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How Could You Forget? (SONADOW) by BlueLeader_
How Could You Forget? (SONADOW)by BlueLeader_
Sonic and Shadow have been dating for a while. They love each other very much. Everything is perfect. Until one day. Team Sonic is fighting Dr. Eggman once again when So...
Eggman VS Sonadow by RoseyDanes
Eggman VS Sonadowby Dana Rose
When Sonic and Shadow decide to go Sonadow on everyone, Eggman becomes jealous of the attention Sonic no longer has for battling Badnicks and mechs. With hopes to divert...
Love Potion (SonAdow) by BlueLeader_
Love Potion (SonAdow)by BlueLeader_
Shadow goes to visit to Eggman. When the doctor gives him a liquid and has him drink it, he later on tells it is a love potion that will make him more open towards his c...
who do you think you are?! | sonadow fanfic  by staaari
who do you think you are?! | gabriel
im gonna get bullied for this i Swear i just find their dynamic cute PLEAS aNywho Takes place in sonic boom univers Yas bc i wanted it to be more canon snd less "om...
my pet hedgehog//sonadow by sinadow
my pet hedgehog//sonadowby karen. g
"What did you do?!" "I think i took the term 'love your pet' a little too seriously." sonadow/ boom au sonic the hedgehog was an average mobian who...
Sonadow 【O N E S H O T S】 by Sunflower_duckling
Sonadow 【O N E S H O T S】by droop snoot
You guys saw this coming uwu I honestly don't know what to write here since this is a Oneshot book, it's pretty self explanatory - 👁️👄👁️ Also the cover is by me oof
My Android[SonAdow] by ArrySonic
My Android[SonAdow]by 💮Arry💮
After the tragedy of 50 years at the ark,Sonic discovered Eggman capsule while he find the chaos emerald.Inside the capsule is an android of the black hedgehog.Sonic did...
Vampire Boy [SonAdow] by ArrySonic
Vampire Boy [SonAdow]by 💮Arry💮
Shadow is tired of be a vampire and want to turn himself into a hedgehog.How?! Suddenly,after he save one of the hedgehog he suddenly change his mind.He fall in love wit...
Revel in your presence  by cookiedoughzerototwo
Revel in your presence by
[Sonic Prime event] Just as they were about to reach the portal back to their home. Shadow got distracted and hit by another boulder. This definitely wasn't how it was s...
Being Reject By Your Crush (SONADOW) by BlueLeader_
Being Reject By Your Crush ( BlueLeader_
Sonic tells Shadow he is in love with him but Shadow rejects him, and not in a kind way. After that, Sonic feels depressed. But the truth is that Shadow has feelings for...
Sonadow : A Universe To Save by oniieeca
Sonadow : A Universe To Saveby Oni
After a long time fighting with Sonic, Eggman finally achieve his victory! A whole Universe is in his power, every mobian is suffering. Sonic is their only hope, but he...
The New Student (Completed) by DevilishScorpion
The New Student (Completed)by Devilish
Sonic and gang start another year at their highschool. this year there seems to be a new student, who catches Sonic's attention. WARNING: SONADOW I REPEAR SONADOW! SHADO...
Smut/Lemon || Oneshots || SONADOW || SHADONIC by iwontlastlong
Smut/Lemon || Oneshots || ILoveEverything
Every chapter is a different story and AU Oneshots Warning: Lemon/Smuts Bad words
sonadow one shots (possibly more than one) by MykeGomez
sonadow one shots (possibly more Myke Gomez
this will have smut in it, for you degenerates out there (me) also some of these are pre-transition sonic (as in sometimes he's got girly parts and sometimes he doesn't.)
Body swap by atotalynormalperson
Body swapby 🍋👌
Some Sonic racing* Team dark and team sonic where racing against each other for both of their leaders normal competitions to see who's better but the race takes a turn...
Figure Skating Spectacular by Sonadowforme
Figure Skating Spectacularby Midnight the hedgehog
Sonic the hedgehog is a cocky and self conceited hedgehog. But what happens when he's secret is exposed about him being able to figure skate. What will he do? Will he li...
Started with a potion by HuaXiex
Started with a potionby HuaXiex
Eggman sends out a hitman to somehow give the mobius hero named Sonic the Hedgehog a mysterious potion to him and then he wakes up feeling a bit... Small..? read to fi...
Sonadow shippers groupchat 😋 by Rgxhvn
Sonadow shippers groupchat 😋by Rgxhvn
THIS IS INSPIRED BY:MephyChan Groupchat with sonadow shippers 😘😍(Mephiles,Silver,Knuckles,Rouge,Tails,Amy,Blaze,Scourge,Fleetway and maybe someone else will be there)...
I'll help you by atotalynormalperson
I'll help youby 🍋👌
While sonic and shadow start to fight during a GUN mission they encounter eggman and get pushed down a cliff which causes them to loose their group and survive in the wi...