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Yours truly (BWWM) by mathewgraygubleronly
Yours truly (BWWM)by Mrs. M
"I-I don't think-" - "Shhh..." I cut him off. - By now I was straddling my thick thighs on his scrawny body. - "Baby , kiss me." I pleaded...
Saved by a Shelby {Arthur Shelby fanfiction} by Carolineeexx
Saved by a Shelby {Arthur Shelby f...by Caroline
Lillian chambers moved to Birmingham to move away from her abusive ex. She wanted a fresh start and she wanted to find a way to find the old her. Lillian grew up on Birm...
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Worthless by dxplicityharold
Worthlessby your moms mistress
Grace Anderson has always been the school whore. Not in a bad way, but that was what she was. A whore. You couldn't date her without being played or cheated on. Yet sur...
My Boyfriend Is The Alpha [Completed] by IWant2BFixed
My Boyfriend Is The Alpha [Complet...by Megan McGough
This is about a guy named Daniel and a guy named Corbyn. Daniel is a regular wolf and Corbyn is the alpha of the school. Daniel is new and they both fall in love.
The Cute Boy Next Door - Louis Partridge x by Fifia_12
The Cute Boy Next Door - Louis Par...by Fifia 💜
You move out of the countryside and into the bustling city and get a warm welcoming by your new next door neighbours. You are invited round for nice dinner, only to meet...
the day i met my soulmate by peterickshipper123
the day i met my soulmateby peterickshipper123
Okay so my fren wrote this one but doesn't have an account so im posting it for them. Hope you enjoy.
The music.  by DrALTernative
The music. by
The nights.
Alone, Forgotten, but still Here by Lost_Serenity
Alone, Forgotten, but still Hereby ~Sharon Piland~
Alone for the first time in my life at 44, stuck in a place I didn't want to be, beaten down and bruised ....my life finally began.
Red Wine by Rok285
Red Wineby Ro
"I mean.. it all started with a cup of *red wine* and a hangover"
Hiding From You by niallslittlehoran
Hiding From Youby Irish Princess
"You've used me and abused me, what else do you want from me?"
Broken Girl by ElevatingHearts
Broken Girlby Ashlyn
Daniel Adams seemed like the perfect guy to Madison. He cared for her and listened when she was having a bad day until he became the reason her days were becoming bad. D...
Her Past  by HayleeRenea4
Her Past by Haylee Renea
Her name is Sky and she was forced to move from her home town, will her friends at her new school find out her secret or will it be to late??? Find out on Her Past
The Softie Meets The Badie  by Darky-Daddy
The Softie Meets The Badie by Darky-Daddy
Just figure it out and read it I don't feel like explaining -.-
Supernatural Imagines by spnbabyyy
Supernatural Imaginesby supernatural♡
I'm taking requests. Mostly just Dean, Jensen, Sam, Jared, Cas, and Misha imagines
Toby's the Baby daddy (BBD) (Ticci Toby  X reader) by kaykay_anime_lover
Toby's the Baby daddy (BBD) (Ticci...by kaykayprimrose
Your name is Y/n L/n you have younger twin sisters who are a year younger than you. You also have a 5-year-old son named Ethan on one stormy night you were awaken by a k...
My Bedroom Window by _Skye_Creator_
My Bedroom Windowby Skye
Skye is an oridinary semi-popular girl, but what happens when Ashton moves next door and sneaks in her window? Ashton is on probation will that stop Ashton from falling...
Life is Less Meloncoly With You (2D Gorillaz Love Story) by deadlydazy
Life is Less Meloncoly With You (2...by deadlydazy
Theo is a normal girl who has had a semi-normal life. Her mother being a Nurse and her older sister a surgeon. but her father is a rock star a mental head. she grew up a...
Not So Fresh Start |PJM •нιaтυѕ• by YaGirlKaiya
Not So Fresh Start |PJM •нιaтυѕ•by 1-800-вιllιe
She moved out of her abusive boyfriend's house hoping for a fresh start. She meets some new friends at her apartment complex, but will her soon to be co worker start to...
Don't Leave Sophie by 828BlueDragon
Don't Leave Sophieby Allie Blue
A story of sacrifice. A man willing to leave the love of his life for his country, the love of his life not willing to let go.