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Imagines and One-Shots (Book Two) by MissDanielle137
Imagines and One-Shots (Book Two)by ♡ danielle ♡
i had to make a second book and im not happy about it (parts with * in the title may be triggering)
Give Me All Your Hopeless Hearts // Frerard by FireNinjaDagger
Give Me All Your Hopeless FireNinjaDagger
Frank didn't plan on befriending anyone at school and he especially had no intention of falling in love with Gerard Way. While Frank's new friendships make a memorable y...
Set it Off Imagines by hopewithluv
Set it Off Imaginesby jenna<3
My Brothers Best Friend by FallOutBarnes
My Brothers Best Friendby Mrs. Barnes
~He looked me in my eye. "Damn it Lauren, just tell me!" Pete said frustrated. "I-I can't." I stuttered. "Why?" "It's bad. I'm not su...
Fame or Shame by TheShyExtravert
Fame or Shameby TheShyExtravert
Alyssa Radke truly does love her brother, Ronnie. She hasn't been hiding away because she's ashamed, but because his fame has harmed her life before. Follow Aly's journe...
Set It Off imagines ⟠ 💙 by piercedqueenforaday
Set It Off imagines ⟠ 💙by BRIE !
Austin will not be in this story Highest Rankings: #1 In duality, #8 in set it off, #12 in Maxx Danziger IMAGINES/PREFERENCES OF •Cody Carson •Maxx Danziger •Dan Clerm...
Imagines and One-Shots by MissDanielle137
Imagines and One-Shotsby ♡ danielle ♡
sometimes, I write imagines and sometimes, people really like them. (parts with * in the title may be triggering)
Imagines and One-Shots (Book Three) by MissDanielle137
Imagines and One-Shots (Book Three)by ♡ danielle ♡
if i didn't write so many imagines, i wouldn't need to keep making books (parts with * in the title may be triggering)
Hi. [a cody carson x transguy!reader fanfic] by thekidSIO
Hi. [a cody carson x transguy! the kid.
Cody x transguy!reader named Luke bc I can't write [y/n] stuff. You see a nice looking guy with dyed hair at a bar, what do you say? Hi. note: i am a transguy myself so...
Adopted By Set It Off by 15foatcd08
Adopted By Set It Offby Fuck You
I've only seen two of these books before, so I thought I'd give it a shot. *clears throat* MiSs MYsterIOUs WhO aRE YooOOoOoOoUU WhO's THe GHosT behINd thOSe EyEs JuST A...
Adopted by a band? (Set It Off) by Warrior_of_Fandoms
Adopted by a band? (Set It Off)by Hayley
Skyler has been in an adoption center since she was 5 years old. She has always been bullied for being different. Read the story and find out what happens to Skyler next...
Trade Mistakes | GC FIC by Trisdani
Trade Mistakes | GC FICby ༄┊𝐭.
[DISCONTINUED] "I don't sleep, I am a nocturnal rat." 𖤐𖤐𖤐 Just a bunch of teens that kinda hate each other but learn to love each other and then hate each...
The Guest Filmer (cody carson × reader) by panicattheladevotee
The Guest Filmer (cody carson × Midnight_girl_SIO⧖
this is my first cody carson fanfic so I hope its okay. Highest ranking: #1 cody carson #3 set it off #1 dual...
there's no me without us. by hourglassphoenix
there's no me without ✨phoenix✨
maxx is a transgender guy. he comes out to his parents, and it didn't go well. his boyfriend cody is the only one he's got left. (this is my first fanfic! hope it's goo...
Emo Smut  by yellxw_lxvely
Emo Smut by yellxw_lxvely
EMO SMUT- Includes: -Panic! At the Disco -Waterparks -My Chemical Romance -Set It Off I will take requests :) IN PROGRESS
I Hate You // Cody Carson (REWRITING/ON HOLD) by doorwithoutakey
I Hate You // Cody Carson ( doorwithoutakey
Alex Danziger is forced to go on tour with her brother and the rest of his band. This wouldn't be a problem if she didn't hate Cody Carson.
Set It Off Scenarios by Vertiline72
Set It Off Scenariosby Vertiline
COMPLETED AT THE MOMENT! Just a bunch of scenarios, maybe a oneshot here and there. But there will be no Austin. Sorry! Just Zach, Dan, Maxx, and Cody. Hope you like it!
Be My Ancient History by Shaney_Bot
Be My Ancient Historyby Shane
Maxx is in an abusive relationship with Austin, Cody's got a crush on Maxx, Dan's got a girlfriend, and Zach's got a secret crush. Carziger happens. WARNING: You will...
Carziger Pictures and Etc: by wholelotofnothing
Carziger Pictures and Etc:by kill me
So, I've noticed carziger doesn't really have much fan fiction, pictures, videos, etc, so I'm diving through the seas of the internet to find it and putting it here so y...
Keep Swinging [Set It Off] <COMPLETE> by DreamCatcherCandy
Keep Swinging [Set It Off] by 🦴 Max 🦴
Florida is known. for many things. Disney World, Miami Beach, the hot temperature... what they aren't known for (possibly for the best) is their abundance in Warehouse F...