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Stand Your Ground by phasha18
Stand Your Groundby Rossi de C
What if Scott McCall had an aunt that was the same age as Derek Hale? How will she affect the story of the wolves in Beacon Hills? Ace McCall's life has been intertwined...
Whatever It Takes {Teen Wolf X Reader} by arrowloverl
Whatever It Takes {Teen Wolf X Rea...by arrowloverl
Y/N Hale attends Beacon Hills Highschool with her best friends, Lydia Martin and Jackson Whittemore. One day, she gets a call from her cousin, Derek Hale and he informs...
Smells like Sterek by DaPheash
Smells like Sterekby Callum Fysh
UPDATED. COMPLETED FANFIC Things get a little weird after the pack has to get used to having two alphas. scotts eyes still blaze red but now dereks have regained thei...
The Other Sister by Multi_Fandoms2022
The Other Sisterby Multi_Fandoms2022
What if Isabelle Swan wasn't an only child? What if she had a older sister that went to stay with a family friend a year before Bella left to stay with their father? Wha...
The Secret Hale| Derek Hales sister  by GreysWolf202
The Secret Hale| Derek Hales siste...by GreysWolf202
Brooke Hale, sister of Derek hale. Not able to share her real name to others, as all records of her existing say deceased. When she meets a boy who has been bitten b...
just a bunch of Sterek fluff (oneshots?) by ShiryoReikon
just a bunch of Sterek fluff (ones...by Shiryo Reikon
Just a whole loadda sterek fluff one shots some may be a second shot that continued from another ill let you know
The Feud (Young Derek Hale) by blah_world
The Feud (Young Derek Hale)by blah_world
The story of two rival packs and how Derek Hale wasn't always a sour wolf.
Dating Blind: Or How To Find New Pack-Members. by HolmesMoriartyHolmes
Dating Blind: Or How To Find New P...by HolmesMoriarty
Inspired from the tv-show: Love is Blind and 'remastered' to fit a whole universe. Steter Fanfiction from the teen wolf Universe Peter sighs when he sees the letter, it'...
My Alpha by fangirlintheuniverse
My Alphaby FangirlInTheUniverse
There's an alpha convention and Derek needs to leave the pack for a couple of days and comes back with a bunch of alphas. Those alphas find a certain... interest in Stil...
On My Own | Hale - TVD/TO/TW [4] by multi_fandom2015
On My Own | Hale - TVD/TO/TW [4]by multi_fandom2015
On my own Pretending he's beside me All alone I walk with him 'til morning Without him I feel his arms around me And when I lose my way I close my eyes And he has found...
Isaac's little sister  by Teenwolfmk55
Isaac's little sister by Makayla
Izzy Lahey, she's 14 years old. Her older brother is Isaac lahey. They're abused by their father. One night while they were working, a mysterious man named Derek Hale c...
wolf bane and kryptonite  by arrow-wolf
wolf bane and kryptonite by arrow-wolf
When the pack and the queen-harper family comes to smallville to visit Derek and his family a lot of stuff happens, one recalls missing memorys and they find out why sup...
connected by purgatory by arrow-wolf
connected by purgatoryby arrow-wolf
Derek hale and oliver queen were both stuck on the island for 5 years. after they went separated paths, oliver became the vigilante he was supposed to with his own pack...
Sweet Melody - Teen Wolf/ Liam Dunbar (2) by moonlightshimmer25
Sweet Melody - Teen Wolf/ Liam Dun...by moonlightshimmer25
'He used to sing me sweet melodies He played me, made me believe it was real love Sing me sweet melodies But the day he did me wrong The song couldn't go o...
Fluffy Sterek Oneshots by SterekRuinedMe
Fluffy Sterek Oneshotsby SterekRuinedMe
Hi, this is gonna be my first (and lame) attempt to do one shots and stuff, i have never written it so if there is some just bare with me. Ummm so , this is my first boo...
Sterek One-shots by Skeleton__Wolf
Sterek One-shotsby Skeleton_Wolf
It's as the title says, Sterek one-shots. A lot of angst, a few happy sprinkled here and there, some fluff. All the Sterek! I hope you enjoy. {Also posting on AO3, each...
Steter One-Shot Drivels by otaku6337
Steter One-Shot Drivelsby Otaku6337
Hey, this is a kind of counterpart to my Sterek drabbles. Some of the stories will likely be similar, adaptations of previous Sterek shorts. Others will be completely ne...
Pack Mom by Fangirling_is_life_
Pack Momby The Kid(tm)
Stiles and Derek have had their good times, and their not so good times. They've been kidnapped, they've been threatened, and they almost murdered eachother three times...
Sterek Oneshots by katetomlinsonhoran
Sterek Oneshotsby Katetomlinsonhoran
This is one-shots about my Teen Wolf OTP Stiles Stilinski and Derek Hale. No Smut.
Variations by wizardsofmysticfalls
Variationsby Ariel Queen
After the events that involved her uncle. Isabelle figured everything or almost everything would be smooth sailing from then. She was wrong. Now they have a new threat...