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Set it Off Imagines by hopewithluv
Set it Off Imaginesby jenna<3
Princess of Ice by _Crystal_Plays_
Princess of Iceby Crystal Fabray
Once upon a time, many many years ago, a young prince was saved by his enemy. As such, the Nature Spirits blessed the union of the two and the gave birth to two daughter...
Killer In The Mirror - Carziger by RossTheTrashCan
Killer In The Mirror - Carzigerby RonkTheSlonk
Maxx and Cody end up falling in love but some things like murders keep happening in there area and Cody seems to know a lot about them. What has Cody been up to? Just a...
Set it Off MEMES ⟠ by xmenstuff
Set it Off MEMES ⟠by 😗✌🏻
The title says it all... ⟠⟠⟠ plus i made most of them cause Set it Off needs attention
Uncontainable Fangirl by LazyAndIKnowIt
Uncontainable Fangirlby Another Lazy Writer
Set it Off was visiting your hometown on tour. They've been staying at a small rented house for a while, and it's been at least a week since they got there. One day Cody...
Be My Ancient History by Shaney_Bot
Be My Ancient Historyby Shane
Maxx is in an abusive relationship with Austin, Cody's got a crush on Maxx, Dan's got a girlfriend, and Zach's got a secret crush. Carziger happens. WARNING: You will...
When one door closes by askingrey143
When one door closesby Rey
While Cody is on tour, he has no idea what his girlfriend, Cameron, is doing back home with her best friend. At a show, he meets the most beautiful breath taking girl he...
Carziger Pictures and Etc: by wholelotofnothing
Carziger Pictures and Etc:by kill me
So, I've noticed carziger doesn't really have much fan fiction, pictures, videos, etc, so I'm diving through the seas of the internet to find it and putting it here so y...
Set It Off imagines ⟠ 💙 by piercedqueenforaday
Set It Off imagines ⟠ 💙by BRIE !
Austin will not be in this story Highest Rankings: #1 In duality, #8 in set it off, #12 in Maxx Danziger IMAGINES/PREFERENCES OF •Cody Carson •Maxx Danziger •Dan Clerm...
Imagines and One-Shots (Book Two) by MissDanielle137
Imagines and One-Shots (Book Two)by ♡ danielle ♡
i had to make a second book and im not happy about it (parts with * in the title may be triggering)
FFI//Carziger//Completed by lonelydancersio
FFI//Carziger//Completedby Brandon/B
Cody Carson was living a normal life when he noticed he couldn't sleep. After figuring out one of his friends had chronic insomnia he tries to help his friend knowing he...
Who Is This? by setitash
Who Is This?by Ashton Ryne
Zach, Maxx's friend, gave Maxx Cody's Kik username and didn't tell him who it was. All he said was I found you a friend. On the other hand, Zach and Cody already know ea...
Imagines and One-Shots by MissDanielle137
Imagines and One-Shotsby ♡ danielle ♡
sometimes, I write imagines and sometimes, people really like them. (parts with * in the title may be triggering)
I Hate You // Cody Carson (REWRITING/ON HOLD) by doorwithoutakey
I Hate You // Cody Carson ( doorwithoutakey
Alex Danziger is forced to go on tour with her brother and the rest of his band. This wouldn't be a problem if she didn't hate Cody Carson.
Set it Off Memes 2.0 by xmenstuff
Set it Off Memes 2.0by 😗✌🏻
Book 2 biatches 😎✌🏻
The Guest Filmer (cody carson × reader) by panicattheladevotee
The Guest Filmer (cody carson × Ang_is_Elsewhere💖💛💚💙💜
this is my first cody carson fanfic so I hope its okay. Highest ranking: #1 cody carson #3 set it off #1 dual...
Kid in demand (carziger) by Angelwolf6
Kid in demand (carziger)by Voices ATC is my sweet surren...
Maxx moves from his uncle's house with his mom after his uncle starts to abuse him, his mom had had enough and moved them, while Maxx unpacks him mom goes to meet the ne...
History Repeats by Shaney_Bot
History Repeatsby Shane
This is the sequel to Be My Ancient History. It's a game of Guess Who at this point. Cody and Maxx are happy as ever. Right as Cody is ready to propose to him, He just h...
♤♧ Twitter || Carziger AU by dickguzzler
♤♧ Twitter || Carziger AUby kota
-@Pastelpunk just followed you! ~@Codychaos just followed you! 》Pastelpunk sent you a message!《 -@Pastelpunk: hey you dumb fuck, dinner at my place? ------------ the fic...