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An Old Forgotten Friend (Httyd 1+2) by Galactic_Timezone
An Old Forgotten Friend (Httyd 1+2)by Galactic
Iris used to be Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III's best friend. Helping him train Toothless and defending him from the others, but after he became popular she was totally f...
How To Train A Skrill by TomboyGirl123
How To Train A Skrillby TomboyGirl123
When a girl named Penny escapes her life as a prisoner at Outcast island, and becomes shipwrecked on a glacier, she falls through a crack in the ice and meets one of the...
Lightning Chasers by DuskLightning66
Lightning Chasersby Jasmin B.
This is the story of Alvi, and her Skrill. In case you have not guessed, this takes place in the How to Train Your Dragon universe. Alvi must fight to protect her dragon...
The Storm Riders by Liljx757
The Storm Ridersby Liljx757
A story that revolves around the tale of two young Dragon Riders, Thorir and Alvi. Two who have almost nothing in common except one thing, they both ride upon Skrill's...
The other half of me....     (SnotloutxReader)(DISCONTINUED FOR NOW)  by -LunarWarrior-
The other half of me.... ( -LunarWarrior-
Your past was.... less then perfect. You've trained your whole life to become better, to become a perfect fighter. Your skills are beginning to become noticed. Hiccup an...
Riding the Lightening by NightFurySoul
Riding the Lighteningby Dragon Rider
A girl named Lila is like no ordinary Viking. For one she is a mixed blood and she has wings but no dragon. She crashes into an iceberg and meets a dragon that will chan...
HTTYD RP (Closed) by GangsterChicken
HTTYD RP (Closed)by Chicken
Here you can RP in the world of HTTYD as a dragon or a human...or both! The rules are inside. Read them! THIS RP IS CLOSED. STOP COMMENTING
Mysteries Beyond (Dragons RTTE Fanfic  - Sequel to Deception) by ToothlessNightFury12
Mysteries Beyond (Dragons RTTE Silver Night
This is the sequel to Deception (I recommend reading that first, or this won't make much sense). Now that you and Viggo have left the Archipelago, that does not mean th...
SleepyKinq (X Reader!) One-Shots - COMPLETED by 1959Diner
SleepyKinq (X Reader!) 1959Diner
"Why so shy, (Name)?" He traced his fingers along my jawline, directing my eyes to meet his. Green and blue, they were entrancing. The clear lights from my Chr...
Maces and Talons by SkrillFlightmareFan
Maces and Talonsby SkrillFlightmareFan
When Viggo Grimborn was a child, no one understood his hunger for knowledge. He was alone and misunderstood. His tribe was wary of his ambition and intelligence. But whe...
Dragons!? (BTS AU) by Ari_yollo
Dragons!? (BTS AU)by Rock y’all
Dragonoids. Beings born as dragons but gifted the form of humans. They were forced out of society and killed for centuries until one day in the 1800's they were labeled...
Sleepykinq Oneshots by MiaIsAFreakShow
Sleepykinq Oneshotsby Mia
Sleepykinq x Reader Mystery x Reader Alfred x Reader Kao x Reader Arthur x Reader And more!♡ Requests are OPEN
Sleepykinq x Reader Oneshots.(Requests are open) by Tori_Nikolass
Sleepykinq x Reader Oneshots.( Leafu Nikos
Write your requests in the comments, and I will fulfill them. All characters belong Sleepykinq. Designations: y/n - Your name l/n - last name e/c - eye color h/c - h...
Night Storm {HTTYD} by AellaRune
Night Storm {HTTYD}by AellaRune
A mysterious girl with an even more mysterious dragon. They lived on their own perfectly fine on their island, but when a group of vikings comes along and builds their...
A True Friend by Origin_Writer1
A True Friendby Origin_Writer1/3
Andriette loves dragons. She grew up watching How to Train Your Dragon, the movie and Race To The Edge. So what happens when her favorite dragon, a Skrill, lands in her...
DBX2: Kushala Daora vs Skrill by Omega0999
DBX2: Kushala Daora vs Skrillby Monstrous Theropod
Monster Hunter vs How To Train Your Dragon! Storms and Dragons, put them together, you'll have one Deadly Dragon! Which of these Elemental Dragons will slay the other...
Post-Lightning Hiccup: A 'View to a Skrill' Rewrite by KatRider
Post-Lightning Hiccup: A 'View Katla Rider
During a mission to recapture the Skrill after the twins and Snotlout let it escape, Hiccup is struck by the Skrill's lightning and loses his ability to speak coherent s...
Viggo's Return -One Shot- by 0009991d
Viggo's Return -One Shot-by Janus_Sanders
When Hiccup goes to a maces and talons tournament he sees a cloaked figure he doesn't recognize him till the final but is he the same as he was before? -One shot- Set a...
The One and Only by tangleshadow11
The One and Onlyby Bridget
Imagine a world where dragons existed. Then imagine yourself in that world. Follow the path laid out for you and meet the well known characters of How To Train Your Drag...
The Chronicles of Skrill Puss ( SKRILLEX X READER ) by HairyBallSack54
The Chronicles of Skrill Puss ( ShreksSexyDickPics101
I've been in love with Skrillex my whole life so this is a little story about him and me ENJOY. ( You can think its you if you want you horny cunts ;) )