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Black Clover One-Shots by Ikonic4lifd
Black Clover One-Shotsby LOLLIPOP_QUEEN!!!!!!
Just some oneshots.
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My Bestfriend's Sister by MysteryStud
My Bestfriend's Sisterby MysteryStud
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GARDAPATI by DAD_official
GARDAPATIby Desakkartika
Angga Gardapati, biasa di panggil Gagah. Orangnya juga gagah. Cowok badboy sekaligus ketua geng Barcos di SMA Garuda yang selalu menjadi incaran para siswi di sekolahnya...
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Fifth Eagle (Nozel Silva x reader) by Niko-shipper
Fifth Eagle (Nozel Silva x reader)by Asta's love
I'm in silver eagles it's pretty funny how I ended up in here.Nebra is my bestfriend as so as Noelle but one evening a certain Captain decides to cause something unpredi...
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The Twins by redai23
The Twinsby redai23
this is a new story. Where you had kids with Nozel without letting him know. I will update this tomorrow. The other parts of the story is not saved :(
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Metal Gear x Readers by TheNobodyofaSOLDIER
Metal Gear x Readersby Nyra Luna
Collection of one shots for "Metal Gear!"
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Rich words(Inspirational ,Self improvement and motivational short stories) by Tailrs_ink
Rich words(Inspirational ,Self ËvrythngwillB.Öhk♡
It's based on a mixture of summarised short stories about how we as humans we tackle life on odinary basis.
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Le Noble Ruiné by chevalier_hades
Le Noble Ruinéby chevalier_hades
La famille Silva avait sombrée. Son nom était tombé dans l'oublie. Pourtant, les quatre derniers Silva était bien vivant. Permettez moi de vous conter l'histoire de l'aî...
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Assistant ~Huey Emmerich x Reader~ {FINISHED} by ZacksAngelAerith
Assistant ~Huey Emmerich x Sent by Kaiba Corp
My good old cinnamon roll Huey Emmerich, too pure for this world.
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NotMyThug by cxxrump
NotMyThugby carliseaac💰
⚠️Just Read⚠️
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Solid Stone Archives for Architectural Firms Around the Globe by orvisurfaces
Solid Stone Archives for Catherine Fernsby
ORVI's Solid Stone collection is sculpted with finesse; natural stone takes on elegant new dimensions. Get in touch and discover how ORVI solid stone technology can make...
Love Will Get Us Through This (Snund) by RavenHudson1
Love Will Get Us Through This ( Raven
It's Scott's worst nightmare come to life. The dead walk amongst the living, praying on anything they can. Scared for not only himself, but his husband Snake and, thanks...
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Sunglasses and Cigars {BbKaz Oneshots} by galaxygays
Sunglasses and Cigars {BbKaz *Screams*
The ship that's basically cannon if you've so much as breathed on a Metal Gear game {I obviously don't own MGS; all rights to Kojima}. Sunglasses queer and eyepatch homo...
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The Guardian: You And I (Book 1) by NiecyBaeBae
The Guardian: You And I (Book 1)by itsBaeYoonaaa
© All rights reserve Date Started: September 22, 2019 Date End: ---- (Not Completed) Taglish love Story -The Guardian- Di ko inaakalang mahuhulog ako sa isang taong nag...
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The Nature Princess (Yuno x reader)  by Aigetsu
The Nature Princess (Yuno x Lovedelia Matlakala
This story is about a blooming love between a strong Noble and a powerful commoner. You are a member of a noble family, you didn't go to many places as a child unless th...
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Metal Gear Solid 5 Review: The game that ruined the franchise by gamers-paradise
Metal Gear Solid 5 Review: The gamers-paradise
A review of MGSV A while back I tried applying to a development tester position @ Ubisoft. They required a game review, and this is it!! Enjoy
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