by teambroflovski
"Boyfrenemies" Vol. 2by brooke
tweek and craig are now in high school! their relationship seems to be quite comfortable between the two. until one day, a boy from North Park spots tweek and becomes in...
The Final battle || bunny || Butters X Kenny || Complete || by auz_666
The Final battle || bunny || Butte...by Katie ✨️❤️
Professor chaos x Mysterion!! this is a small super hero fanfiction I've done. There are more spelling errors then gay moments i this but I cannot be bothered to edit...
love like you (creek) by tweekbestboi
love like you (creek)by ivy
tweek just arrived to south park. craig is that one kid who has no interests in forming any kind of relationship, but little did he know that his world is gonna complete...
what happens after school - creek by HopOnMyIHop
what happens after school - creekby gay gay homosexual
Craig is forced to join an after school club by his parents. He's annoyed but does he really have a choice? He chooses the Film club cause he likes movies so... why not...
Creek/Bunny Pics/Comics by SweetVanillaPopcorn
Creek/Bunny Pics/Comicsby ❤Pastel Dream❤
Back from the long death, but that doesn't matter! I've got sum Bunny and Creek pics on my phone, I need to share them! Arts aren't by me, they belong to their respectfu...
Two Last Chances(Craig x Tweek AU) DISCONTINUED  by Kimchiartist
Two Last Chances(Craig x Tweek AU)...by KimCHi
~•Sequel to One Last Touch•~ "I don't want to waste my second last chance , I wanted to make it worth it for me and you." Craig Tucker, a boy with all the prob...
Creek - Budda Box aftermath by XxMessyWriterxX
Creek - Budda Box aftermathby XxMessyWriterxX
Not every relationship is perfect, even when it comes to Craig and Tweek. Ever since Craig wore the budda box, their relationship went downwards. Tweek tries to help, wi...
Solitude - South Park Creek by riko-cchi
Solitude - South Park Creekby Riko ♡
[I also posted this story on AO3, my username there is SupernovaDia. I decided to post it here as Well to reach more people with it.] Tweek and Craig have decided to vis...
Lol creek and vampires (I promise the story is decent) by cantsoell
Lol creek and vampires (I promise...by i EMBARRASS myself
No I did not research vampires at all, but did I write an entire creek story with one of them being a silly little blood sucker? Yes. I did. GUYS I KNOW VAMPIRES SEEM C...
secrets never stay secret by jinglebabycakes
secrets never stay secretby jinglebabycakes
craig and tweek start their senior year of high school after starting to secretly date over the summer. as they soon find out though, nothing stays secret in south park...
Hands off {A stripper Creek AU} by VinylDragon
Hands off {A stripper Creek AU}by A local homo
I've reached the point in my life where this was a good idea worth my time. --------------- Tweek has been resulted to his lowest point, his only choice to dance on a po...
El Gran Paso (Creek) by mrspirrup
El Gran Paso (Creek)by Mrs Pirrup
-Estas seguro Craig?- pregunto el castaño mientras le daba un sorbo a su bebida} -Mas que nunca Clyde, solo debo hallar el momento indicado- contesto el azabache de semb...
Creek  by AsherWontShutUp
Creek by AsherWontShutUp
⚠️They are aged up to 17⚠️
Tweek x Craig: the Analysis (Bigger, Better, Longer and Uncut) by paimonke
Tweek x Craig: the Analysis (Bigge...by anya
!SPOILERS FOR ALL OF SOUTH PARK! I'll be focusing on uncovering their sexualitys and canon relationship while also digging into people's theory's and going into depth ab...