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Stylish, sassy and feisty by pandalovers83883
Stylish, sassy and feistyby JS
Reina Clementine Romano the youngest Romano of the Sicilian mafia and course the most badass. A successful CEO of the Romano's hotel in the day; but at the night she hid...
The Mafia King ✔ [The Mafia Chronicles #1] by MarieCurie023
The Mafia King ✔ [The Mafia Mariecurie023
[Completed novella: Imperial Monarchy- starting from chapter 63 where the mafia king ended.] A/N: besties, if u choose to read this story, know that this story is being...
Mariano & Olivia (The Forgotten Wife Series Book 1)  Unedited Version by WillisdaAuthor
Mariano & Olivia (The Forgotten Hello Wattpaders I'm Ms. Auth...
Oliva's life has changed so drastically by marrying a man she didn't know. Arrange marriage has always been a family tradition. The only difference my husband hated me...
Antonio's desire by brefeza
Antonio's desireby brefeza
Fame,fortune and love is what we all strive for. But not Luciana Sanchez. All she's ever dreamed of is finally being recognized for the talented journalist that she is...
Underground Sicilian by JahnviBhateja12
Underground Sicilianby Jahnvi Bhateja
A PERSON IS MUCH MORE THAN YOU THINK HE IS. Este is the topper of her University. She is very popular and have a lot of friends. She is also the president of her Univers...
SALVATORE & OLIVIA, THE Hello Wattpaders I'm Ms. Auth...
A second chance at love through an arranged marriage. Olivia is hoping the remove the label of the forgotten wife. She finally receives a closer from Mariano. Will Mar...
The Sicillian Rose (Former Sicillian Seductions) by J_Malhotra
The Sicillian Rose (Former J_Malhotra
In the romantic Sicillian vineyards, lives a Sicillian rose, called Nadia Angelus, who has lived through a a family tragedy. With smoldering good looks and a killer cha...
The Sixth Legion by ChristianWChase
The Sixth Legionby ChristianWChase
The Sixth Legion is a fiction with elements of drama, comedy, and the supernatural. It's a fish out of water story about a normal everyday Italian American guy who lives...
•TI AMO• by rosemarchst
•TI AMO•by ♡
wie kann man eine person vermissen, die man nur seit einigen tagen kennt und nur einige stunden mit ihr verbracht hat?
Mi Amore, El Cielo by adriannabeyoso
Mi Amore, El Cieloby adriana 💗
[COMPLETE] [ABRIDGED] [EDITED] Set in Rosetta, a fictional Sicilian countryside farm, 17 year old Giovanna Amato navigates through her psychological and mental debilitat...
Campagna by -MariaGalante-
Campagnaby -MariaGalante-
Deep in the streets of Brooklyn--Mott st., to be exact--the Mafia lurks on all corners. but is there such thing as a good Mafia? well as far as the Feds are concerned, N...
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Mafia Man by Cherrylove12
Mafia Manby Cherrylove12
The year is 1921, the Prohibition Act has just been passed. But that doesn't mean anything to the Chicago mafia run by the one and only Al Capone. Capone's young right...
Il Tessitore Intelligente by Sicilianu-Stories
Il Tessitore Intelligenteby EI Sicilianu
Short Sicilanu story. (English side-by-side available.)
THE MOD SHAG AFRO by Liberace1
THE MOD SHAG AFROby Joe Montaperto
Sixteen year old Joey Montaperto is beyond thrilled when the sultry hairdresser Esperanza suddenly invites him into the Tijeras de Oro beauty salon!
The Flame by shadowfang17
The Flameby ShadowFang Castiglione
Hello, I'm Flame. I was just a normal girl with a torn up, terrible, and destroyed past, or so I thought. In September, about one month away from my 16th birthday, I had...
mafias biggest regret by Myla13215
mafias biggest regretby Myla13215
Ami Russio - eldest daughter of Matteo Russo, Italian mafia don. She just wants to live a normal life like every other girl her age, travel the world, go to clubs, get...
The light to my darkness by hot_girl_shit112
The light to my darknessby hot_girl_shit
Running from her past Raina crosses paths with the heartless mafia king, and LA is his playground. When he wants something he gets it... Now he wants her and he will sto...
Isabella (Santiago Legacy) by WillisdaAuthor
Isabella (Santiago Legacy)by Hello Wattpaders I'm Ms. Auth...
Isabella Santiago is the product of an African-American mother and a Sicilian father. Isabella was raised in mafia lifestyle. She learned shoot her first gun by the age...