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Buried Treasure (BakugoxReader) by mika_makes2
Buried Treasure (BakugoxReader)by Mika 💖
(L/n) (Y/n) lived in constant fear of pirates after her mother was killed by them and sister captured. It didn't help that her father, the governor of Maracaibo, Venezue...
World News by CountryHumansFrance
World Newsby StatehumanPennsylvania
Just part 2 from my book before and more 2020 NEWS
country human zodiacs  by arandomperson4545
country human zodiacs by arandomperson4545
Title says it all. I will accept requests so if you have something in mind don't be afraid to say. No art is by me, credit goes to all artists.
When will he be mine? ~ Adrienette by riyxna
When will he be mine? ~ Adrienetteby miraculousriri
Marinette dupain - Cheng has a MAJORRR crush on this boy... his names adrien ooooooooo. But nothing is really working out for her so kept reading if it turns out for her...
Countryhumans x reader (on hiatus currently) by __Crystal__water__
Countryhumans x reader (on Crystal bc everyone calls me...
I might have lost my mind- almost non of my chapters are proof read.
Small Blessings by WriterAEF
Small Blessingsby WriterAEF
Christmas means catastrophe in this holiday novella of undercover spies, assassins and international warfair. (@WriterOnTheIsland hosted a 12 Prompts of Christmas chal...
The Reluctant Backpacker by sarsot
The Reluctant Backpackerby sarah soteroff
Spanning 3 years, 23 countries, 45 cities, 31 flights, 15 bus rides, 5 ferry rides, and 9 train rides, this is the story of what happens when you learn you're never too...
The Beautiful Rose Unraveled by TheBeauitfulRose
The Beautiful Rose Unraveledby TheBeautifulRose
When America is at a meeting and feels something wet in her pants. She realized she started her period and was in jeans so it was visible. Also dear America was dressed...
Flames for Indigo Violets by TheOnlyCaris
Flames for Indigo Violetsby CarisLove
Alheli is the only silver knight female, chosen to protect the crown from childhood. After she accidentally helped fake the death of a Prince, her secret fiance Elias, t...
Headcannon And Stories No One Asked For by SouthernRebel45
Headcannon And Stories No One Southern ghost
This is random one-shots, story's, headcannons or ships of my boy Confederacy, ships or other ocs Request open!!! Note: If you're reading/seeing this in another site th...
Sacrifice: Atzi's Story by BorderCollie11
Sacrifice: Atzi's Storyby BorderCollie11
An Aztec girl is orphaned when her parents are sacrificed. She is alone for a year before she is found by a rich young man. She doesn't know it yet , but she as a surpri...
A Gift for the Sun by D3m0st3in0s
A Gift for the Sunby Jakub Novák
A girl saved from certain death faces a choice that decides her and her people's fates. With a magic amulet, she gains power, but it is solely up to her how she will use...
War Orphan -- A Tomás Araya Story ✔️ by SallyMason1
War Orphan -- A Tomás Araya Sal
THE PREQUEL NOVELLA TO WAR BRIDE Life has been a struggle for Tomás Araya. Orphaned after the execution of his parents by the new regime of Malaguay, he elbows his way u...
Gwen, are you ok? by mylastvacation
Gwen, are you ok?by Bruno Maiorana
A young girl has disappeared and a goat may have taken her. From Australia to Indonesia. From China to South America. From Canada to Mexico. Follow Gwen, Ria, and Br...
Twins Never  forgotten. by secret_stitch
Twins Never Stitchy
There had been rumors that countries once had twins, 2 representatives for each country, more if the country asked for it. Frankly it is a fact. A universal law of natu...
Jude is a boy who managed to escape the concentration camp where his parents died. A new life awaits him after joining a group of people who, like him, have survived the...
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The catgirl as a figure of world folklore (completed 1/1) by Captainleon_English
The catgirl as a figure of world CharmRing_English
Catgirls don't just belong to the anime. Their origins can be traced back to "Puss in boots" and even beyond on several continents.
Countryhumans Daycare! by _Konokaru_
Countryhumans Daycare!by Ray
((Do people do these anymore? Well, I don't know)) Welcome to the Countryhumans Daycare Center! All the countries in the world are being left here daily by their *ahem*...
Impulse's Desire by MikaylaVisser
Impulse's Desireby Mikayla Ashley Visser
"Soul Mates I don't know how you are so familiar to me-or why it feels less like I am getting to know you and more as though I am remembering who you are. How every...
Scars by IndigoJune
Scarsby June
The two brightest minds. The bravest warrior. Plucked from their homes, from their pack, and never to been seen again. Presumed dead. Perhaps, like many before them, t...