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Instagram | Cody Carson x Maxx Danziger | Carzinger by LoganComics
Instagram | Cody Carson x Maxx .Logan.SIO.
4 Friends 2 of them crush on each other what could go wrong? especially on Instagram.
  • maxxdanziger
  • dan
  • cclermont
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Baby | Maxx Danziger FanFic by LoganComics
Baby | Maxx Danziger FanFicby .Logan.SIO.
5 roomates. Maxx, Dan, Cody, Zach, and Morgan. Morgan always called Maxx, baby. People thought it was because he's the child of the group. But the truth was it was beca...
  • danclermont
  • dewall
  • zach
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Hi. [a cody carson x transguy!reader fanfic] by thekidSIO
Hi. [a cody carson x transguy! the kid.
this'll just be me writing down some things that are in my mind. it'll still be in third person but i made a name bc damn i apparently hate writing [y/n]. so it'll be lu...
  • setitoff
  • danclermont
  • carziger
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Offline by lameoaloe
Offlineby emo shaggy
(Sequel To Online)
  • codyxmaxx
  • sio
  • codycarsonxmaxxdanziger
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i need to believe in love ✿ gawsten/carziger/pen by thhbrobecks
i need to believe in love ✿ ↯
they say a life lived without love isn't a life lived at all. the pessimistic awsten knight begs to differ, meanwhile the hopeless romantic maxx danziger pleads to agree...
  • pattywalters
  • pawsten
  • pen
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Set It Off OneShots by ScarletWandaStories
Set It Off OneShotsby Kk “Lizzy” Creech
This is a book of OneShots. Enjoy 😐
  • romance
  • setitoff
  • wattys2018
Partners In Crime (Cody Carson X Reader) by killjoysmcrgerard
Partners In Crime (Cody Carson X killjoysmcrgerard
Dating Cody is amazing but he can be protective. Cody is a sweet heart but when you guys have money issues trouble happens. Cody always wants the best for you and he wil...
  • crime
  • danclermont
  • codycarsonxreader
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♤ SIO Oneshots & AUs by dickguzzler
♤ SIO Oneshots & AUsby certified goth cowboy
there's gonna b some gay ass shit, there's gonna be some sad shit, there's gonna be some shit that's a lot more well written than this description and there's gonna be s...
  • maxxdanziger
  • carziger
  • gay
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Puppets (The First Snow) by ptv_angie
Puppets (The First Snow)by ptv_angie
Abigail is a 19 year old adult who lives in the UK (born & raised), but she travels a lot to look for a house out of the UK . She ends up in Scranton Pennsylvania just t...
  • chriscerulli
  • traveling
  • piercetheveil
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His Diamond Girl (Maxx Danzinger × Reader) by DarksLover
His Diamond Girl (Maxx Danzinger × Bunny
I was cooking breakfast as I felt hands grab my waist and hear Maxx say "calm down its only me y/n." I couldn't do this I can't betray Cody like this. "...
  • maxx
  • setitoff
  • xreader
The Wounded World /multiship\ by If_Im_Lucky
The Wounded World /multiship\by ⏳Maxx⏳
it's an apocalyptic au I didn't really write a description for this I just started to write there's four bands in this set it off as it is waterparks state champs enjoy...
  • maxxdanziger
  • jawnrocha
  • pattywalters
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{Ancient History} Cody Carson x Kaya by Watchwork
{Ancient History} Cody Carson x Watchwork
A man met kaya at a party, he was charming sweet but had a lot of fangirls, in the middle of the conversation he was taken away by a party popper and 2 years later...
  • party
  • anchenthistory
  • codycarson
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new neighbors by jacksepitceye883
new neighborsby jacksepitceye883
this is a story about me getting new neighbors next to my apartment
  • smallyoutuber
  • loudneighbors
  • idontmind
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SnapChat | Cody Carson x Zach Dewall | Zody *Completed* by LoganComics
SnapChat | Cody Carson x Zach .Logan.SIO.
Two people meet on Snapchat........what could happen? 6-22-19 : #260 in CodyCarson 6-23-19 : #33 in Set 6-25-19 : #19 in Set
  • off
  • zody
  • setitoff
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Set It Off - Hourglass (deutsch) by _lonely_freak_
Set It Off - Hourglass (deutsch)by Kathy
  • lyrics
  • setitoff
  • sio
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Carziger One shots based off of SIO songs by I_miss_codys_lipring
Carziger One shots based off of I_miss_codys_lipring
Carziger one shots based off of Set it off songs!
  • setitoff
  • oneshots
  • carziger
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♤♧ Twitter || Carziger AU by dickguzzler
♤♧ Twitter || Carziger AUby certified goth cowboy
-@Pastelpunk just followed you! ~@Codychaos just followed you! 》Pastelpunk sent you a message!《 -@Pastelpunk: hey you dumb fuck, dinner at my place? ------------ the fic...
  • andrewcramb
  • carziger
  • zachdewall
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there's no me without us. by hourglassphoenix
there's no me without ✨phoenix✨
maxx is a transgender guy. he comes out to his parents, and it didn't go well. his boyfriend cody is the only one he's got left. (this is my first fanfic! hope it's goo...
  • gay
  • carziger
  • codysio
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The Sticky Notes by MODERNDAYCAlN
The Sticky Notesby r
Who keeps leaving notes on my locker?
  • setitoff
  • idkhow
  • cute
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Random stuff by RaventheKitsune
Random stuffby Ray
I share videos, stories, pictures, references, sometimes I'll write a poem or two. I ask questions and polls, Ummm, it's a basically a place to barf out :P
  • hamilton
  • art
  • bored
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