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I Became The Tall Villainess' Follower by DeniseHang
I Became The Tall Villainess' Denise Hang
Minako's life had been normal until she was diagnosed with throat cancer at age 13, spent her teens in hospital, she is finally leaving her painful existence on earth at...
An Unarmed Guy's Misfortune by KnowsWhatnot
An Unarmed Guy's Misfortuneby Owl The Jacked
An "Armed Girl's Machiavellism" Fanfic Because I'm bored.
Reincarnation: The Play Boy Crown Prince by Scarlet_Unlock74
Reincarnation: The Play Boy Scarlet
He's a play boy, a jerk crown prince. I don't want to be part of his collection but if I refuse him, he will get interested to me which is more annoying. He will soon me...
The Side Character | Adrien Agreste by RaysaLaila
The Side Character | Adrien Agresteby milk green tea
| chat noir/adrien agreste x oc « i am merely the side character of my own life. » 2021.01.08 > #1 adrienxoc 2021.06.11 > #1 chatnoirxoc // grammar mistakes
The friend who watches the love by Novelgeek101
The friend who watches the loveby Tiggy
'A story of a girl in love with a boy who's in love with her best friend, and even with her feelings she's routing and helping them to get together' In a love story, you...
Running Away with the Elf Prince's Baby! by Fluffball88
Running Away with the Elf Prince' Fluffball
Ashera is a mob character in "Mystical Blossom". Once she found out she was pregnant, she decides to run away to protect herself from her and her child's mise...
A Minor Role by jellyfxsh
A Minor Roleby R.S
"I never wanted this- I never wanted you." I spat out at Xavier. His face crumpled up in anguish as he walked closer towards me. A part of me wanted to give in...
"The struggles of being a side character..." What is it like to be a side character? What is it like to be in the sidelines?...
Just Her Angel Sister by Amethyst_Soul3
Just Her Angel Sisterby Max
Hello, I'm guessing you've heard the plot of an Angel and demon fall in love? And boom, 3 kids. One devil, One Angel and of course, The main character. Just this isn't a...
Reincarnated as the side villain by Crazybrokeotaku
Reincarnated as the side villainby Moa~Moa
It all happened that day when Robert decided to play the game that his sister was always talking about . Being curious, he surprisingly stayed up all night playing the...
Did I reincarnate as a villainess in an otome game? by Esphya_Asahina
Did I reincarnate as a Esphya
Completed but took down chapters to revise and rewrite. Rachel Vallemont was the renowned villainess of the game "Sweet Romance". Sumi died at the age of 16 an...
Girl From The Skies- Manhwa Boys X Reader: Yandere by HEYYYIMCASSIE
Girl From The Skies- Manhwa Boys Cassieisme
After getting robbed and murdered, (name) falls from the sky to wake up in an unfamiliar-familiar place She was greeted by her favorite characters and least favorite cha...
Date A Side Character: [ Date A Live ] by KnowsWhatnot
Date A Side Character: [ Date A Owl The Jacked
A story where a side character and a lonely loner extra spirit? where they stay on the sideline watching the Date war unfold, as the two have their own Date. (Gah Gah...
You Only Live Twice by k0uzki
You Only Live Twiceby ᕕ(˵•̀෴•˵)ᕗ
Olivia was your average 18 year old girl. Keyword, 𝙬𝙖𝙨, until she drowned in a lake and woke up in a crappy novel her friend recommended to her. The character she'd...
Levia-chan's Adventures (Obey me! x Harry Potter Crossover) by LJMU2468
Levia-chan's Adventures (Obey Lord.Jashin
Lucifer is tired of Leviathan neglecting her duties as one of the seven rulers of the Devildom. He pulls an Odin and asks Diavolo to send her soul to the human world and...
Bathroom Stories by BlueBush2
Bathroom Storiesby Bathroom Stories
Being a side character, Benji sees everything. He's trapped in a story where he seems to be the only one thinking straight or even has a mind of his own. Through his con...
Folded Paper by li_drew
Folded Paperby call me liz
×_× . . . . . . . . . "ιтѕ 𝗮 ғ𝗼𝗹𝗱𝗲𝗱 𝗽𝗮𝗽𝗲𝗿 𝘄ιтн 𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗱ѕ ι𝗻 тн𝗲м!" "......ѕ𝗼𝗼...ιтѕ 𝗹ιĸ𝗲..𝗹𝗮тт𝗲𝗿ѕ?" "......𝗻𝗼." . ...
Last Dance by Violet9273
Last Danceby Violet9273
With the last dance of the school year coming up, Imani, a girl constantly overlooked by the opposite gender, suddenly finds herself in a love triangle with Parker, the...
Forget Me Not (Forgotten Series Companion Chapters) by AMLKoski
Forget Me Not (Forgotten Series Anna Koski
~~~ A book of chapters written for side character of the Forgotten Series ~~~ Forget me not Though time has passed For one more second I shall not ask If our hearts once...
The Side Character Just Want Peace by Phi227
The Side Character Just Want Peaceby Riana
Synopsis Emma Clarke was transmigrated into the novel 'the billionaire's contract wife' as a side character. She was a personal assistant to the male lead who has the sa...