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Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
I Wanted to Write a Shitty Reincarnation Story because I am Type A. by OriginalisMe
I Wanted to Write a Shitty NotYourEverydayWriter
Lena (Alena) life was abruptly ended and gets reincarnated into a world with magic and medieval trials. She was given everything she could get by God. What will Lena do...
Angel Of The Battlefield  ~Venom Snake x Reader~ {PAUSE} by VStreamer_RaiRai
Angel Of The Battlefield ~Venom RaiRai
[Y/N][Y/L/N] is a young soldier, who fell in love with the Legend. One day they went onto a mission, where Boss made a huge mess. Will this Love still bloom on the battl...
Liquid/Mantis Oneshots by Master_Eli
Liquid/Mantis Oneshotsby Master_Eli
This is a collection of Liquid Snake and Psycho Mantis oneshot fanfics. I uploaded it first in AO3 but I've decided to publish it here in Wattpad, too. Dedicated to all...
Book One of the Mercury Series: Liquid Mercury  {A Harry Potter Fanfic} EDITING by jessssx3
Book One of the Mercury Series: Jessica
This is a Harry Potter Fan-fiction, just so you know. ;) Mercury is a witch, going to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and of course she didn't know u...
A New Creepypasta:Frown by EyelessJack342
A New Creepypasta:Frownby Frown Xyrus
I hate smiling. i hate being laughed at. i hate everything that makes people laugh or smile. and thats the reason i wear a mask to hide myself in the dark, to frown, and...
LCS One-Shots by MartinaAckerman
LCS One-Shotsby C9 F0x
These are my LCS fanfictions. I accept requests. Hope you'll like it. ^^
The Blessed Students  by Ggraaay
The Blessed Students by Stranger
(SOON) I just want to study well and graduate but what if I end up in..... Students with unrealistic reserves. Different types of power, unrealistic prime, wonderful qua...
The Golden Drops by MarvelAtMyGeek
The Golden Dropsby Audrey
{LEGO Ninjago Fanfiction} [In Between Season 4 And 5] Then ninja split up, but knowing this time that evil never rests. So, when the time does come they will come back t...
Majestic Black Kishore by niggerlover
Majestic Black Kishoreby niggerlover
Follow Arjun Saravan as he explores the depths of his curiosity.
The Face Of Death by blueguitarist505
The Face Of Deathby Jovana Markovic
What would happen if the world that you've known your whole life completely vanished?Would you be able to survive?Could you live in constant fear for your own life?Well...
Stuffed Mattress by caspariguess
Stuffed Mattressby Caspar
Mia Amora Rodriguez has finally graduated high school, but life is about to get tough. She moved into a house with two of her friends and her boyfriend, but someone else...
My make up art (wounds) by __Nick_Wilde__
My make up art (wounds)by Phoenix
My make up art and wounds using liquid latex and other stuff
Kiss me one last time  by KelliQ
Kiss me one last time by Kelly
WARNING!!! GIVES AWAY STUFF!!!!!!!!! This is about a girl who was sent away by her clan ( of wolves and what not) to try and live a normal...
Balloon by diavolo1961
Balloonby diavolo1961
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Gloves by ungraveled1949
Glovesby ungraveled1949
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Guitar by unheelpieced1920
Guitarby unheelpieced1920
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Rocket by babesia1956
Rocketby babesia1956
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