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FOR YOUR HEART-BOOM by TheUltim8_Life4m
Sonic gets crush on the least expected mobian in Seaside Island and tries to overcome all the obstacles in order to get through the hard shell surrounding the dark hedge...
Sonic: The Rainbow Awakening (My Own AU) by louissammy24
Sonic: The Rainbow Awakening (My Louis Sammy
Well, this is a Sonic story but I'm making it from an AU of my own non-Wattpad novel called The Rainbow Awakening, which was formerly this novel. I've published this sin...
Sonic Prime; Alternate Ending by ann3yfav
Sonic Prime; Alternate Endingby anne
Sonic and Shadow successfully saved the shatterverse, and everything has been set back to normal. But, where has shadow gone? Sonic goes out to find his (hopefully) new...
<Xx~My Art book ~xX> by Bacon_with_Eggsss
by Bacon_with_Eggsss
Some shit art and stuff Any, how u enjoy pookie 😘🥺🤓
Running on fumes by LiaVenus03
Running on fumesby ILoveEveryone
It was a warm night, Sonic could say he expected everything, but what he found by the church.
Come back to us || Sonic x Pokémon by Shad0w-S0lver
Come back to us || Sonic x Pokémonby CHAOS CONTROL!!
A strange portal opens up in the middle of Green hills. 2 strange octopus-like creature appears and kidnaps Sonic & Shadow! It's up to Tails, Knuckles and Team dark to r...
🪸💙◇Unforgettable Love◇🖤🪸 by NC_Hilundo
🪸💙◇Unforgettable Love◇🖤🪸by NC_Hilundo
One day, Shadow decides to go to the beach, and he finds something he wasn't expecting ⚠️The picture is not mine⚠️ All characters are from SEGA
your warmth [Sonadow] by loveliestrina
your warmth [Sonadow]by rina tamaki
shadow, the lonely soul, longing for comfort and warmth from the girl who he missed, he kept his hurting heart to himself unaware that someone was trying to reach him
The Power Couple (Sonadow One Shots) by ReclusiveRedPanda
The Power Couple (Sonadow One ReclusiveRedPanda
This is a collection of fluffy One Shots that I've written for my all time favorite Sonic ship. So if you love Sonadow as much as I do, then this book is perfect for you.
sonadow one shots (possibly more than one) by MykeGomez
sonadow one shots (possibly more Myke Gomez
this will have smut in it, for you degenerates out there (me) also some of these are pre-transition sonic (as in sometimes he's got girly parts and sometimes he doesn't.)
The secret singer in disguise a sonadow love story  by ParadiseSonic1
The secret singer in disguise a GigiTheArtist4
This is an au where Sonic is a world wide famous singer who wad home schooled most of his life and lived with his Uncle who have been rising him since his parents' passe...
Bolt Bound (SONADOW, LEMON Michael pierce
NOTE: This contains oc's that aren't canon. Sonic and Shadow are polar opposites, and they always usually fight. Ever since Shadow found out he wasn't the only successfu...
"Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork!" | Sonadow Fanfiction by 11SHUSH11
"Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork!" | 11SHUSH11
Agent!Shadow x Assassin!Sonic -------------------- "What do you say if we team up?" "This is stupid." "It would be a lot easier ya know!" ...
The Prince and The Knight [Rewrite] by Arrymiko
The Prince and The Knight [Rewrite]by Arry
Sonic, is a 15-year-old hedgehog who had a dream about having a knight who still cares about him. One day, he discovered that his dream was a black and red hedgehog. Now...
Drag Queen Sonic AU  by ParadiseSonic1
Drag Queen Sonic AU by GigiTheArtist4
This is an au where sonic likes crossdressing, he has more then a hand full of wig, make up, jewelry And dresses, only a few people know about Sonic being a drag queen...
The King and The Jester (SONADOW) by The-UltimateLifeform
The King and The Jester (SONADOW)by ✨🖤Shadow🖤✨
*Shadow, the new ruler of Mobius still has yet to find a lover, that was until he met the new, yet charming Jester, Sonic. Shadow began to fall in love with the Jester's...
honorable knight Lancelot [Sonadow] by loveliestrina
honorable knight Lancelot [Sonadow]by rina tamaki
Where an intense battle was happening a huge portal was opened from the enemies, sucking in king Arthur's trusted knight and leaving the only item that could protect him...
The job interview by lxodno
The job interviewby lxodno
it's a job interview. Things can't go bad. Right?
be my valentine [sonadow] by loveliestrina
be my valentine [sonadow]by rina tamaki
valentine's day is a special day to give something special to your special person, however, in shadow's case, he doesn't have anyone to give something special or even an...
Art Book by Goldheart_17
Art Bookby Goldheart_17
Art :p Btw the cover is a picture of one of my kitties ^^ Edit: Y'all I just started this, how tf is it #7 in #sonicart THANK YOU 😭 (May 28, 2024) Lmfao it's #911 in #...