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Beyond The Lines by MikayMPB
Beyond The Linesby Mi Kay
A collection of free verse poems I've written. 'For every second, words can be said; For every minute, thoughts can carry out actions or emotions; So, do I breathe with...
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Thoughts Of A Wildflower by BeautyinFlannel
Thoughts Of A Wildflowerby Hydee
This is simply a collection of poetry I have written in self expression of joy, grief, sadness, and celebration of life.
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Impossibly His by ThisShatteredLife
Impossibly Hisby ThisShatteredLife
"Don't you dare let her walk away. You run after her. You pour your heart out onto the pavement in front of her. You tell her every single reason why you love her a...
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Poems by Maeyuki01
Poemsby Maeyuki01
I'm writing a poem To share the things that makes me sad, mad and glad. This collection of poem I write is what I had. Collection of poems describe me of who I am Thi...
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The Lace Age | ongoing. by ArianaMiriam
The Lace Age | ariana ツ
"My head is full of thorns too harmful to leave unattended. " A collection of poems, short stories and free speeches. Copyright Ariana Miriam.
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Poems by a Black Girl by blk-princess
Poems by a Black Girlby #BL
These are just a bunch of poems that I've written *Not all of these poems are from a racial perspective* *Disclaimer: None of these photos are mine. I've either taken th...
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Seasons by yagami91
Seasonsby fhintom
Love is like seasons. Some days filled with sunshine, some days filled with tears. **Photos not mine, credit to the owners. 🙂 Disclaimer: This is my original work. No o...
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for the star girls, for the fire boys Maelstrom Book I
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Hues by yagami91
Huesby fhintom
In life, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. **Photos not mine, credit to the owners. 🙂 Disclaimer: This is my original work. No one is allowed to copy or publicize...
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Dear Self, by yagami91
Dear Self,by fhintom
Life is a series of learning. Stumble and fall and then get up and walk again. **Photos not mine, credit to the owners. 🙂 Disclaimer: This is my original work. No one i...
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The Lady In Red by yagami91
The Lady In Redby fhintom
You are precious, and a wonderful creation cause you are a woman. **Photos not mine, credit to the owners. 🙂 Disclaimer: This is my original work. No one is allowed to...
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An Attempt At Poetry by APurpleOcean
An Attempt At Poetryby AZG
Hello, I'm an aspiring poet, and I stand before you with the thoughts and emotions I've scraped off from the caverns! This is a collection of poems I've written covering...
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Beautiful Lines by _sydney_lizabeth_
Beautiful Linesby Sydney Elizabeth
A jumble of lovely words and abstract thoughts
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Poems of a Teenage Girl by Theilakoid
Poems of a Teenage Girlby Thei-chan
There comes a time when life is happening way too fast and so you just have to take a breath, calm down, and take down whatever you've been feeling. That's the time when...
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Body Art by uniqueinthemind
Body Artby maya
{ NOT A BTS FIC } "What's the one thing you can't live without?" Taz looked at me, brown irises steadily holding my gaze, eyes endearing. The faintest of smile...
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Life of the Party by Dog_of_Thunder
Life of the Partyby Nick
Eighteen-year-old Steven Yang is the most undateable man you could ever imagine: ugly, unkempt, unemployed, antisocial, living in his parents' basement in San Francisco...
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the family project [ON HOLD] by Queen_gorgeous__
the family project [ON HOLD]by Gen
What happens when a class of kids are given a project to adopt kids. Will they develop feelings or will they hate each other?
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CHERRY • HS by veinhues
CHERRY • HSby harry <3
HARRY STYLES AU - IN PROGRESS "there's a piece of you in how I dress, take it as a compliment" Who knew that a box of condoms and a cherry lollipop could brin...
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MANIC by MickyCooper
Compilation of random thoughts from the deepest part of a complicated mind. Enjoy💢💢💢 Best Rankings #2-wildthoughts #6-panicdisorder #7-goaway #5-weirdthoughts #10-par...
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Flowers of the Mind by LynxandOreo
Flowers of the Mindby L.O.
Random poems that I write. I have little experience writing poetry, so the poems I write will likely not be very good, but feel free to read them anyways as I will hopef...
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