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The Prince and the Blacksmith by Written_Blossom
The Prince and the Blacksmithby Written_Blossom
Sonic Maurice The Hedgehog. Prince of Möbious who shall be the next King in his family, but he doesn't want to. Sonic likes his freedom more than anything and being stuc...
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Sontails - Madly in love by Written_Blossom
Sontails - Madly in loveby Written_Blossom
Y R U Madly in Love? A world known murderer and unstable fox is on the lose, he leaves a path of death, but also a path of riddles and mysteries behind him. Can the one...
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How To Get The Boy by SonamySister567
How To Get The Boyby Taj ❤️
No matter how hard Amy tries, Sonic just keeps running away from her. So, when desperate times call for desperate measures, and with the help of her girlfriends, Amy tur...
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Other Time, Other Rose (Sonamy Story) by sonamyLover05205
Other Time, Other Rose (Sonamy Penelope_Rosette25
Amy Rose, a girl that was secretly in love with the hero of mobius Sonic the hedgehog and a freedome fighter, hears accidently that everyone in the freedome fighter team...
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The Bird and The Plane by Written_Blossom
The Bird and The Planeby Written_Blossom
Feelings takes over and emotions goes out of hand. In this short story, Tails and Cream goes through these exact things. We trip and fall through the many challenges lif...
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Sonic Crew on Facebook by LostInYesteryear
Sonic Crew on Facebookby LostInYesteryear
What if the Sonic gang had Facebook? Relationships, friendships, posts around every corner, even Eggman doing what he does best. What goes on in the life of Sonic and hi...
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Babysitting the insane (complete) by TheSonicEmperess
Babysitting the insane (complete)by TheSonicEmperess
Sonic has three sides of him,ones himself,the kinda shy but over all joyful and kind blue hedgehog. The one with dark fur,and mean eyes,that happens when he's sad. And t...
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Strange Vibes by Sonic_little_sis
Strange Vibesby ⚡HoOdHoGs ⚡
read and find out why sonic have strange vibes for a certain black and red hedgehog!! Come find out on this wild and funny book!! ⚠warning⚠ story may have sexual themes ...
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Not Your Typical Love Story (Sonic x Reader x Sonic.Exe)(DELAYED POSTING) by wildstyle23
Not Your Typical Love Story ( ~Wild Style 23~
"An adventure of lifetime in a different world is waiting for you..." You are an ordinary girl /(boy), in an ordinary world, in a MESSED UP LIFE. Over the yea...
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Tails and friends {(Shadow x shy! Reader)} by Wolf_pro480
Tails and friends {(Shadow x Let be cool
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Chaos Rose by SonAmyGuy
Chaos Roseby Taylor Bass
Sequel to "Sunshine Rose" The Chaos Emeralds have been scattered yet again and Sonic and the Group must beat Eggman to the punch, but it's not as easy as it se...
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The Perfect Rose {A ShadAmy Story} by TheCelestial1
The Perfect Rose {A ShadAmy Story}by TheCelestial1
A pink hedgehog named Amy Rose who moves back to Mobius after a year. When she arrives back in Mobius, she goes in her old house and settles in she visits Sonic and was...
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Love Another | Taiream and Sonamy by zZ_Alpha_Wolf_Zz
Love Another | Taiream and Sonamyby zZ_Alpha_Wolf_Zz
~💛~ Taiream ~💛~ There is always a war when it comes to love, freedom, and justice. But what happens when you feel like hiding, when you feel alone, and when you fe...
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The Change by H19990103
The Changeby H19990103
Nothing changed when Amy found out that Shadow had a girlfriend. That was a lie. She regrets not telling him how she feels about him but now it was too late. Her best...
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Cream's Little Problem by xxbapyxx
Cream's Little Problemby goo
This is really self indulgent. Vanilla has been out on a business trip, so Amy has pretty much been living at Cream's house to make sure she's safe. She's practically ju...
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In My Control by mysticmindss
In My Controlby *.✧ 🎫 *.✧
An azure hedgehog runs into a cave, feeling safe in the closed space where no one is around. He felt unwanted, useless, angry, and sad all at once. Being a hero all the...
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Shadouge: Baby by Lilli0161
Shadouge: Babyby Lilli0161
This story is based on the Story "Sonamy Boom: Baby". So basically it will be the same story but focosed on the sight of Shadow and Rouge. The cover is made b...
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The Lost Hero by GalaxyIllumimation
The Lost Heroby Galaxy Illumaination
Sonic disappears after doing something horrible to his friends out of anger. He regrets everything and runs into the forest alone and sad. Everyone thinks that he had le...
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Completely Negative Energy by downtobleed
Completely Negative Energyby downtobleed
Two mobians who want eachother more than they think, But they can't have eachother since they're in different groups or maybe... - None of the covers are mine - None of...
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Sonic Universe RP by InfiniteJackalg4m3r
Sonic Universe RPby Infinite_Warr10rgam3rf0R_Jack...
.:/•This is all a roleplay of your favourite characters from the Sonic Universe with your own OC .:/•Just tellin ya that this is my first roleplay book. So if I do somet...
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