Alphabet ≫ Jarchie by DistressInDisguise
Alphabet ≫ Jarchieby Anna
A one shot for every letter of the alphabet. succeeding one shots are not related to preceding ones. Updates twice a week :)
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Just A Little Different (First Book In The Different Series) by _Stars-Aligned_
Just A Little Different (First Ash
When thirteen-year-old Cara Bryne's mother was pregnant with her she received a shot that was supposed to help her and the baby, instead, it caused Cara to be born a Nek...
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warriors one-shots by ezra--
warriors one-shotsby ezra
warrior one-shots. request inside!
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Scarletvision One-Shots by SCRLTVIS
Scarletvision One-Shotsby SCRLTVIS
So this is a one shot of how I would like those two to reunite (if they comeback😭) in Avengers 4 I might continue it but that's not likely
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Legends of Tomorrow One Shots by ladyawesome45321
Legends of Tomorrow One Shotsby Elsie Lee
A series of one shots about the Legends of Tomorrow, their kids, and occasionally their friends from the other Arrowverse shows. Enjoy! (some of them are Written with_...
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Pen Pal Letters ( Z.D.H ) by ironicchloe
Pen Pal Letters ( Z.D.H )by Chloe
Hey guys, my name is Chloe and I hope you enjoy this book. Don't forget to vote for my imagines and hope you have a great day ahead.
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avengers one shots.  by cutiemalfoyx
avengers one shots. by uwu
enjoy <3
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DC Imagines 2 by SnarkyGinger
DC Imagines 2by SnarkyGinger
Continuation of one-shots/Imagines/preferences for DC characters primarily from Young Justice and the BatBoys but always open for other requests!
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  • royharper
  • readerxcharacter
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Fandom's Unite, Short Stories by goddess_mcu
Fandom's Unite, Short Storiesby goddess
>>>Please make requests or I have no idea what to do<<< If any of the characters have been previously published, then obviously I don't own them. Thx a...
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Happy Easter by Joeisamoron13
Happy Easterby Vigilant Killer
Three friends go into the nature reserve for a day of hiking. Meeting up with a young married couple, they decide to test the limits and find some not so sweet surprises...
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Got7 Imagines by DoubleeB
Got7 Imaginesby .M.O.
☁️ Requests Are Open ☁️ Just some oneshots and images of the Got7 boys ((: Tuan Mark (YiEun) [Mark] Im Jaebum [JB] Wang Jackson (KaYee) [Jackson] Park Jinyoung [Jinyoung...
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• heart - robin skinner/cavetown imagines by 1-800-pussysandwich
• heart - robin skinner/cavetown w-whiskey
// in which the writer really loves robin even though she knows she won't have a chance with him // 🍋🍑
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-Food Fantasy Oneshots→ by Eat_Your_Brownies
-Food Fantasy Oneshots→by Eat Me
In which food souls can also be lovers. | Requests open. This is pretty much a collection of all the fluff, angst, and lemons I write about food fantasy. Feel free to re...
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(Gay Story #1) My Pretty Boy  by asdfghjkpoper
(Gay Story #1) My Pretty Boy by asdfghjkpoper
This is a story inspired by the short film called "Pretty Boy". I am gay, that's all I know. Not until I met you and your crazy antics. Ctto of the picture I...
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Mobile Legends One-Shots! by Akahashiya-san
Mobile Legends One-Shots!by Shy
Got nothing better to do. So why not give it a shot?
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Weird stuff that I think of by Dancer_of_poetry
Weird stuff that I think ofby Ldcodegirl
Just a bunch of stuff that you can read. Like weird dreams and thoughts that I have or one shots
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Musical One Shots by sassiest_politiction
Musical One Shotsby depressacito
A musical one shot book wow so orginal
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Yugioh One Shots (Requests Are Open :3) by ShadowVanitas
Yugioh One Shots (Requests Are Ashleigh
{Atem Art From Yanariijelle From Deviant-Art, Go Check Them Out For More If Ya Want} Well Howdly Doodly Doo Neighbor Reeno? Marik:SHADDAP I Love Doing That To Random Fic...
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SanderSides One-Shots by AnxietyToTheMax8
SanderSides One-Shotsby AnxietyToTheMax8
*All ships included* *Some AUs* *Warnings inside* *Request are welcomed* *Please read all the notes if there are any at the beginning of chapters* *If you don't like any...
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I'll See You On Thursday  by MyaPete
I'll See You On Thursday by Who am I again?
Follow the journey of Mr. Peterson and his unusually usual Thursday. COMPLETED DISCLAIMER: this is a short story, I mean one part. It's basically a page long like a on...
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