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SMG4 Fanfic: Mario's Birthday by DomScott123
SMG4 Fanfic: Mario's Birthdayby DS123 // DS123 Productions
It's Mario's Birthday!!! But after getting knocked out by a Disco Ball, he experiences his past life.
SMG4 Fanfic: Time Freeze by DomScott123
SMG4 Fanfic: Time Freezeby DS123 // DS123 Productions
When Mario and Meggy finds a Stop-watch in the Castle's front-yard, they decide to have fun with it and show it to the SMG4 gang.
SMG4 Fanfic: SML4 by DomScott123
SMG4 Fanfic: SML4by DS123 // DS123 Productions
The SMG4 gang surprisingly meet some familiar characters.
SMG4 Fanfic: Detective Melony by DomScott123
SMG4 Fanfic: Detective Melonyby DS123 // DS123 Productions
There's been a murder and SMG4 got blamed for it, but... do not fear, Detective Melony is here!
SMG4 Fanfic: Friday the 13th by DomScott123
SMG4 Fanfic: Friday the 13thby DS123 // DS123 Productions
There's a serial killer on the loose, and the Mushroom Kingdom is in danger!!!
SMG4 Fanfic: The Baby Project by DomScott123
SMG4 Fanfic: The Baby Projectby DS123 // DS123 Productions
Mario & Meggy goes to a Prenatal Class and they look after a Doll for 72 hours.
SMG4 Fanfic: Mario's Mum by DomScott123
SMG4 Fanfic: Mario's Mumby DS123 // DS123 Productions
After saving her life, the Mario bros. finally found their long-lost mother.
SMG4 Fanfic: The Dress by DomScott123
SMG4 Fanfic: The Dressby DS123 // DS123 Productions
Tari's Wedding Dress has arrived, but Peach accidentally stained it.
SMG4 Fanfic: Halloween by DomScott123
SMG4 Fanfic: Halloweenby DS123 // DS123 Productions
The tricks and treats are out! It's Halloween!
SMG4 Fanfic: Meggy's Illness by DomScott123
SMG4 Fanfic: Meggy's Illnessby DS123 // DS123 Productions
Meggy has been feeling ill for the past couple of days.
SMG4 Fanfic: Mario Goes to Tesco and Gets a £3 Meal Deal by DomScott123
SMG4 Fanfic: Mario Goes to Tesco DS123 // DS123 Productions
Mario is forced to get a £3 Meal Deal at Tesco, but things go a little down-hill.
SMG4 Fanfic: The Birthday Trip by DomScott123
SMG4 Fanfic: The Birthday Tripby DS123 // DS123 Productions
It's SMG4's birthday and the whole SMG4 crew go on a holiday to Ireland.
SMG4 Fanfic: Fat Mario by DomScott123
SMG4 Fanfic: Fat Marioby DS123 // DS123 Productions
When Mario refused to eat healthy, he gets junk food cravings.
SMG4 Fanfic: Rob the Rapper by DomScott123
SMG4 Fanfic: Rob the Rapperby DS123 // DS123 Productions
Rob was watching 'The Bob the Rapper Arc' and that inspired him to become a Rapper.
SMG4 Fanfic: Peach's Accident by DomScott123
SMG4 Fanfic: Peach's Accidentby DS123 // DS123 Productions
It's Bonfire Night and there's been a bit of a firework problem.
SMG4 Fanfic: The Finger Trap by DomScott123
SMG4 Fanfic: The Finger Trapby DS123 // DS123 Productions
When Mario stupidly sticks his finger inside a Finger Trap, he tries to get help from SMG4.
Mini One-Shot. by TheStarGod
Mini TheStarGod
This is just a mini SMG4 one-shot. Expect some memes. Smesh Arc: SMG4: Stupid Mario Kart 2 - Smesh Gains Confidence! Laura Arc: Laura...? - Laura's Ultimate Challenge.
The SMG4's high Life by Anormalperson397
The SMG4's high Lifeby A normal person
this take place in another universe where smg4 gang is just some high schoolers.
SMG4: If Mario was in... Among Us (Mario X Meggy Edison)  by Matthew-29Th-2004
SMG4: If Mario was in... Among MZRamos29-2004
The Italian plumber, Mario, woke up in the middle of a construction project on Peach's Castle as the place was on lockdown.
Mario X Meggy: The Real World by TheStarGod
Mario X Meggy: The Real Worldby TheStarGod
It was another day in the SMG4 world, when SMG4 accidentally activates a portal on his computer, which leads to the real world.