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Set It Off Scenarios by Vertiline72
Set It Off Scenariosby Vertiline
COMPLETED AT THE MOMENT! Just a bunch of scenarios, maybe a oneshot here and there. But there will be no Austin. Sorry! Just Zach, Dan, Maxx, and Cody. Hope you like it!
  • codycarson
  • off
  • scenarios
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Verity's Little Book of Horrors, I Mean, Oneshots by Vertiline72
Verity's Little Book of Horrors, Vertiline
REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!! Just a hodgepodge of fandom one-shots, mainly Band and Sanders Sides. But there are others.
  • emo
  • waterparks
  • virgil
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awsten knight cglre oneshots.  by smalltowntrap
awsten knight cglre oneshots. by smalltowntrap.
little awsten content for y'all 💕
  • geoffwigington
  • awxxtty
  • jawsten
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message me ✔✔ carziger by underscoreryann
message me ✔✔ carzigerby ☆ мιcнael ѕтannιe ☆
maxx runs an LGBT art instagram account cody is a closed gay teen who just so happens to be an old friend of maxx's what neither of them expected was to be brought back...
  • maxxdanziger
  • instagram
  • setitoff
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Cody Carson x reader oneshots by House_of_emo_bandz
Cody Carson x reader oneshotsby 💫Aaron💫
There aren't many of these and my babies need to be more noticed. And even though there are some they only have like 4 chapters (but writing is hard so I don't blame the...
  • bandtrash
  • setitoff
  • oneshots
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Set It Off lyrics by SkyletRose
Set It Off lyricsby Skylet
Does this really need a description? Use your common sense child 😙💙
  • lyrics
  • setitoff
  • music
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Band Imagines by TheVogueLife
Band Imaginesby TheVogueLife
Book of one chapter stories of (mostly emo) band guys :)
  • emobands
  • mychemicalromance
  • alltimelow
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Set It Off x Readers by Bucky_Language
Set It Off x Readersby Bucky.Language
The title pretty much explains itself
  • sio
  • danclermont
  • zachdewall
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I Hate You // Cody Carson (REWRITING/ON HOLD) by doorwithoutakey
I Hate You // Cody Carson ( doorwithoutakey
Alex Danziger is forced to go on tour with her brother and the rest of his band. This wouldn't be a problem if she didn't hate Cody Carson.
  • codycarson
  • maxxdanziger
  • setitoff
Imagines and One-Shots (Book Two) by MissDanielle137
Imagines and One-Shots (Book Two)by danielle ♡
i had to make a second book and im not happy about it (parts with * in the title may be triggering)
  • alltimelow
  • marshalltraver
  • setitoff
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Texting Maxx Danzinger by MadisonGaskarth21
Texting Maxx Danzingerby Maddie Danzinger
wrong number. new love?
  • setitoff
  • romance
  • funny
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The windows to our soul // Carziger fan fic  by FluffyUnicorns6666
The windows to our soul // FluffyUnicorns6666
Cody has been going through a lot during the summer, his father passed away, ( Sorry, don't mean to be disrespectful:( ) his girlfriend broke up with him, and now his mo...
  • codycarson
  • setitoff
  • carziger
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In love with Maxx Danziger  by Katysue2002
In love with Maxx Danziger by DreamCatchingCatxx
  • fanfiction
  • bands
  • codycarson
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Band ship oneshots  by Awstensarms
Band ship oneshots by Awstensarms
Comment a band ship and I'll do my best! It can be as obscure as you want it to be.
  • dominicharrison
  • patrickfoley
  • yungblud
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When one door closes by askingrey143
When one door closesby Rey
While Cody is on tour, he has no idea what his girlfriend, Cameron, is doing back home with her best friend. At a show, he meets the most beautiful breath taking girl he...
  • codycarson
  • set
  • maxxdanzinger
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Set it Off Texts by HoonySIO
Set it Off Textsby Hoony1001
Just random texts I thought of by reading other text stories on Wattpad.
  • sio
  • ships
  • fandom
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Kidnapped By... Set It Off?! by shortsandbandtees
Kidnapped By... Set It Off?!by Carolina
What happens when you're kidnapped and the day after you just lost your memory and to help, your kidnappers don't remember anything either? Troubles, for sure ...
  • zachdewall
  • maxxdanzinger
  • carson
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Be My Ancient History by Shaney_Bot
Be My Ancient Historyby Shane
Maxx is in an abusive relationship with Austin, Cody's got a crush on Maxx, Dan's got a girlfriend, and Zach's got a secret crush. Carziger happens. WARNING: You will...
  • zachdewall
  • danclermont
  • fanfic
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Set It Off imagines ⟠ 💙 by piercedqueenforaday
Set It Off imagines ⟠ 💙by gabby♥♥
Austin will not be in this story Highest Rankings: #1 In duality, #8 in set it off, #12 in Maxx Danziger IMAGINES/PREFERENCES OF •Cody Carson •Maxx Danziger •Dan Clerm...
  • setitoff
  • codycarson
  • dualitydiamond
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