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Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
Angel Of The Battlefield  ~Venom Snake x Reader~ {PAUSE} by MagicalRaiRai
Angel Of The Battlefield ~Venom RaiRai
[Y/N][Y/L/N] is a young soldier, who fell in love with the Legend. One day they went onto a mission, where Boss made a huge mess. Will this Love still bloom on the battl...
Liquid/Mantis Oneshots by Master_Eli
Liquid/Mantis Oneshotsby Master_Eli
This is a collection of Liquid Snake and Psycho Mantis oneshot fanfics. I uploaded it first in AO3 but I've decided to publish it here in Wattpad, too. Dedicated to all...
4'-甲基苯丙酮CAS 5337-93-9 by WingroupR
4'-甲基苯丙酮CAS 5337-93-9by Rebecca Wu
rating liquids by miusdumpstah
rating liquidsby New full name
I'm rating liquids and drinks because I'm bored and quarantine really sucks and I'm thirsty... please request some because omg i cant do this on my own :(
゚。・*.゚☆Different☆゚.*・。゚ by LittlePsychoInMySoul
゚。・*.゚☆Different☆゚.*・。゚by TB
Metal gear solid - Highschool Au This is Au where all characters from Mgs series are but they are having and living different lives. No wars, no revenge's, no army's, no...
Hisoka x reader, a romantic love story by hisokaswethorsecock
Hisoka x reader, a romantic love hisokaswethorsecock
You and Hisoka are in the bathroom, the tension between you two is crazy. Many too crazy, will you be able to handle it? Well get ready too know
Cats are liquid (Based on the game by LQS) [WIP] by TeleportatoShadow
Cats are liquid (Based on the TeleZeW31rd0
This is a fan written story (by me of course) based off of the game Cats Are Liquid, a game created by Last Quarter Studios
What does Death feel like? (And Other Short Stories) by Choco_Bananas
What does Death feel like? (And Sweet Sinnamon Daddy
Death. It's always there. A pressuring presence that never leaves you alone. It always lingers in your shadow, biding it's time before it strikes. These are the untold s...
Horror Poetry by _undead_
Horror Poetryby Annabelle
Poetry that I wrote that's horror.
The Golden Drops by MarvelAtMyGeek
The Golden Dropsby Audrey
{LEGO Ninjago Fanfiction} [In Between Season 4 And 5] Then ninja split up, but knowing this time that evil never rests. So, when the time does come they will come back t...
Cats are liquid  by BeatTerraria
Cats are liquid by FellowTerrarian
sorry, this story sucks, but I tried. Based on the game "Cats are Liquid".
Apple by panegyricon1942
Appleby panegyricon1942
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Bottle by encyclopedize1962
Bottleby encyclopedize1962
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Worm by waltrot1984
Wormby waltrot1984
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Church by membranelle1925
Churchby membranelle1925
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X-Ray by haughland1958
X-Rayby haughland1958
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