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The Side Character | Adrien Agreste by RaysaLaila
The Side Character | Adrien Agresteby milk green tea
| chat noir/adrien agreste x oc « i am merely the side character of my own life. » 2021.01.08 > #1 adrienxoc 2021.06.11 > #1 chatnoirxoc // grammar mistakes
Operation: Saving the male leads by rikaaa54
Operation: Saving the male leadsby ʝó
Yuki, after a sudden death, finds herself in the world of an ABO novel she a character who doesn't exist in the original story. Fem A x Male O DISCLAIMER: En...
Deserve To Be In Love | Eunhyuk x female reader | True Love Operation by sehunexojungkookbts
Deserve To Be In Love | Eunhyuk fapizze
"Did I have permission to love you?" A story about a self-conscious and insecure girl who wishes she had permission to fall for someone.
Reincarnated as a Side Character by TeeNice
Reincarnated as a Side Characterby MundaneClub
She died She died due to some freaking moron decided to stomp his foot on his car accelerator causing his car to collide to her car, killing her before the bystander cal...
On the first day of college, Jiang Ling'er died from an accidental electrocution in her room. Unexpectedly, she actually transmigrated into a novel. She became the femal...
Reincarnation: The Play Boy Crown Prince by Scarlet_Unlock74
Reincarnation: The Play Boy Scarlet
He's a play boy, a jerk crown prince. I don't want to be part of his collection but if I refuse him, he will get interested to me which is more annoying. He will soon me...
Surviving As A Cannon Fodder by akane_youkai
Surviving As A Cannon Fodderby Akane Akuma
Being a normal college student, Eunseo was reincarnated into a book she barely remembers as a no-name canon fodder. To survive in an unknown world she devises a plan an...
The friend who watches the love by Novelgeek101
The friend who watches the loveby Tiggy
*04/06/2024 - 4th place in the Category 'Ex-boyfriend' 'A story of a girl in love with a boy who's in love with her best friend, and even with her feelings she's routing...
An Unarmed Guy's Misfortune by KnowsWhatnot
An Unarmed Guy's Misfortuneby Shake's my coke
An "Armed Girl's Machiavellism" Fanfic Because I'm bored.
Epiphany (Reverse Harem X Reader) by Midnight_095
Epiphany (Reverse Harem X Reader)by fallen8star
epiphany uh·pi·fuh·nee /ɪˈpɪf(ə)ni,ɛˈpɪf(ə)ni/ a moment of sudden and great revelation or realization. . y/n l/n, a pitiful character in a romance comic book. Who got an...
My Twin Brother is the Harem Protagonist? (Male Reader) by WellThisIsPointless
My Twin Brother is the Harem Darkxtex
The Protagonist is as generic as ever. He is kind, good-looking, and doesn't get attention from girls until he gets to highschool. But we aren't the Protagonist. The Pro...
Running Away with the Elf Prince's Baby! by Fluffball88
Running Away with the Elf Prince' Fluffball (HIATUS)
Ashera is a mob character in "Mystical Blossom". Once she found out she was pregnant, she decides to run away to protect herself from her and her child's mise...
(¯'·.¸¸.·'¯'·.¸¸.-> A Not So Interesting Novel <-.¸¸.·'¯'·.¸¸.·'¯) by NewPersonX
(¯'·.¸¸.·'¯'·.¸¸.-> A Not So SameOldMistakes
This story is a basic one, it's not my first hoorah but it's something I probably won't delete just because I cringe at it when I read it, enjoy or not, you shall absolu...
Being The Side Character by IFrickinLoveducks
Being The Side Characterby duck
(just some random writing i might finish or not. and yes the cover is very lazy) An ordinary college boy.. tired of life and looking to forget about assignments and dram...
Date A Side Character: [ Date A Live ] by KnowsWhatnot
Date A Side Character: [ Date A Shake's my coke
A story where a side character and a lonely loner extra spirit? where they stay on the sideline watching the Date war unfold, as the two have their own Date. (Gah Gah...
Roots [Completed] by AHobbitPun
Roots [Completed]by AHobbitPun
And there's - a man. "Uhm," I say, "hello?" His jaw is slack in shock. Something foreign - but strangely familiar - rolls in his eyes. It takes anot...
Did I reincarnate as a villainess in an otome game? by Esphya_Asahina
Did I reincarnate as a Esphya
Completed but took down chapters to revise and rewrite. Rachel Vallemont was the renowned villainess of the game "Sweet Romance". Sumi died at the age of 16 an...
Girl From The Skies- Manhwa Boys X Reader: Yandere (DISCONTINUED)  by HEYYYIMCASSIE
Girl From The Skies- Manhwa Boys Cassieisme
After getting robbed and murdered, (name) falls from the sky to wake up in an unfamiliar-familiar place She was greeted by her favorite characters and least favorite cha...
Forget Me Not (Forgotten Series Companion Chapters) by AMLKoski
Forget Me Not (Forgotten Series Anna Koski
~~~ A book of chapters written for side character of the Forgotten Series ~~~ Forget me not Though time has passed For one more second I shall not ask If our hearts once...
That nerd in my school by CandyV00
That nerd in my schoolby mai
❣️COMPLETED STORY ❣️ Yeonjun who wasn't that popular in school got bullied almost everyday he rarely goes out on weekends because there's a high chance he could get beat...