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Longings Locked- SP Creek short story by jajankenpo24
Longings Locked- SP Creek short st...by Jany⭐️
Have you ever been so emotionally constipated that you get to college without ever falling in love??? Well that's the case for our little friend here, Craig Tucker. He h...
"Boyfrenemies" by teambroflovski
"Boyfrenemies"by brooke
You've heard of frenemies...but boyfrenemies? Tweek Tweak and Craig Tucker aren't the best of friends. But suddenly their rage and anger towards each other turns to comp...
"Boyfrenemies" Vol. 2 by teambroflovski
"Boyfrenemies" Vol. 2by brooke
tweek and craig are now in high school! their relationship seems to be quite comfortable between the two. until one day, a boy from North Park spots tweek and becomes in...
Dark Skies and Bright Stars by cantsoell
Dark Skies and Bright Starsby cantsoell
My name is Craig Tucker. Fuck you. This book needs a description, and since this is mostly about me, and Tweek but it'd probably be too much pressure for him, I suppose...
Creek oneshots 😱 by cantsoell
Creek oneshots 😱by cantsoell
PLEASE I KNOW THE COVER IS BAD BUT HEAR ME OUT!!!!! It's green because yellow and blue make green get it? Anyway it's creek oneshots :) They might be bad and if you thi...
Creek One shots. by GirlyCorpse
Creek One shots.by GirlyCorpse
One-shots and some short stories. Mostly Fluff! And maybe some AU's in the future. ----A summary for every one shot, so you'll know why the weird title------------
The Final battle || bunny || Butters X Kenny || Complete || by auz_666
The Final battle || bunny || Butte...by Katie ✨️❤️
Professor chaos x Mysterion!! this is a small super hero fanfiction I've done. There are more spelling errors then gay moments i this but I cannot be bothered to edit...
South park online || South Park Chatfic || by auz_666
South park online || South Park Ch...by Katie ✨️❤️
This is a chatfic with characters from South park in!! Woooow because yes. A/n: small thing, they will be 15 to 16 in this since its easier to write at that age. Loads o...
love like you (creek) by tweekbestboi
love like you (creek)by ivy
tweek just arrived to south park. craig is that one kid who has no interests in forming any kind of relationship, but little did he know that his world is gonna complete...
Coreopsis [Tweek x Craig] by marjoriinestotch
Coreopsis [Tweek x Craig]by red
Craig Tucker was fine with being in a fake relationship. Even though his feelings are real, he didn't mind pretending. He loved Tweek, and as long he was happy, so was C...
Creek/Bunny Pics/Comics by SweetVanillaPopcorn
Creek/Bunny Pics/Comicsby ❤Pastel Dream❤
Back from the long death, but that doesn't matter! I've got sum Bunny and Creek pics on my phone, I need to share them! Arts aren't by me, they belong to their respectfu...
what happens after school - creek by tenbulatz
what happens after school - creekby Slonky Style
Craig is forced to join an after school club by his parents. He's annoyed but does he really have a choice? He chooses the Film club cause he likes movies so... why not...
Pride month special || sp creek || tweek x Craig || by auz_666
Pride month special || sp creek ||...by Katie ✨️❤️
something i am doing in honor of pride month because I'm gay and so it tweek and craig. it a sign from God. They will be in 9th grade for this (14-15) due to I find it h...
creek oneshots || tweek x craig ||  by auz_666
creek oneshots || tweek x craig || by Katie ✨️❤️
Lil gay one shots <33 There is slow updates, but this is 100% ongoing!! All art shown is by me posted in my Instagram and twitter ( @ 1pansexual_mess)
Tweek X Craig [One-Shots] Creek  by Disarranged
Tweek X Craig [One-Shots] Creek by Disarranged
Its just a bunch of Creek oneshots. this is based off of other stories that inspired me. . . . . If you dont want to read it, dont read it, if ur gonna criticize me and...
Creek one shots  by jaxthemoron
Creek one shots by jaxthemoron
Just as it says! Just creek one shots 😃 might update slowly sometimes I'll put the ages other times it's up to you guys to decide! ( I do not write smut...)
Maybe So by Anduplex
Maybe Soby Anduplex
When did it start? Neither could really pinpoint it. If you asked anyone else they would say that those two have always been that way, they've always had an intimate rel...
Travel And Photos || Creek Love Story || Tweek X Craig || by auz_666
Travel And Photos || Creek Love St...by Katie ✨️❤️
Craig tucker, 26, he had worked with Nasa ever since finishing education. It was once a dream job if his, his only goal in life who work there. But now? Now he had that...
Tweek x Craig: the Analysis (Bigger, Better, Longer and Uncut) by paimonke
Tweek x Craig: the Analysis (Bigge...by anya
!SPOILERS FOR ALL OF SOUTH PARK! I'll be focusing on uncovering their sexualitys and canon relationship while also digging into people's theory's and going into depth ab...
South Park Instagram by youneyes
South Park Instagramby youneyes
Have you ever wondered what would happen if the South Park kids had Instagram? Well, I have. Join a group of teenagers of a small town in Colorado to share their advent...