Doctor Who One Shots by 5ColorsInMyLife
Doctor Who One Shotsby Crake.
A book with some Doctor Who One Shots I wrote. FEEL FREE TO SEND ANY REQUESTS!! I'll be more than glad to write them for you! PS: The edit I used as cover for this book...
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Nonsense. | BSD by Ryuuseikarada
Nonsense. | BSDby sentaku
Zbiór krótkich opowiadań z BSD. Okładka jak i zdjęcie, które zostało wykorzystane do jej stworzenia, należą do mnie. Niektóre ze zdjęć użytych w kolażach również należą...
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Bts sad imagines  by jinny345
Bts sad imagines by jinny345
Sad imagines some have happy endings some don't started on 6/3/18 Please leave requests
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Sanscest oneshots! by LovelySharpie
Sanscest oneshots!by Baby Blue Bab
Whelp, my life has gone down the drain. Request sanscest ships to me and I'll try to do them!
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Kindergarten Oneshots by Lyriaisawesome
Kindergarten Oneshotsby Lyria
You read dat right.
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Protagonist by RedxVelvetxx
Protagonistby Shiro
The little share glances spark a conversation in our eyes Holding back everything was difficult when you could easily be there for me A selfless act upon the both of us...
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Miraculous Ladybug One Shots  by CaityShy
Miraculous Ladybug One Shots by Penny Bennet
(Requests open) Just a one shot book, requests are always open and will be written in no time! The quicker you submit, the quicker you can read them! Rules inside, so do...
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The First Beginnings by messandahalf
The First Beginningsby Lil’ Miss Jess
Okay, so this is a story I wrote when I was, like, maybe seven or eight. I found it recently and it made me realize just how far I've come with my writing. I decided to...
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Hackers love life by Cat12106
Hackers love lifeby Gato_writes
I've got a question. Am I stalker? Probably yes. But who cares? ----------------------------------------------- She met Randy on a chatroom online on early June. He was...
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Gone Woman by Nemerony
Gone Womanby Nemerony
When Peter's wife disappears suddenly, he meets everyone from his past while looking for his wife, detectives are doing their best to find his wife. Truth will be reveal...
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Short Stories by Lost_Silvy
Short Storiesby Red_Lieks_Wax
Collection of the bullshit I've written so far.
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Crush shots by Thebestwriter666
Crush shotsby Sophia Cool
This is a book of one shots about my crush. Not all will be smut. And give my your request's and I will do the best to my ability to make them. But not all will be used...
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Plot twist || FrUk by lovelyarg
Plot twist || FrUkby nela
Arthur's having a hard time but his day has a very nice plot twist. (ONE SHOT)
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The Young Elites: Randomness and Memes by SupahCoolFangirls
The Young Elites: Randomness and ♛ ℳ & ℒ ♛
Memes, information and one-shots about our favorite series I am (sadly) not Marie Lu and therefore I do not own the characters/series
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NCT ONE SHOTS by ManuNakamoto
Cortos imaginas con los 18 miembros de NCT
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Gorillaz One Shotz by Jessica359
Gorillaz One Shotzby 👻 Ghost
This is a group of short story's. Most of them will be x readers, enjoy. This is a WIP!!! Comment ideas u want to see made into a story :3
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What Could Have Been (Lucaya) by bookloverjasmine
What Could Have Been (Lucaya)by bookloverjasmine
A series of Lucaya One Shots ___ Some quotes from the one shots... "Her beauty wasn't limited to when she was just happy. She was even more beautiful when her face...
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WILLNExreader VS memeulous x reader  by Sabrestream04
WILLNExreader VS memeulous x Sabrestream04
One shots about either you and memeulous or you and willne. I take suggestions and just enjoy it. I don't seE many fics about these two.
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Got7 Imagines by DoubleeB
Got7 Imaginesby .M.O.
☁️ Requests Are Open ☁️ Just some oneshots and images of the Got7 boys ((: Im JaeBum [Jb] Tuan Mark (YiEun) [Mark] Wang Jackson (KaYee) [Jackson] Park Jinyoung [Jr.] Cho...
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Bnha Oneshots [x reader + more] by mrsadghostie
Bnha Oneshots [x reader + more]by mrsadghostie
Requests are always open HEADS UP I LOVE katsudeku so expect a lot of oneshots on them There will be Characters x reader (male and female) Characters x characters (lgbt...
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